Willy Darman’s Three Year ADHD/Bipolar Recovery Story (August 2007)

Malabsorption was the reason why Willy was so deficient in essential nutrients, such that he lacked health and his brain “did not work quite right”. I taught Willy that the use of supplements is not the whole story as far as his recovery was concerned. “It is not just what you eat, or what you supplement with, it is what you digest and absorb into your body that is important”. Many essential nutrients simply get pooped out into the toilet a day or two later in persons that are absorbing well, and I told Willy that he was one of these persons, just as I was for years until I discovered the wisdom of alternative medicine and how to fix malabsorption in myself.

Alternative medicine has done a great job over the years in identifying the common factors that cause essential nutrient malabsorption in ADHD children. Dr. Doris Rapp and Dr. William Crook are two notable pioneers in this regard. Both of these doctors identified hidden food allergies and candida (a common problematic yeast in the gut) as being two of the largest factors underlying nutrient malabsorption in ADHD kids. They taught us that malabsorption due to unrecognized hidden food allergies and candida is actually the cause of ADHD in most children that receive this diagnosis. I found in my own recovery that the resolution of hidden food allergies and candida applies rather heavily to the correction (cure) of bipolar disorder as well.

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Allen Darmans’ Natural Bipolar Recovery Story as of June 2004 (1-24-2013)

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This WordPress Blog details my Natural Recovery From Bipolar Disorder up until the summer of 2004. It also contains links to Three of my son Willy Darmans’ Rather Amazing Recovery Stories from an ADHD Diagnosis, Classic Bipolar Symptoms, and Sickly Childhood Health beginning in the summer of 2004 at the bottom of this WordPress Blog.

Eventually someone was going to find the causative factors underlying Bipolar Disorder, and learn how to correct them. In doing so, that person was going to find “the Cure” for this rather devastating and still commonly considered “Incurable” illness.

I, Allen Darman, am that man.

For this Contribution to the Human Race, over the past three years I have gone through about twelve episodes of the Mafia trying to kill me on behalf of both Big Pharma and Itself. Many of these episodes were multiple in nature, I should have been dead at least thirty times since January 6, 2010 (the first attempt by the Mafia to kill me).

Apparently, the Mafia and Big Pharma are in bed together, and in finding the cure to bipolar disorder I threaten the fiscal interests of both.

Sadly, our Federal Government has “Internet Witnessed” the Mafia trying to repeatedly kill me, and yet does nothing. (A witness to an attempted murder that does nothing is an attempted murderer as well.)

I am now only one member of a four person WordPress Collaborative Internet Team that is trying to get the Truth Out in regard to Multiple Instances of United States Federal Government Suppression of Truth on a number of fronts.

Two of my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Members in San Francisco have gone through Dozens of Attacks involving the use of poison gas injected into their living space since December 10th 2012. It is amazing that they are still alive, just as it is amazing that I am still alive as well.

And all four of our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team have witnessed Multiple Instances of Hacker Induced WordPress Blog Removal from a Number of Our Websites, as well as Multiple Instances of WordPress Blog Corruption on a Number of Our Websites, since December 17th 2012. (Internet Freedom in the United States of America Died on This Day! No longer can Truths that Greatly Threaten Our Federal Government be put on the Internet without them being “Under the Threat of Hacker Removal” by the very same.)

The Bottom Line of the Above is that Our United States Federal Government has got to go! It is Supporting the Suppression of a Number of Alternative Medical Discoveries, not only my own. It is also Supporting the Suppression of a Number of Free Energy Discoveries such as the “Water Powered Car”, “High Mileage Carburetors”, “Free Electricity” made without using any fossil, nuclear, wind, or solar fuel, and “Free Heat” cold fusion breakthroughs as well.


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Allen Darman

Below is a Picture of Me Taken About Eleven Years Ago. I look about the same, except now I would need to spend about $500. for a set of dentures, because at sixty years old I have no teeth!

Below is a Picture of My son Willy at about ten and a half years of age, after being on Ritalin for about four years for an ADHD diagnosis and classic bipolar symptoms. At this point in his life Willy was not very happy, and he had both Compromised Mental and Physical Health.

What My Son Willy Did Between August of 2004 and February of 2008 Exposed the Hoax of Drug Oriented Medicine, if the Truth Ever Became Known! Below is a Picture of My Son Willy taken in February 2008 when he was about seventeen and a half years old, and after he had been applying Nutritional and Natural Therapies to himself for about three and a half years. No More ADHD! No More Bipolar Disorder! and No More Weak and Sickly Childhood Health!

When I was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder (manic depression) in June of 1994, I was told by the psychiatrist treating me that my being cured of this illness was impossible.  He told me that the best I could do to deal with my illness was to take medication on a daily basis for the rest of my life.

I would like to give the reader of the material that follows  “a big dose of hope” right off the bat.  About six years later (in the year 2000), I found out how wrong the this particular  psychiatrist was in his assumption that bipolar disorder is incurable.  Bipolar disorder is an ABSOLUTELY CORRECTABLE condition of biochemical imbalance.  And it is correctable by the very person that suffers from such.  (Yes!, you can cure yourself.)   If I did not prove this in my own personal recovery, a handful of years later my teenage son Willy profoundly did in his.  And Willy also proved how easy it is to do so.  (If a severely learning impaired teenager can learn how to cure himself of bipolar disorder without seeing ANY doctor whatsoever, or reading even a single book, perhaps almost everyone that is diagnosed as bipolar can do the same.)

In 1994,  I realized that my chances of ever becoming well (cured) from manic depression were perhaps far less than that of most persons. This realization stemmed from the facts that (1) my true bipolar onset was in 1963 as an eleven year old child (amazingly I had avoided the medical model for over three decades despite very substantial bipolar symptoms), (2) over the thirty one years prior to my initial diagnosis I had already had hundreds of episodes of either very substantial mania or severe depression, and (3) I was not responding well to lithium at all.   (Lithium is a medication that seems to help many bipolar persons.  It did not work well for me.  Even on a low dosage of 900 mg. of lithium my hands shook uncontrollably, such that I could hardly sign my name without using my other hand to help.  On 900 mg. of lithium, I also lost quite a bit of reading comprehension.  In addition, I lost quite a bit of ability to remember things, and quite a bit of  ability to reason and “think things out”.  )

In essence, if anyone knew the truth of my circumstances in 1994, as well as knew the truth of my prior life experiences for the past three decades, I was not a person that was ever going to get better from manic depression. It was hopeless, or so even I had thought. Despite such hopelessness, I have always been a person that does not like being told that something is impossible. In July of 1994, I will always remember telling a very close bipolar friend of mine with tears in my eyes “if there is any way out of this trap [manic depression], I am going to do everything that I can to find it [for both of us] for the rest of my life”. This single statement has defined the last ten years of my life.

It is now June of 2004. For a little over four years, I have been able to completely control any manic depressive symptoms in myself, when I so choose to use my profound understanding of the true common causes this illness and/or when I have the means to afford optimal nutritional and other natural supplementation. And for a few years prior to June 2000, I was very close to knowing then what I know today.

I have not taken a single psychotropic medicine since September of 1997. Nor have I needed to take any medication since this time in order to control the symptoms of my illness. In November 1997, about five months after I had started to use psychotropic nutrients such as amino acids and use other natural measures as well, I had gained much greater control over my biochemistry and behavior than any drug that my psychiatrist had ever given me for manic depression.

What follows is the story of my recovery from an often devastating mental illness, an illness that most persons still erroneously consider incurable.

From the time I was first diagnosed with manic depression in June 1994 until I made a successful transition off of medication by using amino acids and other natural measures, I was prescribed and took the following medications for various periods of time; lithium, Depakote, Elavil, Zoloft, Serzone, Paxil, Ambien, Xanex, and Klonopin.

Neither mood stabilizer worked well for me. I took lithium in various dosages for about eight months. Lithium made me “a zombie” in 1200 mg. and 900 mg. dosages. I could not resolve hand trembling at these dosages as well. On lower dosages of 600 mg. and 300 mg. of lithium my mania recurrently, if not easily, broke through. Lithium did not seem to help my depressive states at all. My manic states rather easily blew through Depakote like it was water.

I slept sixteen hours a day on what I believe was only a 50 mg. dosage of Elavil. This medication clearly did not work out well for me. I was only prescribed Paxil and Serzone for a very short period of time (about a week) during one hospitalization that I had in July of 1996 for severe depression. Paxil and Serzone, in combination with Depakote, shut my small intestines down such that they nearly burst. I nearly died from this unusual drug combination of an SSRI antidepressant, a tricyclic antidepressant, and Depakote, all given at the same time (as it caused this intestinal shutdown, a medical condition with a name that is something like “paralytic illeus”).

Ambien helped me a little to sleep, but on even a “double dose” of this I could often only get three hours rest, which was not nearly enough sleep when I was manic… and I was manic quite a bit in the late 80′s though mid 1997. Often Sominex, an over the counter sleep remedy, would give me just as much sleep as Ambien, if not a bit more.

When I was first prescribed Xanex in December of 1995, this medication was a godsend for me. Finally I had found a chemical substance that would knock me out. Xanex was the first medication that I ever took that allowed me to get enough sleep such that my manic states did not “go over the top”. I was not taking a mood stabilizer at this time, so getting enough sleep was critical to me, and Xanex did the trick. However, within three months of my first taking Xanex, I had an adverse reaction to it (very blurred vision in one eye) on only .875 mg, a very low dose for most persons. As a result of this adverse reaction, I had to cease taking Xanex immediately. Perhaps needless to say, I had a fairly manic March of 1996 after I abruptly had to cease taking Xanex, as I could hardly sleep at all.

Of all the medications that I ever took for manic depression, two of them helped me substantially for fairly significant lengths of time. The first of these medications was Zoloft. When I first took Zoloft in the fall of 1992, this medication lifted me out of a three and a half month bout with severe depression in about two weeks. The whole world looked rosy to me when I first took Zoloft. I could not believe the change. As suicidal and as ignorant of depression as I was at the time, Zoloft may have actually saved my life. For this I am very thankful. However, towards the end of my time on medication, even twice as much Zoloft as I had always responded to did not seem to help me out of severe depression at all.

In September of 1996, I decided to begin to take a few vitamins and minerals in an attempt lift myself out of a current state of deep depression. This was the first depressive state I ever had that had not responded well to Zoloft. Within a few weeks of starting to take vitamins and minerals to help my mood state for the first time, I knew that these nutrient substances had made a huge difference. And finally, after months of feeling really blue, I was not depressed.

