Rep. Ron Paul for President (September 2007)

Dear friends:

Below is an email that I received from Rep. Ron Paul of Texas this morning. In case you are not familiar with this man, he is running for President of the United States in the upcoming election next year. Rep. Ron Paul is staunchly pro health freedom and pro health choice. Dr. Mercola of is for Ron Paul, as are many in the alternative health arena. Rep. Paul is the best shot that we have of restricting the FDA’s recent movement towards taking nutritional and natural supplements out of the hands of the general public, and putting these healing substances “only in the hands of doctors”.

I am voting for Rep. Paul, that’s for sure. An honest man in the White House… what a dream… it takes me back to the days of John F. Kennedy.


Dear Mr. Darman:

Thank you for taking the time to contact my office with your kind and supportive words. Thank you also for sharing with me the information about your son. It is reassuring and encouraging to hear from those, such as yourself, who understand the issues and the positive impact of a pro-freedom philosophy.

Such active citizen participation, as the founders well understood, is absolutely vital to our form of government and to the preservation of the liberty they entrusted to us.

As I serve in the 110th Congress, rest assured that I shall continue to take very seriously my oath to uphold the Constitution of limited federal powers and work to make ours the freest, and hence most prosperous and tranquil society in the history of mankind.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to communicate your thoughts. I always appreciate hearing from those to whom power is vested by our Constitution, “the People of the United States.”


Ron Paul


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