Willy’s Baggie III Was a Step Backward Willy’s Original Baggie Is Fine

New note as of March 7, 2010. I expect to complete this blog within one week.

This blog is not quite done.  I have about a half dozen (or a bit more) ingredients to add.  To give the reader of the following an idea of these added ingredients, I am considering adding the supplements of vitamin E, vitamin K, grapeseed extract, CoQ10, inositol, potassium, and P5P (the more active form of vitamin B6).  I am also considering a few other supplements as well.  In addition, I am considering the use of the Truhope or Equilib supplement as the base multivitamin vs. the NSI Synergy 3000® Multi-Vitamin Version 11 that is listed in the copy below (my primary reason for this is due to the substantial success of the Truehope and Equilib supplements when used all alone).  And lastly, and I sure wish I had the money for experimentation in this realm, I am considering defining a broad based amino acid blend that replaces the two stock blends (Pureform and WAC) that I am mixing together.  I should note that anyone with the means to afford a wide ranging supplement routine as is listed below has a chance to further human understanding of what healing is all about… simply by coming up with a winning combination of supplements that is better in its healing ability than that which I am proposing.  Allen

Dear friends:

Rather than to upgrade and/or correct the ingredients listed in Willy’s Baggie II formula, I have decided to simply create “Willy’s Baggie III”.

This blog represents a list of the ingredients of this improved broad based nutrient formula.

This formula called “Willy’s Baggie III” is intended for use to correct for symptoms of depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.

I admit to all that I am only making “educated guesses” in regard to improving Willy’s original baggie formula. Willy’s original baggie formula itself was simply an “educated guess”. In formulating baggies since August 2004 (when Willy first insisted on supplementing this way), I was (and still am) simply trying to provide balanced and “therapeutically adequate” nutrition across the entire nutrient range.

Regarding Sources for Baggie Material

I am now sourcing everything in Willy’s baggie from Internet sources. This clearly seems the way to get the best supplement material for the least possible cost.

The four Internet sources I am currently using are:

1. http://www.vitacost.com

I am extremely impressed with what Vitacost has to offer vs. the prices that they charge. I expect to be using this vendor on a regular basis for much of Willy’s baggie material in the future.

2. http://www.jomarlabs.com

This is the amino acid wholesaler that I have been using since February 2000 for much of the free form amino acid product that I buy. I am not aware of any other Internet source that sells kilos of blended free form amino acid products at an affordable price.

3. http://www.throppsnutrition.com/

Willy and I have both been using Thropp’s Nutrition for digestive enzymes since we began using such. There may be better product available somewhere on the Internet, but this company seems to offer “very good product at an affordable price”.

4. http://www.majesticearth-minerals.com/

Years ago I read Dr. Joel Wallach’s book “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie”. This man convinced me of the importance of many minerals in human health that are not normally heard about. We don’t just need a dozen or so commonly known minerals to be truly healthy, we also need minute quantities of many dozens of other minerals as well. I am finally using a capsule containing minute amounts of many of these minerals (that are not commonly found in other multi-mineral supplements) in Willy’s new baggie formula.

A List of Ingredients of Willy’s Baggie III

Vitamins and Minerals:

One: Six capsules of NSI Synergy 3000® Multi-Vitamin Version 11. Source http://www.vitacost.com (Item # NSI 7011155).

[Important Note dated 10/11/2011: I consider the Truehope or Equilib supplement to be a much better base multi-vitamin/mineral preparation than the above. I also like the Ultra Source of Life vitamin used in Willy’s Original Baggie better than the above. For some the above might be OK. It is always wise to try a few different multivitamins and see which one “feels better for you”.]

Two: 3000 mg. of Vitamin C (three capsules of 1000 mg. ea.) Source http://www.vitacost.com (Item # NSI 3000340).