The second medication that I took for manic depression that helped me substantially was Klonopin. After I had an adverse reaction to Xanex in February of 1996 and had to stop taking it, I went though a fairly manic month or so. I was in real trouble at this point. I simply could not sleep well in March of 1996 without some sort of powerful chemical assistance. Whenever I could not sleep enough my manic state escalated rather quickly into severe mania. After reading a number of books and talking to a few other persons, I asked my psychiatrist for a trial of Klonopin, despite the fact that I had already had a negative reaction to another benzodiazapine medication. Reluctantly he agreed. I went on Klonopin in April of 1996. Klonopin was also a godsend for me. It bought me 18 months of being able to sleep at least enough so that I did not end up in the hospital for severe mania, and/or burn up any more serious money from being really manic. Even though I only got about four and a half to five hours or so of sleep on Klonopin, and in the end I had to have a few beers with 2 mg. of Klonopin in order to really go down at night, at least I could sleep long enough and deep enough so that in the morning when I woke up I was no longer really manic. I used to actually get up sluggish in the morning, what I called “a Klonopin hangover”, but by the end of that same day, I was often pretty zippity again… manic enough that I could not fall asleep and sleep well at all without either Klonopin or a combination of Klonopin and alcohol. I took Klonopin daily from April 1996 until September of 1997. I became clearly and knowingly addicted to Klonopin, not knowing a better answer to control my manic depressive tendencies at the time.

As result of my initial success with using some vitamins and minerals to help resolve depression in myself in September 1996, I began to experiment with other nutrients, despite the fact I was still on, and still really needed to take, Klonopin. In November of 1996, I began taking a potassium supplement. At this time, I was running on the high side (hypomanic), but I was not out of control. I was just running faster than the norm, but I was still lucid and quite functional. Either the very first day or the second day that I took potassium, I knew that just the simple mineral potassium made my manic state noticeably more elevated (worse). I immediately stopped taking potassium. My interest in nutrients grew immensely at this point. How could just a simple potassium supplement make my manic states worse? And if potassium made my manic states worse, I wondered would potassium help my depressive states? A few months later, in January of 1997, I found out. Potassium clearly made my depressed state in January of 1997 better, almost as much as Zoloft had done, but it did so much quicker. How could this be? I remember thinking at this time “how could such simple and elemental nutrients be ignored by the doctors that treat mental illness?” Perhaps needless to say, I soon began to experiment with nutrients even more.

In May of 1997, I began to take my first amino acid, the excitatory amino acid tyrosine. I took 500 mg. of tyrosine in the morning, with the odd collection of vitamins and minerals I had already determined as helpful to me over the past nine months or so. I was feeling pretty good at the time, not too manic, and not at all depressed. I did not notice the effect of tyrosine on me until the bottle ran out and I did not bother to replace it. Within a week of my not taking tyrosine, I realized that I had sunk day by day from a fairly stable and functional state to a state of serious, if not severe, depression. As I lay in my bed in early July of 1997, I wondered why? Why was I depressed? Life was clearly going very well for me at this point in my life. I had no triggers, no stressors, such that I should feel depressed unless my depressive onset was simply chemical in nature. I finally realized as I lay thinking in my bed that it was the fact that I had run out of tyrosine that I was depressed. I theorized that whatever tyrosine was making in my brain had become depleted. I also guessed, and guessed correctly, that whatever tyrosine was making in my brain was necessary for me to not feel depressed. (I later learned that tyrosine is the nutrient precursor to dopamine and norepinephrine, two key excitatory neurotransmitters. I also learned that tyrosine can either cause or contribute to a manic state, if a bipolar person takes too much tyrosine for their biochemistry at the moment. One needs to learn how to use inhibitory nutrients before taking tyrosine if they are bipolar… see below.)

As I did not have any tyrosine in the house, and it was Sunday night such that I could not just go to the health food store and just buy some more, I took some (nine grams in aggregate) of multi-amino acid tablets I had just recently ordered but had yet to take for the first time. Then I took my Klonopin, had a beer or two, and went to bed. Eight hours later, I woke up manic as hell. I could not believe what had happened to me. I had gone from a state of very serious depression to very severe mania within eight hours, simply as the result of amino acid ingestion. This was absolutely amazing to me. I repeated the same mistake a week later, with virtually the same result.

At this point in my life (July of 1997), I immediately knew the enormous social and scientific significance of what had just happened to me. I also immediately signed up to be “a guinea pig” for the rest of world in regard to what nutrients can do to correct manic depression. I was going to research and take every nutrient that I possibly could in an attempt to discover what it might teach me about correcting my condition of chemical imbalance. Soon after this, when I knew just a little bit more, I also decided to research every common impairment to essential nutrient delivery in the human species, as it was clear to me from the standpoints of both simple logic and my own self experience that these common nutrient impairment issues were often the true common causes of manic depression. In my opinion, this simple logic has been anecdotally proven to be correct, not only for myself, but also for a number of other persons that are bipolar as well.

My first discovery about how to use nutrients was that I discovered that it is “a must” from the standpoint of safety that a bipolar person learns how to use inhibitory nutrients before they start using excitatory ones, such as tyrosine or phenylalanine. Excitatory nutrients can easily cause bipolar persons to become hypomanic, manic, or severely manic within hours of their ingestion. If you are bipolar you definitely don’t want this to happen without having an answer in place beforehand. Inhibitory nutrients, such as inhibitory amino acids, can both counteract and balance excitatory ones. Inhibitory nutrients, when used properly, can resolve a manic state. Inhibitory nutrients, in combination with other natural measures, seem to take mania completely out of the equation if these nutrients are used properly on a daily basis.

In August of 1997, I began to use inhibitory nutrients, completely ceasing my use of excitatory nutrients temporarily due to my recognition of their dangers without having an antidote (knowledge of how to use inhibitory nutrients).

Within a month, by taking a combination of inhibitory nutrients I was able to get off of 18 months of daily Klonopin usage completely without any difficult withdrawal symptoms whatsoever. The three generally amino acids of taurine, GABA, and tryptophan were the heart of my inhibitory cocktail at this time. These three amino acids, along with a few vitamin and mineral cofactors, were giving me the best sleep of my entire adult life within a month of my first taking them.

Incidentally, the three amino acids of taurine, GABA, and tryptophan happen to be the very same amino acids that were helpful to Margot Kidder in regard to sleep and inhibition. In case you are not aware of this, Margot Kidder is an actress that overcame her own diagnosis of bipolar disorder via solely natural means. Taurine, GABA, and tryptophan also happen to be the same three amino acids that Julia Ross speaks about using successfully for inhibition in her book “The Mood Cure”. To the best of my knowledge, Margot Kidder, Julia Ross, and I all reached similar conclusions on these three amino acids independently of each other. Although it is true that any one person can respond positively or negatively to any individual amino acid, and therefore this inhibitory amino acid regime is clearly not for everyone, it appears rather remarkable to me that three persons independently of each other all found these same three amino acids as being useful to either themselves or their clients.

September of 1997 marked the last time that I have ever needed or wanted to take any medication whatsoever to control mania or depression in myself. Nutrients and other natural measures not only “did the job much better” than any medication that I ever took for my illness, nutrients and other natural measures also did the job much faster as well. Amino acids often work within a single hour, sometimes they need a single day, and rarely do amino acids need more than a handful of days to effect profoundly positive mood change. This should perhaps not be surprising, as roughly 99 out of the 100 or so known neurotransmitters are primarily amino acid based, as well as amino acids represent nearly 75% of the functional chemistry in the body, once the water is taken out.

By January of 1998, I realized that manic depression was often simply the result of a sub-clinical malabsorption syndrome, of which allergic and toxic issues were nearly always involved as well. At this time I also realized that (1) multiple hidden food allergies, (2) intestinal dysbiosis issues (dysbiosis essentially means candida and other yeasts, various problematic bacteria, and/or parasites), (3) a possible lack of digestive enzymes, (4) a possible lack of HCL (stomach acid), (4) excessive cooked food intake, (5) a lack of nutrients in our depleted soils, and (6) stress (which is always biochemically depleting, no matter what the source) were all issues that were either causative or contributory factors in my illness.

Of the aforementioned six factors, I sensed that multiple hidden food allergies and intestinal dysbiosis were often the primary issues to address in almost any person that is bipolar. It appears that these two factors are often the root cause of bipolar disorder in many of those thus afflicted.

Incidentally, other persons besides myself, many of them doctors or professional health care providers, believe that hidden food allergy and intestinal dysbiosis issues are often major, if not primary, causative factors underlying both ADHD and alcoholism as well. In addition to this, hidden food allergy and/or intestinal dysbiosis issues are strongly implicated by alternative medicine as a whole as being either causative or contributory to the symptoms of various other mental and physical maladies such as autism, schizophrenia, anxiety, fibromyalgia, migraines, and arthritis.

Over the past six years or so I have added a few more common malabsorptive factors to the conceptual overview reflected above. One of these malabsorptive factors is the possibility of inadequate hydration. Adequate water intake apparently helps with nutrient absorption in the small intestines. A second possible malabsorptive factor that I have added over time is inadequate physical movement in regard to the abdominal area. We humans were apparently designed to walk far more that our modern lifestyle dictates we do. This physical movement helps the intestinal area to work as well as it should, and it apparently helps nutrient absorption.

Despite my later realizations, for the most part the general conceptual overview that I developed in late 1997 is pretty much the same one that I am still using to remain well today. The general principle underlying this conceptual overview is “any factor that impairs adequate nutrient absorption into the body is a factor that can either directly cause or greatly contribute to the symptoms of manic depression”. And the general principal that “cures” bipolar disorder is “any and all common factors which impair nutrient delivery into the body are both fairly readily identifiable and adequately correctable in any person that may have them”.

