Hackers have knocked my laptop completely offline today as far as ANY emailing or blogging on nutrientscure dot WordPress dot com goes as a result of my blog titled “Energy Invention Suppression May Finally Be Ending; LENR Cold Fusion Is a Practical Reality!” being published in a respected alternative news source called Pakalert Press either yesterday or today. (1-23-2012 at 5:36 pm EST))

This blog was composed and posted using an HTC EVO 4G smart phone.


Laptop copy added many hours later than the above blog was posted… it is now 1:52 am 1/24/2012:

Dear Americans and the rest of the World:

From the morning when I got up and throughout a good chunk of the day, I was knocked offline from using my laptop to post ANY blogs, or send ANY emails, or use Facebook AT ALL.

This was a result of my Cold Fusion blog being published in Pakalert press… I am sure of this.

I gave up trying to email or blog after a few hours of trying, and went out on my bike to get some key (critical for my safety) things done.

When I came back after a few hours of being out doing some things, I was still *hacker blockaded*.

A few hours later, I was still hacker blockaded. I figured “Three Strikes, I guess my laptop access is toast”.

Finally a little after midnight tonight I checked and I was now able to use WordPress… this sure has been an odd and eventful day. (More details as I go along blogging-wise tonihgt.)

I admit that I was on the phone for quite a bit in the evening with various family and friends, as well as spent a few hours in my room *moving things around* so it would be less likely to die from a shot in the window, and take other security measures. (What the above means is hackers might have let up their eight or so hour blockade as much as five or six hours prior to my realizing it (that I could use my laptop again).

I know at this point that it is Critical I stay alive over the next few days at least to cement some Truths, and tie up a few loose ends blogging-wise.

I am going to give my enemies as little a chance as possible to get to me for the next 48 hours or so. I do not intend to leave my room at all for at least 18 hours. I do not intend to leave my room for the next week unless it is very brief and I have adequate reason to feel safe. (I have piss bottles, food, and equipment to even poop in my room without odor (plastic bags, water, tape, paper towels, etc.). This room has a strong steel bar on the door.

Don’t worry at all about my frame of mind or state of wellness. I am calm, cool and collected, and I am in a Great Place! Wow… My blogging has inevitably brought down my Enemies, it is only a matter of time… a time measured not in years, but in months!!!

The above statement is true whether I live though this or not.

I feel very content and peaceful and very close to God, the little piece of God we all have in us, tonight.

Link below added by laptop at 12:50 am EST 1/24/2012 or so:


Congress Declares Offensive War on the Internet in NDAA (An Article from Pakalert Press on 12-18-2011)

Tweetable Link of this Nutrientscure WordPress Blog: http://wp.me/pxy4W-169

***Important Note: I would deeply appreciate it if my Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Yahoo Group Friends would spread this blog amongst their Friends on the Internet. We are on the verge of losing Freedom of Speech on the Internet due to Government Monitoring and Government Censorship. And I personally may be on the verge of losing my Personal Freedom period within a matter of months. We need to use the Power of the Internet while Free Speech is still available to us to spread the Truths that this blog and its related links contain. Allen Darman***

Dear Freedom Friends:

The article that this blog is about is not my material. It is an article I got from a Great! Free Newsletter that I get from Pakalert Press.

The link to this article is below:

Congress Declares ‘Offensive’ War on the Internet in NDAA (Posted on truther on December 18, 2011)


I cannot recommend the free newsletter from Pakalert Press enough. (It is one of a number of Great Alternative News Sources on the Internet.)

Many of Pakalert Press’s articles are well written, insightful, truthful, and quite germane.

The Website for Pakalart Press is http://www.pakalertpress.com/


The bottom line underlying Governmental Censorship of the Internet, and locking up those of us that are using the Internet to Spread the Truth is this:

Just as many corporate structures such as Big Pharma, Big Medicine, Big Agriculture, Big Food, Big Oil, Big Coal, Big Natural Gas, Big Nuclear Energy, Big Energy, Big Banks, and Wall Street CANNOT STAND THE TRUTH BECOMING KNOWN BY THE MASSES – NEITHER CAN OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT STAND THE TRUTH (as it dances to the aforementioned Corporate Puppet Masters at all times).

I am a dead man (or a man locked away forever) at the hands of our Federal Government, unless the Mafia (on behalf of Big Pharma) gets to me first.

All I ask as “my last dying wish” is that the OWS Movement remembers Nicola Tesla, Royal Raymond Rife, Bob Beck, Stan Meyer, Adam Trombley, Charles Pogue, Gary Vesperman, myself, and many others of similar ilk (many of whom Gary Vesperman wrote about) this Spring.

Allen Darman

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