Note in regard to vitamin C dosage: Some persons respond to better, and seem to need more vitamin C in a baggie than 3000 mg. It seems that 4000 mg., or even 5000 mg. of vitamin C, may be a better dosage of vitamin C for some persons that are using a Willy’s Baggie supplement approach. Vitamin C does have a bowel tolerance. If you take “too much vitamin C for you” at any one time, it will give you a loose stool, if not diarrhea. Virtually EVERY person that uses vitamin C in multi-gram amounts should read the classic document on vitamin C by Robert F. Cathcart, III, M.D titled “Vitamin C, Titrating to Tolerance” found on http://www.orthomed.com/titrate.htm. In general, the more toxic you are, the more vitamin C you need and can handle without getting a loose stool or diarrhea when making up baggies. As an example here, for years I was using 3000 mg. of vitamin C in my baggie, but for the last six months or so I have found that 4000 mg. of vitamin C in my baggie is better for me.

Three: 100 mg. Of Vitamin B 100 Complex (one capsule). Source http://www.vitacost.com (Item # NSI 3006984).

Four: 2000 IU of Vitamin D-3 (one capsule). Source http://www.vitacost.com (Item # NSI 3005994).

Note in regard to vitamin D dosage: The range of vitamin D in total in Willy’s Baggie III should be in the neighborhood of 4000 IU a day. The Synergy 3000 multivitamin from http://www.vitacost.com contains 2000 IU of vitamin D. Thus I add more vitamin D. In the winter months, I sometimes add two capsules for a total of 6000 IU a day.)

Five: 30 mg. L-Optizinc (one capsule). Source http://www.vitacost.com (Item # NSI 3001095.)

Note on zinc dosage: The range of zinc in Willy’s Baggie III should be about 60 mg. The Synergy 3000 multivitamin from http://www.vitacost.com contains 30 mg. of zinc. Thus I add another capsule of zinc to bring the total of zinc up to 60 mg.

Six: Dr. Wallach’s Ultimate Mineral Capsules (one capsule). Source http://www.majesticearth-minerals.com/

This capsule contains trace amounts of many minerals that are simply not present in any other supplement in Willy’s Baggie III formula.

Oils and Fats:

Note on oils and fats: Some persons are not able to well handle as much fat as Willy’s Baggie III contains when it is taken all at one time. In such a case, some of the capsules listed below can be taken later in the day at a different time.

Seven: Coconut Oil (one capsule). Source http://www.vitacost.com (Item # NSI 3002191).

Eight: Evening Primrose Oil (one capsule). Source http://www.vitacost.com (Item # SRN 8000754).

Nine: Omega 3-6-9 (one capsule). Source http://www.vitacost.com (Item # NSI 3007585).

Ten: Krill Oil (one capsule). Source http://www.vitacost.com (Item # OLY 3030399).

Eleven: Carlson Cod Liver Oil (one capsule). Source http://www.vitacost.com (Item # CAR 5013027).

Free Form Amino Acids and Necessary Co-Factors when taking Free Form Amino Acids:

Twelve: Pure Form 21 Blend (fifteen capsules, 500 mg. ea.). Source http://www.jomarlabs.com (see https://www.jomarlabs.com/main/catalog.asp?featureid=1047).

Thirteen: WAC Formula Blend (seven capsules, 450 mg. ea.) Source http://www.jomarlabs.com (see https://www.jomarlabs.com/main/catalog.asp?featureid=1050).

Note on using Pure Form 21 Blend and WAC Formula Blend: Neither of these two blends will achieve the results that Willy and I are seeking on their own. We mix these blends together to achieve adequate results. We ALWAYS USE MORE Pureform blend than WAC blend when mixing these two blends together. A two to one ratio is a good starting point.

Note on dosing up with these two blends: I consider 15 Pureform and 7 WAC capsules as a starting point in dosage when using these two blends for any person that weighs more than 110 lbs. or so. (This was Willy’s and my standard baggie for years. I now call this a 15/7 baggie.) Some persons have found that they need more, or even much more, to achieve an adequate reduction of depressive, bipolar, or schizophrenic symptoms in themselves. I have had much personal experience with using 15/7, 20/10, 25/12, 30/15 baggies. I have also had much personal experience in using baggies that were even higher in their counts, and/or had more WAC in them than normal. Some numbers I have used in this regard are 30/30, 35/25, and 50/35. When using these higher counts, I often separate the amino acid capsules into powder, such that I can mix it with grape juice or some other juice and drink this amino acid suppplementation vs. swallowing handfuls of pills. Everything I have done amino acid-wise has helped me tremendously, as long as I took some form of carnitine and enough phosphatidyl choline at the same time (if not, I would get a serious headache, especially when using higher dosages).