Worthy of note here is that there appears to be a number of alternative practitioners that are either unaware themselves or that wish to take advantage of some of their patients that may be unaware for the purpose of fiscal gain. You do not need any doctor whatsoever to determine your hidden food allergies. No laboratory test whatsoever is accurate enough to determine someone’s food allergies or food intolerances. You only need to go on an elimination diet that is performed by you at home. Yet, perhaps tens of thousands of hidden food allergy tests of various sorts are still being recommended and prescribed to patients yearly by many practitioners of alternative medicine. You also do not need any laboratory tests whatsoever to determine candida or other intestinal dysbiosis issues in yourself as well. Simply dosing up slowly until you reach a therapeutic dosage level (that shows solid results both in the toilet and in your general bowel habits) with a probiotic such as powdered Primal Defense is all that is necessary to determine if candida and “bad bacteria” in the GI tract were a major problem for you prior to taking Primal Defense. And parasite testing is both known to be quite inaccurate and non-inclusive (it can miss a lot). An herbal parasitic regime administered by yourself at home such as that recommended by Dr. Hulda Clark or the website http://www.curezone.com is far better than using any laboratory testing and/or medication whatsoever to resolve the issues of parasites if this issue applies to you. In addition, you don’t need either a doctor or any testing whatsoever to resolve the possible lack of digestive enzymes in yourself. Trial use of a powerful enzyme preparation such as DigestEnz, slowly dosing up while monitoring the effect in yourself is good simple advice that anyone can follow at home to determine if they may lack an adequate production of digestive enzymes in order to digest meals well. This can without the services or advice of any doctor whatsoever. And the trial use of HCL an hour or so after taking digestive enzymes when you eat a meal (if you are using such), dosing up slowly while monitoring the effect in yourself is good simple advice that anyone can follow at home to determine possible stomach acid deficiency in his or her self. This can also be done without the services or advice of any doctor whatsoever. Although the information contained in this paragraph is not nearly thorough enough to fully resolve these common malabsorptive issues of hidden food allergy, intestinal dysbiosis, a possible lack of digestive enzymes, and a possible lack of HCL, I think that you, the reader, may have a solid sense of where I am going here. “YOU CAN, IF NOT MUST, CURE YOURSELF” of manic depression for the most part. And you can do so without getting a lot of expensive and/or marginally useful (if not useless) laboratory tests to do so.

Going back to my story….

During 1998 and 1999, it became clear to me that the broad biochemical deficiency that manic depression not only effects the brain, it also effects the liver, the pancreas, the thyroid gland, the adrenal glands, etc. Every organ and cell in the body is essentially starving for functional nutrition in order for it to perform properly when one is bipolar.

And during 1998 and 1999, I also realized that most of the efforts to correct manic depression via natural means should be targeted towards correcting GI tract dysfunction, and not just targeted toward correcting the function of the brain itself. The brain is simply “a trailing secondary organ to primary gut events”. Gut status and brain status are far more closely connected than most persons realize.

Since September of 1997, when I first read the classic alternative medicine books Depression – Cured At Last by Dr. Sherry Rogers and The Way Up From Down by Dr. Priscilla Slagle (two books that greatly taught me the concepts in the conceptual model discussed above), I have picked through and picked through this newer alternative medicine reality, refining, validating, and/or improving on its great new truths.

I should perhaps mention here that I am of the opinion that newer alternative medical reality as generally represented by Dr. Sherry Rogers, Dr. Priscilla Slagle, Joan Matthews Larson, Patrick Holford, Dr. Charles Gant, Jerry Rubin, Elizabeth Lipski, Julia Ross and a number of other doctors and practitioners today is probably going to replace many of the older concepts and treatments of alternative medicine. Doctors such as Dr. Abram Hoffer (a man that is admittedly a true hero in my eyes nonetheless) and Dr. William Walsh are still espousing some older orthomolecular concepts and alternative treatments as “the highest degree of alternative medical truth”. Perhaps they are right. Only time will tell here. However, my life experience (an experience which has included taking well over 120,000 capsules of various supplements since mid-1997), my hundreds of informal self trials of intentionally inducing and then correcting bipolar symptoms (especially depression), and the great deal of research I have done since mid 1997 has led me to disagree with these doctors for the most part. I disagree with them in regard to their (1) general conceptual misunderstanding of my illness, (2) their incorrect focus in treating bipolar disorder as a result of point (1), and in regard to many of the treatments that they either recommend or miss recommending (when I feel such treatments are often necessary).

In stating the above, I do not mean to demean the individual, if not heroic, efforts of Dr. Hoffer, Dr. Walsh and other doctors of the same genre in any way whatsoever. However, it strongly appears to me that a newer conceptual model of mental illness and its proper treatment is replacing an older one inside the arena of alternative medicine. I am a person that concurs with this newer conceptual alternative understanding. This newer understanding seems to have begun to blossom over the last six years or so, an event to which we all perhaps owe special thanks to Dr. Sherry Rogers for her absolutely brilliant thought and her rather prolific writing. Dr. Rogers was by far my greatest teacher, despite her not knowing how to use amino acids therapeutically at all. (Knowledge of amino acid use was knowledge that I found was key for me in order to properly resolve my illness, and for this knowledge I had to go elsewhere.)

By early 2000, after many years of great effort, a hundred or so books, hundreds of conversations with other persons, many thousands of miles driven, and many tens of thousands of dollars spent, for all ostensible purposes I realized how I could always correct mania and depression in myself by solely using natural means. At this point in time, I could avoid any and all symptoms of my illness whenever I desired to. I could hit a “biochemical 10″ day after day and month after month at will if I so chose to do so. For me a “biochemical 10″ means that I exhibit an aura of deep mental and physical wellness that is rather obvious to anyone that sees me. When I am a “biochemical 10″ I live in the present. I feel great each and every moment that I am awake; and I am not manic at all, nor am I depressed at all as well. Very few “normal persons” without any psychiatric diagnosis whatsoever appear to feel nearly as well as I do or are as mood stable as I am when I am a “biochemical 10″ as I define this to be in myself.

Once I knew that I could hit a “biochemical 10″ at will whenever I wished to do so, I did something rather unusual, but with a number of reasons behind it. I often settled for a degree of wellness that was far less than a 10, a situation that is still true today. One reason for this is that for me to be a “biochemical 10″ cost quite a bit of money supplement-wise (between $400 to $500 a month), a cost that I could not always afford. A second reason for this is that to be a 10 I had to always avoid quite a few foods that were constantly being put in front of me by either family or friends. Rather than always refuse them, I’d simply eat a food that I knew that I would react to negatively to some extent, and then I would test treatment methodology (clear this food out the next day or the day after by using high dosage bentonite and psyllium). And the third reason, and by far the most important one, is that if I stayed a 10 month after month, my ability to continue to learn by trial and error and my ability to test or refine better treatments for my illness was completely lost. I was, and still am, willing to sacrifice my optimal own wellness for the sake of learning and for the sake of others. Few persons understand or accept this, but that is their problem, not mine.

Since the fall of 1997, I have not been trying all of the supplements and natural measures that I have simply to achieve my own wellness. I have been attempting to learn all that I can about my illness in order to make a greater contribution to the general understanding of it. I have been willingly and intentionally sacrificing my own optimal health and wellness in order to help other persons that still suffer. For the past seven years I have often been intentionally sloppy with my natural wellness regime. I have intentionally ingested my known food allergens at least a few hundred times, if not more. I have often intentionally caused or aggravated intestinal dysbiosis issues in myself as well (by a high sugar diet). In doing so, I have intentionally caused manic depressive symptoms in myself, often to the point of severity. My goals in doing this were to test, validate, and/or refine my preexisting knowledge. As a concrete example here, I have intentionally induced and then corrected depression at will in myself within a day or two over a hundred times since August of 1999, the point in which I first realized that I could do so. I did not mind doing this at all, as it is my sincere belief that I was and still am developing a “world changing degree of knowledge”.

Since early 2000, I can quite literally create and then correct a rather incredible range of depressive symptoms in myself by using only natural means from within a matter of a handful of hours to a matter of three or four days. I can also create and then correct a significant degree of manic symptoms in myself by using only natural means within a matter of hours to a matter of days at will as well. Admittedly, despite the fact that I have been severely manic a few hundred times in my life between 1963 and 1996, it is extremely hard for me to become much more than seriously hypomanic at this point in time, and to do so can take me well over a month. I have simply corrected my biochemistry chemistry too much these past seven years or so to get severely manic any more without a great deal of time and effort. Although I can get hypomanic readily at will by taking a high dose of excitatory amino acids along with some vitamin and mineral cofactors, this state does not last longer than a matter of hours, and it appears to always be completely self corrective without any further intervention whatsoever. This is quite a contrast to my manic states years ago, in which my seriously hypomanic states had a strong tendency to continue to escalate to the point of severe mania. Conversely, I can simply eat right (which means avoiding my food allergens and eating a diet that is good for me), take care of my gut properly such that it is always absorptive and has a low level of toxins, and supplement my biochemistry as necessary. In doing so, I suffer no symptoms of manic depression whatsoever.

I have found few persons understand or accept what I am attempting to do in the above. I have also found that many persons are either awful quick to criticize me or they try to discredit me with others for not being completely well at all times. They either do not realize or do not accept that all of what I have been doing for a number of years and am still doing today in regard to my being well or my becoming sick is often intentional for the purpose of learning more about my illness. And if my being sick is not intentional, it is just that I have become too fiscally impoverished to be able to remain optimal at all times. I simply conserve my supply of costly supplements to be optimally well when the need arises. However, given adequate fiscal means to do so, and a valid reason (or reasons) to be optimally well, I can be such at all times. This has been the case since April 2000, if not a few months sooner.

If the truth was actually known, by any valid measurement whatsoever, I have quite literally “cured myself of over three decades of severe symptoms of manic depression”. I do not know it all about manic depression. Some persons are very likely to be more right that I am on some of the details concerning this illness. However, as a result of both my recovery and my research, it seems entirely possible to me that I have may have developed a “Nobel Prize winning level of understanding” of my illness. No, I do not expect to win this prize, and yes, such a thought does smack of manic delusion. I simply state such to give the reader a sense of where I honestly think I am here. Regardless of whether I am intentionally mildly depressed, severely depressed, of normal mood, hypomanic, or I happen to be a “biochemical 10″ at the moment, I have waken up each and every single day for more than four years knowing that the fact that I may have developed a “Nobel Prize winning level of understanding” of manic depression is very probably the truth. I do realize that no one as yet believes in either my representations or me personally. However, I also realize that it is extremely likely that no one on earth as yet has a clue as to how to methodically and adequately resolve a state of severe depression in his or her self in a period of time that averages as little as eight to twelve hours, assuming that they have an empty stomach prior to initiating treatment.

I have realized for quite some time that for many millions of other bipolar persons it is inevitable that medication use to control manic depression is going to be found pointless, if not seriously counterproductive to their true recovery. No medication ever invented can correct a substantial degree of essential nutrient deficiency. And fairly broad essential nutrient deficiency is clearly a very major part of what manic depression is truly all about. Medication, despite its ability to often successfully mask the symptoms of manic depression, is also successfully masking the real truth about the true causes and corrections of this state of biochemical imbalance, a state of imbalance that involves far more nutrient deficiency than nutrient excess.

