If I Have Said It Once, I Have Said It A Hundred Times In My Life–> “I Am As Indian As A White Man Gets” (5-4-2014)

If I Have Said It Once, I Have Said It A Hundred Times In My Life–> “I Am As Indian As A White Man Gets” (5-4-2014)


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From my reading encyclopedia sets, encyclopedia volumes, and various books as a child and young adult (I have been a Reader all of my life) I remember the following:

Native American Warriors were some of the best warriors on earth, despite only having bows and arrows and a few single Shot Spencer Rifles while facing pistols and repeating Winchester Rifles of the U.S. Calvary.  They were vastly outgunned, yet one Native American Chiefs was never defeated in battle. Geronimo! was a man that had the heart of a lion, the wisdom of an owl, the wings of an eagle, and a great deal of Native American knowledge and leadership skills to match. Men of his caliber are a true rarity today.

The top comment for this video on YouTube by Nick Nite is one I really liked!–>

Nick Nite 3 months ago

“We need a whole tribe of Geronimo’s today to turn this land to what it used to be before the white man destroyed it.”

I Greatly Respect the Native American culture.

Incidentally, I had “two real good Native American friends” in Council Bluffs IA when I was homeless there in the summer of 2012, both of which I hesitate to name.

These were “my Best Two Friends”, until the Mafia leaned on one of them heavily, and I lost him.

I fondly remember both of these men, and all of the Good Times that we had.

One of them taught me a Native American Warrior Sentence that I really liked.

He also taught me “How To Say It” in tone and inflection.

And he said “When You Say It, the Proper Way To Say It is With No Fear And A Big Smile”.

The Sentence was “Today is a Good Day To Die!”

I was told by this man that Native American Warriors uttered the above just before many of their battles with the White Man (the U.S. Calvary) that was robbing their land, slaughtering their buffalo and “just taking the Tongue or the Tongue and the Hide”, lying and making treaties with them and then lying again and breaking them, and raping and killing their woman and children when the men were away hunting buffalo.

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