Warning: WAC does contain tyrosine and phenylalinine, and can increase blood pressure. Monitor your blood pressure when using higher dosages, and work up in dosage for safety purposes.

Fourteen: N-Acetyl Cysteine (two capsules, 600 mg. ea.) Source http://www.vitacost.com (Item # NSI 3000609).

Fifteen: Reduced Glutathione Source (one capsule, 500 mg. ea.) Source http://www.vitacost.com (Item # JAR 1150398).

Sixteen: Taurine (one capsule, 620 mg. ea.) Source http://www.jomarlabs.com.

Seventeen: Tryptophan (one capsule, 500 mg. ea.) Source http://www.jomarlabs.com.

Eighteen: Acetyl L-Carnitine (one capsule, 500 mg.) Source http://www.vitacost.com (Item # NSI 3009411).

Nineteen: Phosphatidyl Choline (three capsules). Source http://www.vitacost.com (Item # NSI 3008155).

Twenty: Alpha Lipoic Acid (one capsule, 300 mg.) Source http://www.vitacost.com (Item # NSI 3001279).

Very Important, Important, and/or Helpful Nutrient or Supplement Co-Factors:

Twenty-One: Symbiotics Immune Formula with Colostrum Plus (two capsules). Source http://www.vitacost.com (Item # SYB 3040076).

Twenty-Two: NSI Resveratrol + Grape Seed & Red Wine Extracts (one capsule). Source http://www.vitacost.com (Item # NSI 3003068).

Twenty-Three: Jarrow Formulas Quercetin 500 mg. (two capsules for a total of 1000 mg.) Source http://www.vitacost.com (Item # JAR 1140528).

Twenty-Four: Elite-Zyme Pro Digestive Enzymes (two capsules). Source http://www.throppsnutrition.com/

Twenty-Five: Spirulina (three tablets, 500 mg. ea.). Source http://www.vitacost.com (Item # ETS 2125003).

Twenty-Six: Jarrow Formulas Yaeyama Chlorella (two capsules, 400 mg. ea.) Source http://www.vitacost.com (Item # JAR 1170037).

Twenty-Seven: Klamath Blue-Green Algae (two tablets, 500 mg. ea.) Source http://www.vitacost.com (Item # KLA 9000041).

Twenty-Eight: Milk Thistle (two capsules) Source http://www.vitacost.com (Item # NSI 3000500).


Based on what I have seen various versions of Willy’s baggie do over the years for Willy, myself, and a number of other persons I am convinced that pioneer nutritionist Adelle Davis was right years ago when she postulated “when healing, take the entire nutrient range all at once”.

Admittedly, there are “common needs” to do a number of other things in order to properly heal. Perhaps needless to say, it is always wise to strongly consider the need for allergic food avoidance, the need to correct intestinal dysbiosis, and the need to correct other common “gut problems” as well. These considerations all fall within the domain of “the standard practice of alternative medicine”.

Regardless of the above-mentioned “common needs” in which to heal, it is my opinion that when it comes to nutritional supplementation, very broad based supplementation (similar in scope and substance to what is proposed above) is a key part of “the right healing approach”. This “healing approach” applies to millions of persons who suffer from a myriad of illnesses, both physical and mental in nature.


Allen Darman

14 thoughts on “Willy’s Baggie III Was a Step Backward Willy’s Original Baggie Is Fine

  1. Alan

    I suffered from depression for years. I got better on its own as I aged (now 61) but it’s still there. I made my first anti-depression cocktail yesterday and I believe it is going to work for me. I slept like a baby last night, first time in months. At this point, I know I am not doing it perfectly but I will eventually get there. Like you, I believe in Dr. Wallach’s plant derived minerals and vitamins. I would like to stay in contact with you. Thank you so much for your work. I am bi-polar also and it takes one to know one doesn’t it? People who have never had depression have no idea the hell one goes through on a daily basis. I finally attempted suicide in 2004. The depression and life circumstances just eventually wore me down.