Despite my saying the above, I am not entirely anti-medication. I am anti-symptom. Medication use is often a very valid steppingstone to true wellness. Medication use is still very justified until the new reality of how to cure manic depression via natural means is better worked out such that it can be widely and safely applied to other persons. Unfortunately, this latter event may take quite some time. This is because current medical research and medical practice is totally deaf to those of all of us that have either cured ourselves of this devastating illness or have made very substantial progress in this direction, and it has been deaf to us for years. It is perhaps far too much of an embarrassment to the current medical model that a number of fairly simple and fairly basic biological facts, when they are coupled together successfully as I have done, will often totally cure decades of severe symptoms of manic depression. Or perhaps this medical model and the pharmaceutical model underlying it is making way too much money, an income that they don’t want to lose if we all become well. Or perhaps persons will ask, “If manic depression is fully correctable with nutrients and other natural measures, what other illnesses can be corrected via similar natural means as well?”

If the real truth becomes known, perhaps almost every illness, both mental and physical, is going to be found to benefit far more from over the counter nutrients purchased in a health food store (or over the internet) than any medication that was ever invented. This latter truth has to scare modern medicine to death, as many doctors may lose their million dollar houses, their $50,000 cars, and anything else that may need their high incomes from dispensing medications, many of which are ultimately going to be found to be obsolete. This finding that the majority of medications are rather pale compared to the power of essential nutrients (applied properly) may take ten years to happen, it may take twenty years to happen, but it IS going to happen. The truth of the power of nutrients vs. the weakness of medication is a truth that is just far too powerful, and just way too obvious, to ignore much longer.

I know the real truth as represented in the above in a very real and deeply heartfelt way.

I know the real truth of the power of nutrients vs. the weakness of medicines partially as the result of my personally taking well over 120,000 capsules or tablets of various vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, probiotics, digestive enzymes, accessory nutrients, and other natural supplements since mid 1997. At least 80,000 of these were capsules of individual or blended amino acids… which happen to be “great teachers” of how both human biochemistry and the GI tract work from a practical standpoint. Such massive supplementation is not necessary to correct manic depression. However, this massive supplementation was necessary for me in order to perform many hundreds of informal self trials over the past six years as “a guinea pig for the rest of the world” in order to discover much of significance about my illness.

I also know the real truth partially as the result of my learning how to take mania right out of the equation in 1997/8 by the use of inhibitory nutrients on a daily basis. Part of the nutrients that I take to resolve mania also greatly helps me to resolve sleep onset, sleep quality, and sleep duration issues in myself as well. Very similar inhibitory nutrients to that which I am using have perhaps helped many hundreds, if not thousands, of persons to slow down, to resolve hypomania and mania, to resolve anxiety, etc. I highly suggest the book “The Mood Cure” by Julia Ross here. Although I disagree with Ms. Ross on her suggestions regarding excitatory amino acids, as I feel they are outdated, and I also feel Ms. Ross also misses a possibly key inhibitory nutrient combination of carnitine and phosphatidyl choline, my experience with using combinations of inhibitory amino acids almost mirrors Ms. Ross’s suggestions exactly. It appears that Julia Ross, Margot Kidder, the actress that overcame bipolar disorder in herself via natural means, and myself independently reached extremely similar conclusions on how to use inhibitory amino acids in the late 1990′s or so.

I know the real truth about the power of nutrients vs. medication partly as a result of discovering a nutrient combination in the fall of 1997 that acted just like lithium in me. This nutrient combination both slowed and steadied my rate of neuronal firing, just like lithium does, but without my having any adverse side effects whatsoever. This nutrient combination is l-carnitine in the morning and phosphatidyl choline afterwards. In my opinion, the nutrient combination of carnitine/choline simply begs to be researched in regard to its effect on manic depression. Perhaps inositol or other nutrients may either help or be necessary cofactors here as well, but no doubt about it, in combination with what else I was taking l-carnitine and phosphatidyl choline (in an adequate dosage, I use 500 mg. of carnitine and 3 to 5 capsules of phosphatidyl choline from Solgar) profoundly slowed down my “spontaneous rate of neuronal firing”, just like lithium does. It also lowered my speech volume and slowed my rate of speech remarkably. Unfortunately, since late 1997 my cries on this issue of research into carnitine/choline (along with a multivitamin multimineral preparation and some Omega 3 oil perhaps to cover any other unknown nutrient cofactors) and its effect on those bipolar persons that are primarily hypomanic or manic much of the time have failed. No one yet has looked at this possible breakthrough discovery that I made in the fall of 1997 in regard to what nutrients are often necessary in order to “slow the brain down”. The norm here, a norm that is unfortunately still true today, is that I am either labeled “manic delusional” for my claiming to have made any very significant discovery about manic depression (and I have made quite a few), or that I am just ignored.

I know the real truth partly as a result of my feeling at least 15 years younger physically than I did six years ago. My skin color is much better, my weight is 30 lbs. less, my muscles are and my skeletal frame are much stronger, and I have far more vitality than most persons who smoke cigarettes as much and as long as I have. My cigarette addiction I admittedly have yet to resolve. For me anyway, curing myself of manic depression is far easier that beating a heavy addiction to nicotine.

I know the real truth as the result of curing myself of both TMJ in my jawbone and also completely resolving a very arthritic and problematic back that bothered me greatly on a regular basis for almost 20 years. My back never bothers me at all now, a fact that never ceases to amaze me, as I had such serious back trouble for so long.

I know the real truth over the power of nutrients vs. medications partly as the result of my recommending a very similar nutrient regime to that which I use to control manic depression to help a person to resolve five years of fairly heavy heroin use, during which he nearly died three times (from overdose). What I gave this person nutrient-wise profoundly helped him from almost day one. Within a month he was a new man, with an aura of wellness and contentment that he hadn’t had in years. This event happened nearly two years ago.

And most amazingly, I know the real truth as the result of discovering in late 1999 of how to intentionally induce a state of very severe depression with suicidal ideation attached in myself at will within three to four days or so by eating common foods that I am allergic to, and then learning how to adequately correct this suicidally depressed state within a matter of hours to at most a single day in myself. For other persons this nutritive and natural therapy may take a few days to a week. However, I can’t imagine the fairly comprehensive and all natural anti-depressive therapy that I am using taking much more than a week to have an amazingly positive effect on both mood and general well being in all but a small minority of persons (the few that are truly very ill).

Every day for over three years, if not closer to six, I wake up to the reality that it is entirely possible that, as a result of relying on a great deal of foundation work of many other persons, I may have developed some of the most accurate conceptual and practical insight into how to correct depression and manic depression to date. I say this despite the facts that (1) I am not a doctor, (2) I have almost no formal education beyond high school (despite being gifted), and (3) I still smoke cigarettes rather heavily. I do not claim perfection to anyone, but I sincerely apologize to all for not resolving my cigarette addiction, as this seriously damages my credibility on any health matters whatsoever.

Unfortunately, I also wake up to the reality that after spending perhaps as much as $200,000, if not more, in a search for answers concerning manic depression since July of 1994, my access to any sizable funds ran out in August of 2002. I now have to live on less than $800 a month net. Yet I morally cannot, and will not, take “a regular job” for greater fiscal gain. Nothing in this world means more to me but to do my best to do all that I can to attempt to end the enormous suffering that manic depression and depression causes. A regular job for fiscal gain would just interfere with this goal, as it would take up too much of my time and energy, time and energy that I have been freely giving for years to help all humankind.

Despite the above, I am not here with my hand out to ask for or to take anything at all. Money means almost nothing to me. I was a self-made millionaire once in my life, and I was so depressed I almost blew my brains out. Now I am healthy both mentally and physically. Other than retaining my own health and well being, only one other single thing really matters to me. This “other thing” is my seeing that answers that I may have discovered as a result of extraordinary effort since my diagnosis of bipolar disorder in June 1994 move forward as they should… such that many other persons are ultimately cured of manic depression without having to take nearly as long and hard a road as I had to travel in which to do so.

I sure could use some solid help from other intelligent persons with in regard to the answers that I have discovered in regarding to correcting depression within a matter of days, if not a matter of hours, in most persons so afflicted. I have been asking for this help for years, both inside the medical model and within the confines of alternative medicine. Thus far, my pleas for help with discoveries that I know to be significant have been to no avail. I have been repeatedly ignored by both conventional and alternative medicine. The claims that I have been making since early 2000 in regard to the correction of severe depression in such a short time are perhaps just too extraordinary to be believed by anyone, yet I know in my heart that in essence these claims are absolutely true. Certainly, I might not be right about everything, and much of what I know could be easily improved on or refined. However, just as it stands the multi-stage natural anti-depressive therapy that I first discovered beginning in August of 1999 and had verified within months of its discovery is a very logical therapy. It is also a therapy that is based on much solid biological and scientific fact as well. In my opinion, this natural anti-depressive therapy has also been anecdotally validated well enough at this point be worth a solid look at by at least some person or organizational body. It would certainly help if this person or organizational body had the ability to effect real change, as I am powerless by myself in this regard.

We humans appear to be very odd creatures. I just don’t understand why I have been blessed with such extraordinary knowledge of how to correct depression and manic depression via natural means… and then I reach out to others for help to take a look at what I have discovered… and the end result is that I often just get either personally attacked or ignored… despite the fact that my heart is in the right place and I only want to help… and I have no agenda of enrichment or self aggrandizement whatsoever. I don’t mind a whit if my discoveries are plagiarized by others and/or I don’t receive either a dime or any credit whatsoever for them… as long these discoveries are validated and refined by a party capable of doing so… and then used to reduce much human suffering, as I am aware that they can.

Lastly, I pray that some day in the future the current medical model will not continue to ignore the overwhelming anecdotal evidence that has been generated for many years that the two biochemical issues of hidden food allergy and intestinal dysbiosis (which conventional doctors often actually cause by the prescription of antibiotics) are often primary causative factors in depression, manic depression, ADHD, schizophrenia, alcoholism (and perhaps other substance abuse as well), fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraines, and a whole host of other physical and mental illnesses. I also pray that some day lessons such as those that I have learned in my recovery from over three decades of bipolar symptoms are not only actually heard, but that they are acted upon appropriately by someone, as well as acted upon appropriately by modern medical science.

Allen Darman

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Allen Darmans’ Natural Bipolar Recovery Story as of June 2004

When I was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder (manic depression) in June of 1994, I was told by the psychiatrist treating me that my being cured of this illness was impossible.  He told me that the best I could do to deal with my illness was to take medication on a daily basis for the rest of my life.

