Bipolar Disorder A Yeast Called Candida And Hidden Food Allergies (10/15/2011)

Dear Friends:

I cannot imagine a case of bipolar disorder in which a gastrointestinal tract yeast called candida is not either a MAJOR or PRIMARY causative factor.

I cannot imagine a case of bipolar disorder in which multiple hidden food allergies is not either a MAJOR or PRIMARY causative factor as well.

My mother had bipolar disorder from age 37 onward. She had yeast and fungal issues for as long as I can remember. She had recurrent vaginal yeast infections, and she had fungal toenails for decades before her death in 2005. Her GI tract had to be loaded with yeast.

My mother also had multiple hidden food allergies as well. Her sister nearly died from an allergy to cow’s milk as a baby. (Goat’s milk saved the day.) My mother showed strong signs of being allergic to the gluten grains of wheat, oats, barley, and rye. She was most probably allergic to eggs as well. None of these food allergies was ever addressed in her life. By the time it became known that hidden food allergies cause manic depression, my mother would say “It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks”. (She was unwilling to relinquish her favorite foods; foods which were crippling her.)

I had bipolar disorder from age 11 until I began to get better at age 45. I had severe yeast issues as a young child that showed up as severe constipation and hard stools. I also had athlete’s foot for over a decade on an almost constant basis. (When one takes a shower, candida and other yeast/fungal issues get washed from one’s anus, and often “set up shop” in one’s feet and one’s toes.)

I quite literally passed out from a meal of powdered eggs and chocolate milk as a child. Despite this, the issue of food allergy in me was missed by my doctor(s). At about age sixteen, I self-discovered a mood problem the next day when I ate potatoes. As a result of first going on an elimination diet in 1999 at the age of 46 years old, I now know that the gluten grains, dairy, eggs, chicken, corn, peanuts, citrus foods, strawberries, and the nightshade family (potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers, and eggplant) are all problematic for me.

My son Willy had bipolar disorder, although he was never diagnosed with such (he was only diagnosed with ADHD). Willy regularly had candida overgrowth as a baby that showed up as reddened rash all over his legs and anal area. Wily also had severe constipation and very hard stools in his childhood years. Both are indicative of candida overgrowth.

Willy also has food allergies. He knows that he is allergic to eggs, and that pizza and ice cream cause him mood problems the next day, if he eats too much of them. Willy tested allergic to wheat in 1997 (Metametrix). It continues to amaze me how impartially Willy avoids what I consider “his allergic foods”, and yet generated the amazing ADHD/bipolar recovery story that he did. (Willy’s Baggies seem to have mitigated the food allergy issue in him a great deal.)

Every single bipolar person that I have known closely in my life shows strong signs of having candida overgrowth.

Every single bipolar person that I have known closely in my life shows strong signs of having multiple hidden food allergens.

Over the course of a decade I intentionally got well, and then intentionally got sick again, numerous times in order to learn what I could about manic depression such that I could better teach the world. IN EVERY SINGLE CASE OF MY BECOMING OPTIMALLY WELL, I HAD TO AVOID MULTIPLE HIDDEN FOOD ALLERGENS ***AND*** CORRECT THE BIOLOGY IN MY GUT (to include resolving candida overgrowth).

I have been certain since 1999 that every person with a bipolar diagnosis should learn about a yeast called candida, and how to correct for such in his or her self. (The Internet currently has a great deal of information in this regard.)

I have been certain since 1999 that every person with a bipolar diagnosis should learn about hidden food allergies, food sensitivities, and food intolerances, to include how to identify and avoid problematic foods. (The latter is done via an elimination diet, the gold standard for determining such. No food allergy test today is accurate enough to do this, despite the fact that many such tests are currently offered and available in the alternative medical arena.)

[When I did either a simple linking search using the words “bipolar candida yeast” or “bipolar food allergy” in the fall of 1999, I got zero hits. Contrast this with today. (It is a whole different story today. I was an early catalyst for change in this regard.) Now that the Truth is out on the Internet in regard to these topics, it is going to be hard for Big Pharma to put “the genie back in the bottle again”. It is going to be more than hard. It is going to be impossible, for “Seeds of Truth inevitably grow”.]

A doctor named Orion Truss first brought the issue of yeast (candida) to light in America with his book “The Missing Diagnosis” published in 1985.

Another doctor named William Crook, M.D. expanded greatly on the written work of Orion Truss and wrote volumes on both yeast and food allergies. Many of his incredibly insightful books can be found on

Both William Crook, M.D. and Doris Rapp, M.D. believe that hidden food allergies and candida are the two primary causes underlying ADHD. I firmly believe that these same two primary causes underlie bipolar disorder. I also believe that correcting for these two problematic issues is the foundation of correcting not only bipolar disorder, but a myriad of other psychiatric labels as well (to include schizophrenia).

A prolific alternative medical author named Sherry Rogers (M.D.) taught me that correcting the gut is not a one step process. Dr. Rogers postulated an 8R program of gut correction in some of her books. This eight step program is far more conceptually correct than doing only one or two things in which to correct the gut. Sherry Rogers also introduced me to the more inclusive term “intestinal dysbiosis”, which means “disordered biology” in the GI tract. (Intestinal dysbiosis includes candida, other yeasts, molds, and fungi, parasites, and “bad bacteria” as well. In essence, intestinal dysbiosis means flawed gut biology of any sort.)

Over the past decade, the Internet has become a huge resource in regard to learning about and correcting candida (candidiasis) and intestinal dysbiosis. Thank God for the Power of the Internet. It did what conventional medicine neglected to do, which was to educate the general public about candida and intestinal dysbiosis issues and their resolution (despite the fact that modern medicine wished to keep the public ignorant of such things).