    George Snoddy

  2. Alan,

    My son is on an antipsychotic ‘Risperdal’ which increases phenalanine and tyrosine. Souls he take WAC with amino acids
    phelalanine and tyrosine?

    He needs to stop this dangerous drug.

    He has hypo adrenal/thyroid trouble from taking Zyprexa for 10 years.


    • Dear Fred:

      I see no problem whatsoever with your son taking WAC along with the Pureform 21 blend in a 1 to two ratio (Pureform ALWAYS being the largest amount).

      The wise approach is to dose up slowly over a period of days in regard to the two blends above. Other than perhaps vitamin C, these are the only two adjustable supplements from my experience. 7 or 8 WAC and 15 Pureform capsules is a good place to start, then 10/20, 15/30, etc. as needed to reduce any symptoms that may still be present.

      Willy’s baggie II may have been a better formulation than Willy’s Baggie III for schizophrenia. This was the baggie that resolved hearing voices symptoms within a matter of hours in a baggie that was heavily laden with Pureform 21 and WAC. It is also the only baggie formulation that hackers messed with when I tried to post it widely to the Internet.

      Many persons feel that a long slow taper is necessary to come off of antipsychotics. I strongly disagree as a result of seeing a person dump Zyprexa in a matter of days. Broad based amino acids in a Willy’s Baggie like approach replace the need for such drugs in an amazing short time. At least this is my opinion.

      Also please follow the Important Note in the above dated 10/11/2011: I consider the Truehope or Equilib supplement to be a much better base multi-vitamin/mineral preparation than the above. I also like the Ultra Source of Life vitamin used in Willy’s Original Baggie better than the NSI Synergy multivitamin in the above. For some this vitamin might be OK. It is always wise to try a few different multivitamins and see which one “feels better for you”.

      Your son should know on day one, two, or three if baggies are helping him in a big way or not. If they are, I suggest a trial of dumping the meds entirely to see what happens.

      Please read the blogs on Willy’s Baggie I, the Explanation of the Ingredients Used in Willy’s Baggie I, and the blog on Willy’s Baggie II, even if you use Willy’s Baggie III. Look for commonality of ingredients and thought.

      Sadly, many of the supplements in Willy’s Baggie may soon be taken off the free market by force of law due to Big Pharma bribery of the FDA.

      Never forget the extreme likelihood of multiple hidden food allergies, intestinal dysbiosis, and other malabsortive causes in regard to dealing with ANY mental illness, to include schizophrenia.

      Feel free to email me directly if you have any questions at allen_dar@yahoo.com and I will advise you to the best of my ability for free. I sure wish I was there in person to help.


  3. Alan,

    I forgot to mention that my son also had started taking
    as per Dr. Hoffer’s books 3000 mg No Flush Niacin and 3000 mg
    Vitamin C.
    He takes the anti-psychotic ‘Risperdal’ which he needs to
    wean off….dangerous on a long term basis.
    He also has cerebral allergies to foods..sugar, gluten, dairy
    which trigger the psychosis.

    Fred Karry

    • Dear Fred:

      My https://nutrientscure.wordpress.com/ site should be a gold mine of knowledge for both you and your son. This is due to the fact that everything I wrote in regard to bipolar disorder applies to schizophrenia. These are “twin sister illnesses” in regard to both their causes and corrections, despite the differences in symptomology.

      I used to hold Hoffer in high esteem. Almost ten years ago I realized his knowledge was weak, in part due to the fact he had no legal access to carnitine and free form amino acids in Canada. At least he tried… and he did his best with what he had to work with supplement-wise.

      Both Adelle Davis and I tried to repeatedly tell Abram Hoffer that it is not the best healing approach to use a few individual nutritional supplements when attempting to heal.


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