I would like to give the reader of the material that follows  “a big dose of hope” right off the bat.  About six years later (in the year 2000), I found out how wrong the this particular  psychiatrist was in his assumption that bipolar disorder is incurable.  Bipolar disorder is an ABSOLUTELY CORRECTABLE condition of biochemical imbalance.  And it is correctable by the very person that suffers from such.  (Yes!, you can cure yourself.)   If I did not prove this in my own personal recovery, a handful of years later my teenage son Willy profoundly did in his.  And Willy also proved how easy it is to do so.  (If a severely learning impaired teenager can learn how to cure himself of bipolar disorder without seeing ANY doctor whatsoever, or reading even a single book, perhaps almost everyone that is diagnosed as bipolar can do the same.)

via Allen Darmans' Natural Bipolar Recovery Story as of June 2004.

Malabsorption Underlies Mental Illness (9/23/2011)

Dear Friends:

In April 1997 I knew very little about nutrition, nutritional supplements, or any other alternative medical topic. I had been taking some vitamin and mineral supplements for almost a year. However, I really did not know much about what I was doing in this regard.

As a result of finding some information on the Internet, I began taking a 500 mg. capsule of the amino acid tyrosine in May 1997, along with the vitamins and minerals that I was taking prior.

I did not realize how powerful this tyrosine supplement was for me antidepressant-wise until the sixty capsule bottle of it ran out.

For about a week after I ran out of the bottle of tyrosine that I had I underwent a steady mood decline to the point where it was obvious (to me) that I was depressed.

I had no psychological reason whatsoever to be depressed at this time. Seven months prior I had bought a new minivan that I was quite happy with. A few months prior I had bought an older but very comfortable 14 X 70 single wide trailer in a mobile home park in Clark Mills, New York. (This mobile home had some beautiful trees on the lot, a long wooden porch with a roof over it, and a small creek in the back. I loved it.) I was involved in a longstanding process of extricating myself from a bad marriage, but this was not a major stressor, as I was GLAD that my marriage was finally ending. I had a girlfriend that I was quite happy with at this time. Money was not a problem. My life in general was more stable and content than it had been for decades. There was simply no reason for me to be depressed in July 1997 unless this depression was ONLY biochemical in nature.

In thinking things over on the evening of July 6, 1997 I realized that my taking tyrosine for the past two months MUST HAVE helped my mood substantially in some way. I wanted to go out and buy some more tyrosine, and immediately take some. However, it was Sunday and the local health food store where I could get some more was closed. (I would have to wait until Monday to buy another bottle of tyrosine.)

That Sunday night I also realized that I had another option in regard to getting more tyrosine into my system. I could take a multi amino acid supplement I had recently ordered through the mail, but had not opened the bottle yet. This new supplement did contain some tyrosine per tablet, along with a number of other free form amino acids. So I did the math (as per the ingredients listed on the bottle), taking enough tablets of this new supplement in order to take a little over 500 mg. of tyrosine. Soon after this I also took 2 mg. of Klonopin (a medication that I had been on for about fifteen months), and went to bed.

Eight hours later I woke up in a state of mania! I went from a serious state of depression to a serious state of mania simply by the oral ingestion of nine grams of an unbalanced free form amino acid preparation.

I was amazed at this experience; that I could switch mood states simply by taking a free form amino acid supplement. I repeated what I did a week later, and the same thing happened… I became manic simply by taking an unbalanced (too excitatory) free form amino acid preparation.

The above resulted in my becoming greatly interested in what nutrition, and what nutritional supplements, could do in regard to my curing myself of over three decades of manic depressive symptoms.

As I have been self-educated for my entire adult life, I sought out books that might help me in my quest for more knowledge at this time.

First I found the book “The Way Up From Down” by Dr. Priscilla Slagle. Despite its old copyright date (1987) and its simplicity, this book helped me enormously. (I read and reread this book perhaps a half dozen times over the next six months.) It educated me in regard to the fact that there are excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters. It educated me in regard to the fact that neurotransmitters are primarily made out of amino acids, but that vitamins and minerals were important in this regard as well. It educated me in regard to the fact that taking individual free form amino acid supplements can increase whatever particular neurotransmitter these free form amino acids make. It educated me in regard to the fact that B vitamins are needed to make many neurotransmitters. It educated me in regard to the fact that our American diet is often substandard and that food allergies and other malabsorptive causes can play a role in causing depression. It educated me in regard to the fact that ALL of these obvious and irrefutable biochemical issues are summarily ignored when treating depression, as “drugs and only drugs” are modern medicine’s ONLY answer to the same. And it educated in regard to the fact that modern medicine is criminally ignoring the biologically obvious, simply for the sake of the money it can make from doing so.

[The book “The Way Up From Down” is out of print. However, Dr. Slagle has generously made this book available free at her website, http://www.thewayup.com. The whole book can be downloaded in Adobe.]

In the summer of 1997, I also found (the current edition at this time) the book “Prescription For Nutritional Healing” by James Balch, M.D. and Phyllis Balch. This book did have a prescription for manic depression, but I found it sorely lacking and somewhat in error. I could relate far more to the prescription it had for either alcoholism or malabsorption, as both of these prescriptions made far more sense to me for manic depression that the prescription for manic depression itself. Despite its errors, I am deeply thankful to the authors of this book. They introduced me to a much wider range of nutritional supplements than Dr. Priscilla Slagle did, and I began to experiment with a great many of them (to see how I felt after taking them).

Luckily, I lived only fifty miles from Syracuse, New York. Syracuse NY was where Dr. Sherry Rogers practiced medicine in 1997. Dr. Rogers had recently self-published her book “Depression Cured At Last”. I picked up a copy of it at a health food store in the Syracuse area called Natur-Tyme in September 1997. Dr. Sherry Rogers book “Depression Cured At Last” opened up a conceptual realm of alternative medicine that was enormously helpful to me. Dr. Rogers primary goal in all of her written work was to educate the patient to help his or her own self. Her biggest target in correcting depression was the GI tract (gastrointestinal tract), which I commonly refer to as the gut. (It would have taken me a lot longer to figure out the proper manner to correct bipolar disorder in myself if it was not for Sherry Rogers. In a very real way, I feel that I owe this woman my life.)

Sherry Rogers essentially taught me to “Forget about the brain when dealing with mania or depression in one’s self. The brain is only a secondary target organ to primary gut events. Fix the gut, and correct dietary issues (to include avoidance of hidden food allergens), and the brain will automatically fix itself”. Another thing that Dr. Rogers taught me is that orally supplementing with nutritional supplements, without addressing one’s malabsorptive status at the same time, is “just not wise”, as much of the nutritional value of such supplementation is lost (it is pooped into the toilet a day or two later). In my opinion, Sherry Rogers 8R program of gut correction, as first espoused in her book “Depression Cured At Last”, and later upgraded in her book “No More Heartburn”, is conceptually unparalleled. (All of Dr. Rogers books can be found on http://prestigepublishing.com/, and many of them can be found on http://amazon.com/ as well.)

[Dr. Rogers only major blind spot in healing is in regard to the use of free form amino acids. To cover this blind spot, I used knowledge from three sources. I used knowledge that Dr. Priscilla Slagle taught me in her book “The Way Up From Down”. I used knowledge I learned from Robert Erdmann in his book “The Amino Revolution” which can be found on Amazon.com at http://www.amazon.com/Amino-Revolution-Robert-Erdmann/dp/0671673599/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1316801116&sr=1-1. And I used knowledge gained from my own self experimentation and self experience. I did not need amino acid knowledge from Julia Ross in her book “The Mood Cure”, as I had sent her via email the prescription of tryptophan, taurine, GABA, and glycine for inhibition in February 1998, and I later amended my advice on the same to include histidine, as per Robert Erdmann’s repeated suggestions in his book “The Amino Revolution”.]

At Natur-Tyme in September 1997 I also bought a few books by William Crook, M.D. at this time; one on yeast (candida) and one on food allergies and yeast being causative of ADHD. I also bought a classic book on the gut (that is now out of print) called “Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management” by Bernard Jensen.

These books helped me enormously as well.

William Crook’s written work, in conjunction with my own experience, made me realize that I had had an overgrowth of yeast from my childhood years onward, and that this yeast was a major causative factor in my being bipolar for over three decades. His written work, in conjunction with my own experience, made me also realize that I had multiple hidden food allergies from my childhood years onward, and that these food allergies were a major causative factor in my being bipolar for over three decades as well. [It is worthy to note that another doctor named Doris Rapp drew the same conclusions as William Crook in regard to hidden food allergies and yeast being the two primary causative factors underlying ADHD.]

Bernard Jensen’s book “Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management” prompted me to undergo a series of colonics in September and October of 1997. A colonic is a cleansing of the large intestine with water that is under gentle pressure. Normally a 45 minute colonic will clean out the large intestine, which averages about five foot in length. My first colonic did not even clean out one foot. (I could actually feel how far it got.) My bowel was encrusted with “many years old” feces, just as John Wayne’s bowel was when he died. (Some say John Wayne had 30 to 40 pounds of old fecal matter in his large intestine when he died.) The series of colonics that I got over a two month period of time removed a lot of old encrusted feces from me. One result was my mood lifted noticeably. Another result is that my skin cleared up in a manner that was quite noticeable to me as well. I felt a sense of peace and relief after this series of colonics was completed… a feeling that I never had felt before.

[Although “Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management” is out of print, a newer book by Bernard Jensen essentially replaces it. This book is titled “Dr. Jensen’s Guide to Better Bowel Care: A Complete Program for Tissue Cleansing through Bowel Management” and it can be found on Amazon.com at http://www.amazon.com/Jensens-Guide-Better-Bowel-Care/dp/0895295849/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1316800744&sr=1-1.]

As a result of taking vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, probiotics, and other helpful supplements in September and October of 1997, I realized that most of them were substantially helping me. I could quite literally “feel the help” that these supplements provided me; no book had to convince me. (Incidentally, whenever I took certain free form amino acids along with vitamin and mineral nutrient cofactors this “help” was both fairly immediate and quite obvious.)

In the fall of 1997 I wondered why so many different supplements were clearly helping me. And I wondered why I was deficient in so many essential nutrients (such that my condition of manic depression was the end result).

I knew that many of the foods that I ate in my life came from depleted topsoil. I knew that many of the foods that I ate in my life were processed. And I knew that many of the foods that I ate in my life were cooked as well. From the reading that I did in the fall of 1997, and from reading Adelle Davis decades prior, I knew that (1) mineral depleted topsoils, (2) the modern processing of foodstuffs, and (3) cooking all contribute to essential nutrient depletion in one way or another.

However, it became clear to me that mineral depleted topsoil, processed food, and cooked food were not the only three reasons I was broadly essential nutrient deficient.

