Big Pharma Is In Big Trouble If I Connect In NJ

Note: After this blog was written, I was given permission to formally attend Natural Solutions Foundation “2010 Health Freedom USA War Council”, and pay the entrance fee required at the door.  I pray that I succeed in getting the main messages that I have listed in this blog heard by all of the attendees to this conference.  All I can say here is that I will do my best in this regard.  Allen

Dear Friends:

I have made the decision to go to a Holiday Inn in Newton, NJ on January 2, 2010. This motel is where the Natural Solutions Foundation is having its “2010 Health Freedom USA War Council”.

This meeting is one restricted to only 30 paid attendees (at $150. apiece). I do not know if this conference is already filled, nor do I have the money to register for it at this time. I did fill out the registration form to attend, but rather than pay the fee required, I wrote a note to the Natural Solutions Foundation asking if I can pay at the door.

I am aware that I may not be allowed to attend this conference formally, as all of the slots available may be filled. I am also aware that I may not be allowed to attend this conference formally, as I am unable to pay for it until I receive my January SSD check, such that I will quite literally “be paying at the door”.

Despite the fact that I may not be able to attend the “2010 Health Freedom USA War Council” formally, nor sit and hear the presentations that may be given, I have made the firm decision to go to the hotel it is being held at in an attempt to provide input to its attendees. To this end, I will be bringing thirty to forty packages of literature with me, with the goal of providing these to all those that attend this meeting. I will also try to talk to some of the people attending this meeting, even if I have to do so by trying to “grab them in the hall”.

The key messages that I am trying to convey to this war council’s attendees are as follows:

1. Depression, even severe depression that has been longstanding, is profoundly treatable in an amazingly short time using a “Willy’s Baggie” supplement approach, coupled with some gut corrective measures and hidden food allergy avoidance.

2. Mania, even rather severe mania, is profoundly treatable in an amazingly short time using a “Willy’s Baggie” supplement approach, coupled with some gut corrective measures and hidden food allergy avoidance.

3. The hallmark schizophrenic symptom of “hearing voices” is profoundly treatable in an amazingly short time using a “Willy’s Baggie” supplement approach, coupled with some gut corrective measures and hidden food allergy avoidance.

4. My son Willy has generated a world leading recovery story from an ADHD diagnosis, classic bipolar symptoms, and weak and sickly childhood health. He did this with a “Willy’s Baggie” supplement approach, coupled with some gut corrective measures and hidden food allergy avoidance.

Willy’s amazing recovery was partially the result of a great deal of original discovery that I had made in regard to how to overcome bipolar naturally. (I made these discoveries between 1997 and 2004.) Willy’s recovery was also the result of an idea of his own, when he insisted in July 2004 “Dad, just put everything that helped you to recover from bipolar disorder together, and I will take these supplements all at once”. (I then proceeded to put about 65 capsules or tablets of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, and a myriad of other supplements in a baggie for Willy to take on his own. I also taught him about food allergies and gut flora, and gave him a bottle of probiotics to take on the side. The rest is history, as the following web address and pictures suggest:

5. Big Pharma, or some companies associated thereof, is (are) fully aware that my multiple original discoveries from 1997 until 2004, and my son Willy’s key discovery of “his baggie” in 2004, are an enormous threat to them. (These discoveries threaten the collapse of drug-oriented medicine as we know it today.)

Since I first widely cross posted Willy’s original recovery story to the Internet in June 2006, I have lost six different personal computers of my own to hackers and/or unusual disruption. I have also had three computers of various family members disrupted unusually as well. In addition to this, I have been recurrently disrupted on a very unusual basis while using various public computers in the public library in New Hartford, NY, and in the library of Hamilton College, in Clinton, NY. This hacking and/or unusual disruption of computers that I have been using since June 2006 simply has to emanate from Big Pharma (or a portion thereof) in some way… as no other explanation makes sense.

6. My life is on the line due to the fact that what I have learned threatens a great deal of power, prestige, and money. What I have learned threatens the power and prestige of thousands of persons (doctors and drug company employees). It also threatens a historical sum of money (many hundreds of billions of dollars would be lost if the truths that I know are heard by the masses).

To explain the above:

Alternative medicine in general knows that entire classes of medication are a hoax (cholesterol meds, high blood pressure meds, etc.).

However, I believe that the “hot button” class of medication that is destined to topple Big Pharma is the antidepressant class of medications. This is because antidepressants do not stand a ghost of a chance against a therapeutic dose of broad based free form amino acids (when they are used properly) if they were ever compared to such. An adequate therapeutic dose of (1) broad based free form amino acids of fifty grams or so, when (2) taken with a wide range of necessary or helpful nutrient and supplement cofactors, and (3) a little gut correction (often only a fiber purge is enough) simply blows the entire class of antidepressants away in regard to its power to get almost anyone out of a depressive state, no matter how longstanding or how severe. (Video evidence of the use of a Willy’s Baggie approach on a depressed population, when put on YouTube, and on national TV, would spell doom to Big Pharma… and they know it.)


My twelve year full time effort to topple “Big Pharma’s Big Lie” of treating nutrient deficiency and/or toxic syndromes with drugs may finally be coming to a head.

The above statement is true regardless of whether I am formally allowed the attend the “2010 Health Freedom USA War Council” or not. I will attend this conference “in the hall outside the door” if I have to.

If I make it to New Jersey in one piece (without getting hit by a truck on the New York State Thruway on January 1st), Big Pharma is in Big Trouble for sure. This is because the people attending this war council have the power to move my, and my son Willy’s, discoveries forward, such that they can help the entire human race. All that would need to happen when I arrive in NJ is for some of the people there to believe in what I am saying. (Incidentally, I am well at the moment, as I am “on baggies”, and I present a very powerful and credible story when I am well and I talk to someone “face to face”.)

My life is in Big Pharma’s hands, God’s hands, and the hands of my fellow human beings, at the moment. I can only pray that things turn out well.


Allen Darman

A last note: Boy, I should could use a little fiscal help. My battle with Big Pharma is hard to fight without adequate means…. and I have had inadequate means since August 2002, when my own money ran out.  I am currently homeless.  I am driving a car with 200K on it, and one with no heat or defrost.  (I cannot afford to fix this.  The best I can do is use gloves and long underwear when I drive anywhere.)  I am broke.  And I am operating on the sole source of income of an SSD check. Despite these multiple serious impediments, I am morally obligated to go to NJ and try to make a difference as per the copy above. I am not only desirous of making this war council meeting, I intend on going to Washington, D.C. fairly soon (in late January or February) in an attempt to influence the health care reform debate in any possible way that I can. If anyone that has been reading my egroup posts and blogs over the years truly believes in me and has a few dollars to spare, I would deeply appreciate a little fiscal help. I can accept donations via either snail mail, Western Union, or Moneygram. (I cannot use Paypal, Big Pharma took this option away from me.) My snail mail address is Allen Darman, 10 Burwell St., Little Falls, NY 13365. Western Union’s sending stations are all over, as well as they are on the Internet. Sending a Moneygram at a Walmart is about as easy as it gets. (Moneygrams are superior to Western Union, as they are less expensive and easier to effect. All I need to get from anyone who sends a Western Union Money Order or a Moneygram to me is their first and last name, and the reference number of the transaction on the receipt that they get. My email address of, or my phone number of 315-868-3417, are both ways to inform me of this.)

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