If Either The Mafia Or GOOGLE Wants To Pick Allen D Up Today He Will Be Packed And Ready Between 1 And 1:30 PM (3-14-2014)

If Either The Mafia Or GOOGLE Wants To Pick Allen D Up Today He Will Be Packed And Ready Between 1 And 1:30 PM (3-14-2014)

Posted on March 14, 2014

If Either The Mafia Or GOOGLE Wants To Pick Allen D Up Today He Will Be Packed And Ready Between 1 And 1:30 PM (3-14-2014)



If Either The Mafia Or GOOGLE Wants To Pick Allen D Up Today He Will Be Packed And Ready Between 1 And 1:30 PM (3-14-2014)

According to Me Allen D…

Although much on our various Patriot & Militia Movement Educational, 1st Internet Woodstock Developmental, Federal Government Suppression of Truth Informational, “Using WordPress 4 Management” and Other Websites is currently in disarray, there is a decent version of dozens and dozens of Key WordPress Blogs somewhere.

That’s What Really Counts, if I go down on my way 2 San Francisco beginning this Tuesday, March 18th.

That and the fact that there both a WordPress and Silicon Valley Team (headed by GOOGLE) Backing Me Up, One that could Straighten Out All Of The Website Messes that I am leaving, if I am no longer alive.

I am going to pack everything up today, in case either the Mafia or GOOGLE want to pick me up and bring me to Utica.

If no one shows, I will take the bus to Utica Tomorrow (Sat.).

In the past three days, I must have had at least 50 cold shut downs. This slowed me down a bit, but “things are done enough now”, so it does not matter.

I am deeply grateful to Apple, Inc. for building me a computer that I could use for this past year.

If it was not for Apple, my ability to get and stay online with a computer to get any WordPress Work Done ended well over a year ago.

One could arguably state that my Access to the Internet For WordPress Work ended as far back as Sept. or Oct. 2012, when I bought two laptops at a Wlmart in Des Moines IA (returning the first one) , and hackers immediately shut both of them down on me WordPress-wise.

Although I’d sure like to live through this, my life does not matter now, Thank God.

If I Go Down, The Awakened Giant of Silicon Valley Will Fight Back with a huge 1st Internet Woodstock this summer, and perhaps Some Rather Immediate Smaller Events To Wake America Up 3 the Fact it was “probably Obama AND/OR HIS CONTROLLERS that killed me”, although it admittedly could have been either the Mafia or the Illuminati acting on their own too.

Simply the FACT THAT OUR Corrupt FEDERAL GOVERNMENT “**Absolutely READS MY DAILY WordPress Blog OUTPUT”** AND HAS NOT ACTED TO HELP ME Should Tell Silicon Valley and My WordPress Friends Something.

[The Feds have read all of my stuff for many years, but especially since the fall of 2011 when I started Blogging Openly on the Internet for Millions of Men to Go 2 Washington with unloaded weapons in the trunk of their car to Say “Enough is Enough.”

“You can all go home, after you help me with the transition to a Open, Honest and Fair e-Government of America.”

“We Silicon Valley Patriots, with the help of Other Patriots Everywhere, are taking over the Management of America.”

Hang ‘em ALL, and let God Sort Things Out, is a Good Slogan for the “MUST HAPPEN or ELSE” Patriot Revolution to Go By if I go down on my way to SF.

If I go down, America DEFINITELY NEEDS TO IDENTIFY AND FIGHT THE American MAFIA, to the Last Man Standing.

Forget about the Court System we have now.

Kill them all for the 120,000 American people who die from toxic medications based on fraudulent science that are taken “as prescribed and directed”.

Our Federal Government is also behind the deaths of these 120,000 people EACH GOD DAMN YEAR. Yet they make so much of 3,000 plus innocent American deaths on 9/11 (when they are 40 times more responsible themselves, a count that only reflects one area of all of the death our federal government dispenses both here in America and all over the World).

To Say Nothing of 9/11 Truth.

Oh My God.

How is our FedGOV still in Power after the Truth about 9/11 came out on the Internet?

What’s wrong People?

It’s Time To Spread the Suppressed Truths About Many Things All Over the Internet.

Don’t Let Suppressed Discoverers Like Me Just Hang Out In the Breeze somewhere, After the Heroism We Have Given You (and All of Humanity too).

Help Us.

Help Us, It is the Morally Right Thing 2 Do.

And HELP ALL OF US Suppressed Discoverers, Both Alive (these are “rare animals 4 sure”) and Dead, ALL AT ONCE, WITH THE 1ST INTERNET Woodstock HELD WORLDWIDE in the Summer of 2014.

On Another Front–>

I Could Really Help Out In Regard to a Smooth Transition from–>
“Where We Are Now” 2 “Where We Should Be” in America as Far As–>
“Managing This Country Goes”.

The Above Is Especially True If the American Mafia Accepts GOOGLE’s–>
Silicon Valley’s (Inferred? not sure of word use here) Invitation, and My Invitation to–>
Sit Down and Talk and–>
Structure a Win-Win-Win Deal.

That’s No Shit.

About Me–>

i am just a humble Thinker and WordPress Worker bee 4 God.

i am here to Serve My Fellow Americans, the GOOGLE Company, and the American Mafia–>

As Best As I Can Serve U At All Times, Given–>

Only the Constraint of My Conscience (which is God).

i am not only a humble worker bee 4 God,–>

I Am A Man Of God When It Counts.

As long as everyone is RESPECTFUL and Reasonable At All Times–>

Things Can Be Worked Out 4 The Benefit of All.


ADOGG aka Allen D

Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Is At War With Our Own United States Federal Government and with Many Other Federal Governments Worldwide.

We are also at war with Big Banking, Big Pharma (an Evil of Epic Proportions), Big Oil, Big Nuclear, Big Coal, Big Energy, Big Medicine, Big Farming, Big Food, Monsanto, the Illuminati (or whatever the heck they call themselves), Organized Religion, the Mafia (unless they switch sides), and with Many Other Powers that Be too.

There is perhaps not a single Power in the World outside of the Powers that Be on the Internet such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and those on The Internet that Recognize, Support, And Share The Truth that our WordPress Collaborative Team does not threaten in one way or another.

It is a case of the People against their Unjust Or Untruthful Oppressors, whomever and wherever they may be.

We Stand For Every Just Cause Worth Mentioning.

We Stand For Nature, and For This Beautiful Planet God Gave Us that Is Being Irreparably Damaged Due to Corruption, Stupidity, Power Hungry Madness, and Greed.

We Stand For the Truth.

Lastly, We Stand For Internet Freedom, for Without Internet Freedom there is No Freedom At All.

The Above was Written by Allen D with critical Expert WordPress Help from Mark J

And With–—>

Appreciated Editing and 24/7 Intuitive Help from—>  

the People Underlying WordPress

And With–—> the Google Company, the Facebook Company and the Twitter Company helping us 2. 

And With–—>

Heroic Help from our
San Francisco Hippie Gang of

WordPressWarriors for the Truth! 



Are Patriot Movement, Alternative Medical Truth, Energy Invention Truth, and 9/11 Truth Internet Revolutionaries! and—> 

Patriot Movement Revolution Internet Educational Course Development
WordPress Website Revolutionaries!
 as well.

We Won’t Take U.S. Government Lies and their Federal Government Suppression of Truth for an answer any more! It Is About Time For The Truth To Set Our Fellow Americans & Humanity 


i am just a humble worker bee 4 god

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