In the fall of 1997 it became clear to me that the largest reason that I was broadly nutrient deficient was that I was MALABSORPTIVE. I was clearly not absorbing ALL essential nutrients as well as most other persons were, going all the way back to my childhood years.

Orally taking free form amino acids over a period of time can teach someone a great deal about malabsorption in one’s self. This I know for a fact as a result of taking about 150,000 capsules of individual or blended free form amino acids since 1997. Amino acid supplementation, done properly and with adequate cofactors, can definitely be felt, as long as one is absorbing adequately.

[It is worthy to note that one’s absorptive ability can change from one day to the next, or even one meal to the next, depending on what foods one is exposed to. Even a single exposure to a food allergen can temporarily AND substantially shut down the gut from an absorptive standpoint. Free form amino acid supplementation (taken along with vitamin and mineral cofactors) over time, taught me this.]


Malabsorption clearly underlies mental illness, not only my particular case of mental illness, but that of millions of others.

Sadly, the two free form amino acid blends that I mixed together (in a two to one ratio) and heavily relied on for wellness for over a decade will most probably be taken off the market (or go way up in price) via current Big Pharma subterfuge in getting the FDA to change the law.

Sadly, a number of powerfully therapeutic vitamin and mineral supplements that help me and many others such as those found at http://www.truehope.com/default.aspx or http://www.equilib.us/ will probably be taken off the market or go way up in price as well.

And sadly, my son Willy Darman’s simple yet profound discovery to take a wide range of nutritional supplements all at once (which is BY FAR the best way to correct depressive, ADHD, bipolar, and schizophrenic symptoms) is soon going to be suppressed.

What kind of world do we live in? such that soon after real answers to mental illness are actually found, the FDA repeatedly acts to take these answers away from us, simply to protect Big Pharma and the hoax of drug oriented medicine.

Allen Darman

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Repost: Depression and Bipolar Disorder – Cured At Last! (August 2007)

***Note: As I read this material over in November 2010, I realize that I have been stuck for years in regard to proving what I know to the world, simply due to a lack of adequate means in which to do so. New discovery typically goes starving for years, until its truth and significance are recognized by many others, and adequately funded by some. Such is the case here. At least I am still alive to be able to do what I had intended to do three years ago… that is the one saving grace in this. Allen Darman***

Dear friends:

What follows is an egroup post that I made on the net recently, and have been continually upgrading since. I retitled this post, due the the fact it was significantly upgraded since I first wrote it. I would like to thank Dr. Sherry Rogers for this title, as essentially I am borrowing it from her book “Depression Cured At Last”. Without Sherry Rogers great insight and wisdom, I most certainly would not be in the place that I am now.

The first four paragraphs of this post go into “my being hacked problem”, as I was asked about this, and I thought it proper to reply.

The middle of this post involves some of my thoughts for the near future, as I travel out west to work with some folks, and stop and see a few along the way.

Most of the rest of this post involves a conceptual roadmap for dealing with depression naturally vs. using meds. It is my sincere belief that the copy that I have written in this regard “may be important to the entire human race”. It is almost certainly important to that portion of the human race that suffers from depression and manic depression (bipolar disorder).

The material below does represent a significant upgrade to a document I wrote years ago, titled “Concepts and Ideas to Treat Depression Naturally”. This document is all over the net. Simply “drop the quote marks”, and then add my name (Allen Darman) at the end of it, and do a Google search if you wish to see this. “Concepts and Ideas to Treat Depression Naturally” was a world leading degree of understanding when I wrote it in 2003, and it is still a very worthy read today. The document below represents the next generation of what already was a world leading degree of understanding in regard to treating depression via natural means. (No ego here, I am just being honest, as in truth I am a very humble man, and certainly one that is humble before God, Nature, and Mother Earth.)

Not only has my son Willy generated an amazing recovery story, as “a nobody” I have “cracked the mystery of depression and manic depression for the whole world”. This is way bigger than just “me”. It is enormous. I need all the help I can get, from as many human beings that will kindly give it to me, and in any fashion whatsoever. And I need all of the capable collaboration that I can get. And God, I need help, so that I can help many others. I hope that you can hear me.

As of this moment, the mystery of how to treat depression and manic depression properly in most persons so afflicted is over! Thank God. And thank my son Willy, as the baggie was his idea, not mine.


Allen Darman

As the copy below was initially only written as an egroup post, I would like to reserve the right to “polish it and amend it” over time. However, as it stands, the copy below is very likely to be found to be “more than OK” to get the job started that I intended it to start. The copy below may actually get the job done some day… the “job” being “to end much unnecessary suffering that depression and manic depression causes so many millions of people”.

Dear (name removed):

In regard to your question about how can I be hacked in a public library, I don’t know how “they” do this.

One of my “regular public libraries” for months last winter was the public library in New Hartford, NY. I had many “weird computer events” happen at this library last year, ones that I am certain involved hacking. Thankfully, another library at Hamilton College in Clinton, NY must have had “better protection”, as I was not hacked there at all. When I went back to the New Hartford public library from time to time last winter after my first hacking event (as it was so much closer for me driving-wise), weird things kept happening, no matter what library computer that I logged on to. After so many switches back and forth between these two public libraries, one in which I could work uninterrupted for hours on end, and the other in which I could barely open my mail without having “major weirdness problems”, I knew for certain that I was hacked again.

“They” also hacked three different computers I was using at home during this time, and I saw “weird events” happen on a number of other computers that I used as well (belonging to other people). And now, this computer that I am writing on has been hacked as well. (By “hacked”, I mean that somebody is “making choices based on my choices” while I operate a computer, blocking what I am trying to do in some way. This is nuts.)

All of this stuff has put me “between a rock and a hard place” as when I honestly report being hacked to the net, I lose a great deal of credibility with many people… perhaps this was “their” goal all along.

During the next few months, I am going to try to get some writing done in regard to putting a lot of my prior written work into some kind of a cohesive document that I can sell as a “book”. I need to eat… I’ve had to tough out some pretty lean times these past five years, after my money ran out in 2002 while “trying to save the world from depression and manic depression”.

Over the next few months, I am also going to try to work with a few people “one on one”, and try to work out any bugs in what I am proposing to be “effective healing methodology”.

My big lack here all along has been that I am not a doctor… and therefore “I simply have not had enough people yet in which to practice on”. Although I know that I have discovered “some great and simple truths”, truths that would be useful to millions, I still feel that I need to learn a bit more by working with a few other people.

I consider these next few months my “internship. I am not charging the people that I will be helping a dime. (You can gratuitously tip me if you want. I am so poor, I am not in a position to turn down a tip. These funds would only “help me to help others”, as I have been impaired in this regard for so long. I seek nothing for myself.)

My big question for those I help is”will you testify” on camera, such that others can be helped as well. This is the “real payment” that I seek, and we need to agree on this upfront.

I need a little bit of help from those I help, as I often live on “half of an SSD check”. I need (1) you to put me up in some way (I can’t afford housing, but I am happy with a tent or a couch), (2) you to cover your own supplement costs (as I am way too short $$-wise “to carry two” in this regard), (3) abide by what I advise (what is the point of helping you if you insist on eating pizza, will not drink vegetable juice, and will not take the supplements that I suggest, etc.), and (4) you allow me six to eight hours of time a day to work on my laptop as well (such that I do not lose too much time trying to help others with my written work). I will try not to be a burden on you in any way. I am here to help. And I wish to deeply apologize for the cigarettes in advance. (Although I feel the stress of “having the whole world on my shoulders at the moment”, I really have no excuse.)

It is almost certain in the months to come that I will be able to generate a few amazing anecdotal depression recovery stories. These stories should be similar in magnitude to the recent one of the depressed woman that I helped to get out of depression (and off ECT treatments) by the use of natural measures, and in only a single day.

I state the above in confidence. Why in confidence? A depressive state is not really that hard to treat, once one realizes the following:

(1) Longstanding depression ALWAYS involves a seriously malabsorptive state that needs to be “fixed” (of all of its common malabsorptive causes), as soon as it is practical or possible to do so.

(2) Longstanding depression ALWAYS involves a gut that needs to be “cleaned out”. (I learned this critical step from Dr. Sherry Rogers of http://www.prestigepublishing.com/, as one of the “R”‘s in her 8 “R” gut healing program was “R”emoval. Sherry Rogers was “my greatest teacher”; although I learned from many, no one else compared.)

(2a) A colonic or an enema might be very helpful here. The more putrid gut contents you can remove, the better.

(2b) It is wise to consider a dose of “high dose digestive enzymes” to chew up any stagnant under-digested contents in the gut.

(2c) It is wise to consider supplementing with both “high dose” magnesium and “high dose” vitamin C, the two “bowel loosening” nutrients, especially when constipation is present (and only one bowel movement a day represents some degree of constipation, as you should be having two or three).

(2d) It is wise to consider a bentonite and psyllium (or flaxseed) shake (P & B shakes), as clay is so unparalleled in purging a wide range of problematic things from the gut.

This point is very worthy of expansion.

I use what I term “high dosage bentonite and psyllium”, in order to correct a state of severe depression in myself as quickly as I can. (The time that I need to correct a state of very severe depression in myself is about twelve hours or so, assuming I start with an empty stomach in the morning.)

The use of “high dosage bentonite and psyllium” comes with a number of safety cautions. A person using such a methodology could conceivably end up dead, from bursting their small or large intestines, and the sepsis that results.

I can correct a state of severe depression in myself without using “high dosage bentonite and psyllium”. I can do this by using a lower dosage of bentonite and psyllium on a repetitive basis over a period of days in order to purge my gut, and “R”emove the bulk of its problematic contents. (Thank you again! Sherry Rogers, for teaching me this critical “R”emoval step.)

However, I don’t really need bentonite and psyllium at all to correct severe depression in myself. I can use some other gut cleansing methodology (such as lots of raw vegetable juicing, with lots of fiber, coupled with probiotics, anti-candida measures, etc.) to resolve a state of severe depression in myself naturally; it just takes me two or three days longer.

In regard to the use of “high dosage bentonite” ALL of the following safety points apply: (1) It is a must to” loosen things up in the gut adequately” before applying substantial pressure to the gut walls (the small and large intestines). Bentonite and psyllium shakes can apply a lot of pressure to the gut, especially to the colon, depending on the dosage. (2) It also would help to nutrify the gut walls first for a few weeks or so in order to strengthen them. I highly recommend Willy’s baggies for this. (3) It is “an absolute must” from the standpoint of safety to first remove any encrustation that you may have on your colon walls, using a series of colonics, a colema board, and/or other adequate bowel cleansing measures. (4) A “gut snapshot” (medical imaging) to check structural form and integrity (for strictures, etc.) is also very wise, if not a must, especially as one gets older.

