The Bottom Line Underlying Coming Governmental Censorship of the Internet (12-18-2011)

Dear Freedom Friends:

The bottom line underlying coming Governmental Censorship of the Internet, and the new NDAA law that results in locking up those of us that are using the Internet to Spread the Truth is this:

Just as many corporate entities and structures such as Big Pharma, Big Medicine, Big Agriculture, Big Food, Big Oil, Big Coal, Big Natural Gas, Big Nuclear Energy, Big Energy, Big Banks, the Federal Reserve, and Wall Street CANNOT STAND THE TRUTH BECOMING KNOWN BY THE MASSES…



I am a most assuredly a dead man (or a man locked away and silenced forever) at the hands of our own Federal Government, unless the Mafia (on behalf of Big Pharma) gets to me first.

I will have died (or be silenced) for Spreading Numerous Important Truths on the Internet.

All I ask as “my last dying wish” is that the OWS Movement Worldwide remembers Nicola Tesla, Royal Raymond Rife, Bob Beck, Jim Humble, Stan Meyer, Adam Trombley, Charles Pogue, Sherry Rogers, M.D., Gary Vesperman, myself, and many others of similar ilk (dozens of whom Gary Vesperman wrote about) this Spring.

Allen Darman


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***Important Note #4: Between the fact that Mafia and/or Big Pharma hackers have known all of my computer passwords for years, and the fact that our Government is likely to erase me from the Internet at some point in the foreseeable future, it would be wise for at least some persons in the World to print out a number of my blogs for safekeeping. This is especially true in regard to anything I ever wrote concerning my son Willy’s Miraculous Baggies, and everything I ever wrote on the topic of malabsorption (as some of these blogs concern healing knowledge/insight that cannot be found anywhere else).

***Important Note #5: By Xmas I intend on upgrading this blog to name by name, and by Great Idea, as many persons as I can from Gary Vesperman’s Compilation of 95 Energy Invention Suppression Cases. I also intend on naming other persons outside of this compilation, many of whom are in the alternative medical arena. (In my mind, anyone that had his or her life on the line for Humanity for “doing something good” that threatens the “corporations” in this past century ought to be at least named in this blog. Is there anyone I forgot? Please email me if you have any suggestions.


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