Over the past decade, the Internet has become a huge resource in regard to learning about and correcting for food allergy, food sensitivity, and food intolerance. Thank God for the Power of the Internet. It did what conventional medicine neglected to do, which was to educate the general public about food allergy related issues and their resolution (despite the fact that modern medicine wished to keep the public ignorant of such things).

What the above means is that for persons to cure themselves of bipolar disorder, they would be wise to become familiar with some good candida and food allergy books and websites, and then successfully apply to themselves what they have learned.

Incidentally, the biggest suspect in regard to causing candida overgrowth is the use of antibiotics. Yes, candida overgrowth is iatrogenic. (In simple terms, iatrogenic means “caused by a doctor”.) Another suspect that causes candida overgrowth is drinking chlorinated water. In today’s world of toxic sweeteners foisted on an unaware public, another suspect is Splenda, which contains a chlorinated molecule in it.

It may be worthy to note that every single major pharmaceutical company in the world knows the essence of above, and has known the essence of the above for over a decade (as a result of monitoring the Internet and reading books). These people just don’t care. They would rather continue to make hundreds of millions of persons sick in a sneaky manner by promoting widespread antibiotics use, and ignoring the common problematic issue of food allergy. This makes them rich from maltreating (with toxic and expensive drugs) a wide range of psychiatric and degenerative illnesses; illnesses that are partly caused by antibiotics use by the patient years earlier.

Our own Federal Government is a partner to this crime against humanity, via its mandate that “only a pharmaceutical drug” can prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure all disease.

Sadly, the U.S. Government is an even closer partner to Big Pharma and conventional medicine than their mandate of “only a drug can cure”.

Now that it is known that nutritional supplements and dietary changes can cure mental illness, the FDA is currently proposing to over-regulate all nutritional and natural supplements that have come on the free market since October 15, 1994. (This over-regulation spells doom for many powerfully therapeutic supplements.)


I often speak of Willy’s Baggies in my Nutrientscure WordPress blogs. This broad based nutrient formula has helped my son, me, and some other persons a great deal.

The use of Willy’s Baggies can be an “incredibly effective shortcut” to correct depressive, ADHD, bipolar, or schizophrenic symptoms, even if a person does not correct their diet or their gut biology. (The therapeutic intervention of Willy’s Baggies is so effective in regard to depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, wound healing, and anti-aging that it threatens the collapse of drug oriented medicine. I am very lucky to still be alive.)

However, the use of Willy’s Baggies is not the entire answer to wellness. (This should be patently obvious.)

NEVER should the problematic issues of multiple hidden food allergies and flawed gut biology be ignored when dealing with ANY mental illness, especially those that I am most familiar with (depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia).

Allen Darman

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The above blog has easily found links to my son Willy’s amazing ADHD/bipolar recovery story. This story, and what we learned, ended the medical model for a myriad of psychiatric illnesses (if the Truth ever becomes known).


Note: None of what I write is copyrighted. Feel free to put this material on your website, spread it around to your Facebook and Twitter friends, and/or use it in any way that you wish. Allen Darman


22 thoughts on “Bipolar Disorder A Yeast Called Candida And Hidden Food Allergies (10/15/2011)

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  9. Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your website? My blog site is in the very same niche as yours and my visitors would truly benefit from some of the information you present here. Please let me know if this okay with you. Many thanks!

    • None of my material is copyrighted. You may use whatever I write in any manner that you wish, whether I get credit for it or not. Feel free to do as you wish with any material of mine. And Thanks! I appreciate anyone that spreads my written material around, especially my better pieces. In Spreading the Truth, you are doing both the World and me a favor! All the very best, Allen

  10. Wow, thank you so much for putting this out there!! I have battled profound mood swings all of my life, been prescribed every anti-depressant known to man and walked out of my doctors office a few years ago when he wanted to start me on bipolar medication. I somehow knew that it was something else and I too have made myself weel and sick again many many times according to what I was eating. I now taake a fungal detox daily along with probiotics and use raw unfiltered organic cider vingar (sometimes as an enema for ‘flareups’) Ad I am once again enjoying having control of my own mind 🙂 Thanks and God bless, keep searching for truth!

  11. Thank you for this interesting article. I was totally unaware that there was a link between bipolar disorder and food allergies, so thanks for bringing it up. My girlfriend has bipolar dissorder, so I decided to write about it to help me learn about the condition. I was looking for information about it hence the reason I stumbled here. I figured if I become better aquainted with it then I can be of more help to her. The more people who become aware of this the better, and I imagine it will help people greatly. She has food allergies so I’ll show her this article as it will make a lot of sense to her.

  12. Thank you for this interesting article. I was knowing that there was a link between bipolar disorder, yeast and food allergies. I also went to too many doctors it was the waste of time and money.
    How will someone not believe it. how will someone not agree with you. It is your 58 years experience and experience of many people. You have treated yourself and doctors failed. I am the most critic person on doctors.

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  14. I fill it is indeed a FUNGAL INFECTION, candida, and that the infection is due to nutritional deficiencies, especially zinc defiency and copper overload. Check out the book Why am I so tired… Zinc deficiency proliferates candida. Ther eis a doctor who feels that CANDIDA is the reason for cancer…fungal infection. Most bipolars die from other diseases…chronic infection.

  15. I am 63, and have suffered with food allergies and the resultant physical and mental afflictions as well. I, too, at age 40 discovered some of the causes and changed my diet. I realized that my entire family suffers from this but have been unable to convince them to change. I used to cry when I was young wishing someone could put me in a hospital and find out whats wrong with me. I was labled a hypochondriac. No one realizes how serious food allergies are and the myriad of serious diseases they cause. Thank you for your story.

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