All of the aforementioned safety steps should be done if you intend to use “high dosage bentonite”, as I do, when I feel I need it. A P & B shake trial, dosing up slowly over days/weeks for safety in order to find “the therapeutic dosage that your gut needs”, and one it can tolerate well, is a “must”; assuming you wish to amazingly shorten depression treatment time in yourself.

As with everything else, Educate Yourself! In regard to P and B shakes. http://www.curezone.com is a good place to start.

(2e) An adequate amount of “good water” always is helpful to clean out the gut. What is adequate? Educate yourself; things such as this are rather easily found on the net.

(2f) Even eating a few apples, or some other fibrous fruits or vegetables in an adequate quantity will substantially help to clean out the gut.

This was the very simple methodology that my son Willy solely relied on these past three years “when he ate his allergic foods and he knew that he had messed up”. Despite Willy’s sole reliance on this simple gut cleansing methodology, he has generated what seems to be the leading ADHD, childhood bipolar, and sickly health recovery story in the world.

“An apple a day apparently does keep the doctor away.”

(Certainly, one does not need to do all of the above. They only need to do enough to “get the job adequately done”. My son Willy “proved this”.)

(3) Depression involves a state of fairly broad essential nutrient deficiency almost 100% of the time.

(4) Depression involves a state of fairly broad amino acid deficiency almost 100% of the time (and don’t forget to always take carnitine and phospatidyl choline when taking a therapeutic dose of broad based amino acids).

(5) Willy’s baggie, or a “conceptually close” rendition thereof, covers points #3 and #4 very well already, and this baggie could rather easily be improved upon to be “better than it is now”.

Based on what I have seen, I cannot help but feel that broad based nutrition taken all at once (nutrients work in synergy with each other, of course!) is going to inevitably change humanity’s understanding of what health, and health recovery is all about. Willy’s baggie was “an important accidental conceptual discovery for all mankind”. It is perhaps only a matter of a little more time before this truth is realized.

I welcome ” the world” to freely take what Willy and I have stumbled into as a result of his insistence of “only one supplementation a day”, due to having to hide what he was doing from his mother back in 2004. Broad based nutrition, as Willy’s baggie represents, when coupled with “gut correction”, food allergy avoidance, etc. is amazing in regard to its potential to heal.

And I welcome “the world” to improve Willy’s baggie ingredients such that they can do even more healing-wise. This would not be that hard to do, as I am not a doctor, or formally educated past high school. I am “only some dummy” that threw a lot of supplements in a baggie, based on my own personal experience with them.

(6) It would be wise to apply Robert Cathcart’s classic treatise on vitamin C (http://www.orthomed.com/titrate.htm) to any state of depression, as depression involves excess toxicity in the body as well. High dose vitamin C is so effective at resolving this excess toxicity, as is lots of water. (Sherry Rogers says “one solution to pollution is dilution”.)

Worthy of note here is that this classic treatise by Robert Cathcart definitely applies to the faster resolution of a candida (yeast) die-off reaction, also known as a Herksheimer reaction, should you ever run into one. As an example, I don’t hesitate to take ten to fifteen grams of vitamin C right off the bat, and then three grams an hour thereafter, along with lots of water, when I run into die-off. (I don’t run into serious die-off anymore, not since using “high dose bentonite and psyllium”, which physically removes a ton of yeast from the gut. Bentonite might not get yeast roots, but it sure seems like it can get almost everything else.)

Every person on this planet would be wise to read and reread Robert Cathcart’s classic treatise on vitamin C, and then apply this knowledge to themselves, when need be.

(7) It is helpful to realize that in cases of severe depression, nearly one’s entire amino acid intake should consist of broad based free form amino acids. When a person is very depressed they cannot digest protein foods well (there is a 100% concordance here), such that much amino acid content in this protein food is lost in the toilet the next day.

(8) It is helpful to realize that to treat depression, the juicing of non-allergic organic vegetables, especially the greens, should really be considered “an absolute must”.

(9) In depression, both high candida and an inadequate supply of “good bugs” should ALWAYS be assumed as being present. Other intestinal dysbiosis issues may be present as well. (These should be dealt with, of course.)

(10) In depression, ANY solid food intake whatsoever should be supplemented with an adequate amount of digestive enzymes to “fully get the digestive job done”.

(11) In depression, ANY food intake whatsoever (solid or liquid) should be supplemented with vitamins B complex and C, the water-soluble vitamins that are easily lost, and that the cooking process destroys.

(12) In depression, if food intake shows any indication of “sitting in the stomach”, a “dose up trial” of HCL (stomach acid) is indicated. This can be easily be done by you at home; educate yourself.

(13) In depression, bloating is a malabsorptive indicator… and the more bloated you are, the more malabsorptive you are as well. (The causes underlying this bloating and malabsorption quite obviously should be identified and fixed.)

(14) It is wise to consider avoiding solid foods altogether for a while, and eat “a liquid diet” for a week or two, to take as much pressure as possible off of the gut walls (of both the small and large intestines). Doing so can dramatically shorten the healing time for “leaky gut”, especially when Willy’s baggies are taken daily as well (as broad based nutrition is needed to rebuild the gut).

(15) In depression, the “optimal target of bowel health and function” should ALWAYS be Bernard Jensen’s classic “three healthy bowel movements a day”, about a half an hour to an hour after every meal. Even getting to two healthy bowel movements a day would greatly help, and the bare minimum of one healthy bowel movement a day is almost a “must”.

(16) Autointoxication is ALWAYS present in depression. I am not going to explain this, as it is really “an absolute must” to read Bernard Jensen’s classic book “Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management” or it’s sister book “Dr. Jensen’s Guide To Better Bowel Care” to overcome depression in yourself; in fact, this is “STEP NUMBER ONE”. Bernard Jensen explains autointoxication far better than I can, and he uses pictures to help us better understand the gut as well. (Bernard Jensen’s books can be found by a simple “author search” on http://www.amazon.com/.)

(17) And lastly, some very good news… in depression, you only need to fix less than “one half of one percent” of your overall body chemistry in order to feel profoundly well, even if your state of depression was crippling, and bad enough to exhibit suicidal ideation.

I would like to introduce to the world “the principal of static vs. dynamic body chemistry”.

Most chemistry of the body is tied up doing other things, and it is not involved in the chemistry of mood; I call this “static chemistry”. There is only a very small portion of “fluid and dynamic chemistry” in the body that underlies one’s mood, one’s ability to function, and one’s ability to “feel well”; I call this “dynamic chemistry”. This chemistry represents less than one half of one percent of the total chemistry of the body, or even less. (I leave it up to science to determine the exact fraction here, but believe me, it’s not much. The world is going to be quite surprised at how little “dynamic chemistry” turns out to be.)

To gain profound relief from depression, you only have to fix your “dynamic chemistry”; the “the key one half of one percent” (and as Willy’s baggie proves, often you need to fix even less!).

I am going to prove the above to the world as expeditiously as I can. The big hold up here is not that I don’t know how to prove the above, it is just that I don’t have enough (any) money.


The entire drug industry is in real trouble when “the public wakes up”… and perhaps what I have written here will help to make this to happen.

Nutrients cure, but drugs never do. They only add to the toxic load of the body, while masking symptoms, which is never the best thing to do.

No antidepressant medication in the world can stand up vs. the onslaught of nutrition and other natural measures as outlined in the above material, or come even close.

As far as I am concerned, once the above conceptual roadmap is properly implemented on even a half dozen other persons, “all antidepressants are toast”.

The above concepts, once implemented successfully on a handful of other persons, and then put on “YouTube” as anecdotal success stories, spell the inevitable doom of the entire class of antidepressant medications.

God only knows how many other kinds of medications (that could easily be replaced with nutrients and other natural measures) will be doomed shortly thereafter.

Although the above material was written with depression in mind, every bit of it conceptually applies to the illness known as bipolar disorder or manic depression. It also applies to a myriad of other mental and physical mental illnesses.

Yes, essentially, we are dealing with a foundation therapy to recover human health.

“Get “broad based nutrients” in, while resolving all common blockages to their delivery (in regard to malabsorption), and then let God do the rest as far as healing is concerned.”

Nutrients are God’s chemistry. Drugs are man’s. Which should you choose? Forget what the doctors say; no toxic drug can rebuild human health. (And all drugs are toxic, didn’t you know?) On the other hand, nutrients are biologically obvious, and they are “just plain common sense”.

Why monkey with only a few neurotransmitter levels to relieve depression by using toxic drugs?… when the use of broad based nutritional supplements and other natural measures can so readily improve the levels of them all? What a scam the drug companies have pulled on us, out of greed. Amino acids are what 99 out of 100 neurotransmitters are made out of; nutrients for depression were an answer that was simply too obvious to be ignored.

Sadly, the drug industry ignored the biologically obvious in the interest of greater profits, no matter how much suffering or death this caused to other people. (Depression and bipolar disorder most certainly cause suffering and death, and they do so to millions.) Big Pharma should be ashamed for what is has done to people that suffer from depression and manic depression. Big Pharma should also be held criminally liable “in a very big way” some day, even more so than “big tobacco” was years ago, when it lost billions in a court of law.

In my opinion, one definition of evil is to choose profit over the health of others, especially when those who are doing so know that “they are wrong”. Big Pharma is clearly evil, as they are doing just this. They are touting a myriad of medications for depression, while ignoring some rather obvious “real answers” that would fully resolve the very same. “Don’t go off your medication” they tell us. What a big lie.

Big Pharma is also pro-actively trying to “stop the truth” from coming out as well. I should know, as I am a victim of this, as much trouble as I have had staying online and/or “keeping computers working” in the past fifteen months or so. (This all started when my son Willy’s recovery story was originally posted to the Internet in June 2006.) Suppression of truths that would greatly help human health in the interest of profit retention is evil as well.

Incidentally, I am not the only party in the alternative medical arena that has been hacked or otherwise harassed over the Internet. Mike Adams of http://www.naturalnews.com/ (a great site), and Dr. Rima Laibow of the Natural Solutions Foundation have claimed this as well. However, no one has been hacked nearly as much as I have, to the best of my knowledge. This does not surprise me. Big Pharma knows that what I have learned could hurt them. They also know how immediate this hurt might be. The drug industry would sure love to see me dead “tomorrow or the day after”.

From this point onward, the drug companies and the doctors that “treat us with drugs, and only drugs” are guilty of “crimes against humanity”. The conventional medical model has been “proven” wrong in regard to the treatment methodology that it is using to heal, by both my recovery and that of my son Willy’s, as well as by the natural recoveries of many others. Yet Big Pharma, and the doctors that represent them, keep promoting toxic (and sometimes very addictive) substances to the general public. They represent drugs as “the only healing answer”, and often an answer that is necessary for rest of one’s life. What an enormous “big lie” this is. Many of the TV ads I see use the line “Trust your doctor. He knows what medication you need”, or something similar. What a crock. They have got to be kidding. How stupid do they think we all are?

All I have to say to the drug companies is “bye bye tens, if not hundreds, of billions of dollars. Unless you can legally take nutritional supplements away from the general public fast enough, nutritional supplements and other natural measures are destined to replace your many of your toxic medications”.

I have some good news for you. That news is that the drug companies and the doctors are not going to get away with the sinful absurdity of ignoring the role of nutrients in healing much longer. What I will be putting on YouTube and other video sites within a matter of months in regard to the effect of nutrients on depression is going to burn the drug companies to the ground. And it is going to bring the the doctors, and any other people that promote their poisons, down as well. Great shame is soon going to befall the entire medical profession. And tens, if not hundreds, of billions of dollars of lost income will inevitably follow.


Allen Darman

Email: allen_dar@yahoo.com


Repost: “Hearing Voices” Remission Within Hours From Supplement Use (March 2009)

Dear friends:

In January, I amended Willy’s baggie formula to try to improve “the quickness of its effect” on the symptom of hearing voices.

The main changes that I made to Willy’s pre-existing baggie formula was to boost the Pureform and WAC amino acid blend content a little bit, and to substantially boost various glutathione precursors in Willy’s baggie, as well as to add some glutathione itself.

Another change that I made to Willy’s pre-existing baggie formula that may have made a significant difference is that I added a capsule containing many of the minerals found in the human body in very small amounts. (I used a mineral preparation based on the wisdom of Dr. Joel Wallach, the author of “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie”.)

The person that was taking Willy’s baggies to treat “hearing voices” symptoms in himself (as per the prior blog on my Yahoo 360 site) is now stating that instead of these baggies taking a handful of days to work, he now reports that “hearing voices” remission in himself was achievable within a matter of hours.

I cannot help but think that something toxic causes “hearing voices” symptoms… and that whatever the source of this toxicity, it can be rather readily cleared up with the proper use of healing nutritional supplements.

The correction of “hearing voices” symptoms within a matter of hours via the use of supplements may represent a huge breakthrough in the understanding and treatment of both schizo-affective disorder and schizophrenia.

I hope to be able to put this entire story of the remission of “hearing voices” symptoms on the Internet by no later than late March 2009. I expect to be doing this in both written and video format. (As my time and computer access allows, I will post some material in this regard prior to late March. The first material I will be posting to the Internet will include the exact content of “Willy’s baggie” as it stands at the present time.)

I am of the opinion that “we” (those of us taking baggies of broad based nutritional supplements and learning from doing this) have not only cracked the mystery of bipolar disorder for the entire world, when what we are doing is coupled with some basic knowledge in regard to the gut and malabsorption “we” have cracked the mystery of schizophrenia as well.

All the very best,

Allen Darman

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Repost: A Real Cure For Schizophrenia Has been Found! (March 2009)

Dear friends:

A better natural answer to correct depressive, bipolar, and schizophrenic symptoms than has ever been discovered thus far has recently been found.

As a result of varying degrees of contribution from three laypersons, a powerful and amazingly fast-acting “natural chemical answer” in which to resolve the schizophrenic (and schizoaffective) symptoms of “hearing voices”, hallucinations, and depression HAS FINALLY BEEN FOUND. This occurred between mid-November 2008 and early March 2009.

I, Allen Darman, am one of the laypersons referred to in the above.

I should get the credit for knowing what to put in “Willy’s Baggie” (and now “Willy’s Baggie II) as a result of my own personal experience with using a wide range of nutritional and natural supplements beginning in September 1997.

My son William (“Willy”) Darman, whom first came up with the idea of “Willy’s Baggies” of supplements in July 2004, and now realizes that “Willy’s Baggie II” is much better than our original formula, is another person that should share in the credit of how to resolve schizophrenia naturally.

My son Willy should get this credit due to the idea that he had in July 2004 of combining a very wide range of nutritional and natural supplements together and then “taking them all at once”. I would have never done things this way. Willy “hit a home run for the entire world” when he insisted on using this supplement approach. Without this original idea of his, “nothing would have happened”. Willy clearly invented what I call “Willy’s Baggie”, and he should be given credit for this. (Note: “Willy’s Baggie II” has replaced this original baggie.)

An anonymous man in Ohio has taken about fifty “Willy’s Baggies” of varying ingredients and broad based amino acid content since November 2008. He is the third person involved in cracking the mystery of how to properly treat schizophrenia for the world. (I do not feel comfortable naming this man without his notarized written permission. I have suggested that if he wants to go public with who he is and what has happened to him that he go on YouTube and tell his story to the world.)

This man discovered that fully overcoming the schizophrenic symptoms of “hearing voices” and “seeing things” (hallucinations) can be readily achieved simply by the use of a wide range of nutritional and natural supplements. Such symptoms can be resolved within a matter of hours to a matter of days, using no medication whatsoever; despite the fact such symptoms may have been quite severe. This man should get credit for these discoveries. (Without his input on these topics of what helped him, “by how much”, and “how fast it took for such help to fully correct his symptoms”, I would not have yet known what I needed to know in order to write this blog.)

This man also discovered that substantially higher broad based amino acid dosages than that contained in Willy’s original baggie were needed in order to achieve significantly better and much faster acting therapeutic results. He feels that roughly forty (40) to fifty (50) grams a day overall of “free form amino acid component” is the right neighborhood in which to achieve the best therapeutic results.

This man has essentially told me that he feels that if he has “Willy’s Baggie II” in a forty to fifty gram dosage range to take on a daily basis he will never need any psychotropic medication to control his “hearing voices”, “seeing things”, and depressive symptoms for the rest of his life. He has also had VERY substantial success in fully controlling his symptoms while taking “Willy’s Baggie II” with a free form amino acid loading that was only about twenty-five grams or so.

This man’s discovery of higher amino acid need in the forty (40) to fifty (50) gram range is essentially a re-discovery. Over nine years ago I discovered that about fifty (50) grams a day of broad based free form amino acids taken on a daily basis was CRITICAL to the proper resolution of a state of chronic and serious depression in myself. I also realized over nine years ago that this need for high dosages of balanced broad based free form amino acids in the fifty (50) gram range applied to tens of millions of other depressed persons, and not just myself. At this point in time I did not realize that this kind of balanced broad based free form amino acid dosage taken on a daily basis was THE CRITICAL MISSING KEY to properly resolving schizophrenic symptoms as well. Over the years, I began to suspect such. AS OF MID-JANUARY 2009 I KNEW FOR A FACT THAT THIS SUSPICION WAS “DEAD ON THE MONEY”.

The natural chemical answer that we three persons have co-discovered to treat schizophrenic symptoms involves the use of NO MEDICATION WHATSOEVER.

The natural chemical answer that we have co-discovered MAKES ALL ANTI-PSYCHOTIC MEDICATION OBSOLETE.

The natural chemical answer that we have co-discovered ALSO MAKES ALL ANTIDEPRESSANT MEDICATION OBSOLETE as well.

The natural chemical answer that we have found also heals much more than schizophrenia and depression. It heals bipolar disorder and many other “psychiatric labels” as well. It may heal, or greatly help to heal, illnesses with names such as alcoholism, MS, fibromyalgia, cocaine, and heroin addiction as well.

Willy’s Baggie II may be looked at AS THE MOST IMPORTANT HEALTH DISCOVERY IN HUMAN HISTORY SOME DAY. (There is no doubt about this in my mind.) It is far bigger than the discovery of antibiotics. (This assumes that Big Pharma does not successfully bribe lawmakers in the U.S. such that “critical healing nutritional supplements are taken away from us”.)

As rough as it is (it could easily be improved), “Willy’s Baggie II” is my best current rendition of what a broad based supplement regime for depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia should be. (Admittedly, “Willy’s Baggie II” will continue to improve over time, just as Willy’s original baggie did.)

A number of other persons have taken “Willy’s Baggies” since they were first invented besides us three persons as well. To each and every one of you that did this, I wish to say “I thank you from the bottom of my heart”. I learned something of significance from every one of you. You all should get credit some day for what you did to help me develop critical health knowledge for the entire world, regardless of how many baggies that you took after “that first one”, or whether they worked out for you or not. (Some people that failed on Willy’s baggies needed some “gut work” and/or “diet work” for Willy’s baggies to work. In addition to this, earlier versions of Willy’s baggies were not as good therapeutically as Willy’s Baggie II is.)


Not recognizing the need in those with severe psychiatric symptoms for balanced broad based free form amino acid supplementation in the forty to fifty gram range (about) is destined “to hang conventional medicine” in “the court of public opinion”. How could something this biologically obvious have been ignored for so long?

Not recognizing the need in those with severe psychiatric symptoms for balanced broad based free form amino acid supplementation in the forty to fifty gram range (about) is destined to topple drug-oriented medicine some day.

The general public will not stand for the fact that depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia could ALL HAVE BEEN CURED, IF ONLY THE BIOLOGICALLY OBVIOUS WAS ADDRESSED… instead of the prescription of drugs, drugs, and more drugs… simply for the sake of the money being made.

Not recognizing the need in those with severe psychiatric symptoms for balanced broad based free form amino acid supplementation in the forty to fifty gram range (about) is also the reason that a great deal of alternative medical knowledge is both erroneous and obsolete as well. (A good deal of pre-existing alternative medical knowledge was erroneous and obsolete nine years ago, as a result of what I had self-discovered about how to treat a state of depression properly.)

Alternative medicine has defined a number of natural chemical answers for schizophrenia over the years. Two doctors that were involved in this were Dr. Abram Hoffer (now retired), and Dr. William Walsh. As of March 2009, the natural chemical answers that Dr. Abram Hoffer and Dr. William Walsh have found in which to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression are obsolete. (Only parts of these two doctors answers are not obsolete. On the key topic of what to supplement with their answers are obsolete.)

Older medical truth, both conventional and alternative, may hold up quite a bit longer. New medical truths of any sort traditionally take decades to replace older ones. Such may be the case here.

Regardless of any delay involved, it is my belief that the discovery of “Willy’s Baggie II” and it’s effect on schizophrenic symptoms most certainly means that Big Pharma, as we know it today, IS DOOMED.

Allen Darman

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