An Email I Sent A Bipolar Researcher in February 2004 (3-27-2011)

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Dear Friends:

The following email was sent on February 29, 2004 by me to the head honcho (at the time) of the Stanley research organization, a man named Dr. Michael Knable.

For those not familiar with the Stanley research organization this organization’s formal title is the Stanley Medical Research Institute.

I used cut and paste to take the following description of from their website at

“The Stanley Medical Research Institute (SMRI) is a nonprofit organization supporting research on the causes of, and treatments for, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Since it began in 1989, SMRI has supported more than $300 million in research in over 30 countries around the world. It is the largest nongovernmental source of funds for research on these diseases in the United States.”

The email below, and all follow-up contact by me in the following months to the same person and/or organization, were unsuccessful. No medical researcher that I contacted over the years (there were many) was interested in what I had to say, despite the fact that “what I had to say” was quite germane to a real cure having been found.

A copy of my blog titled “Concepts and Ideas to Treat Depression Naturally (2003)” was attached to the email below. (This blog can be found at This material represented world leading understanding when it was written, and it is still quite valid today.)

Incidentally, what follows is not the only time I tried to make contact with medical research. I had tried to tell numerous doctors and various medical researchers FOR YEARS BEFORE my email to Dr. Knable (below) that I was in an incredible place… “I had essentially figured out the proper manner to cure both depression and manic depression”.


The following email is proof that for over seven years I have been making some rather extraordinary claims in regard to knowing how to cure depression (and bipolar disorder).

These claims have all been true. They were then, and they are now. Only now I know how to cure ADHD, schizo-affective disorder, schizophrenia, and many other illnesses too.

Incidentally, my son Willy’s miraculous Baggie came out of the wisdom in “Concepts and Ideas to Treat Depression Naturally (2003)”. Willy’s Baggie was only icing on the cake. It simply made it easy to implement much of the wisdom in “Concepts and Ideas to Treat Depression Naturally (2003)” for other persons that wished to follow suit.

[Soon I will tell my 80 gram broad based free form amino acid baggie story, and an older 120 gram broad based free form amino acid baggie story as well. These stories, along with hundreds of others, anecdotally PROVE (without a doubt in my mind) that a state of biochemical depression is “a broad based amino acid functionally deficient state” MORE THAN IT IS ANYTHING ELSE. (Quite obviously depression is a state of deficiency involving many other essential vitamins, minerals, EFA’s, and non-essential nutrients too. Biochemical depression is a chemical state with malabsorption and “too toxic gut contents” as givens attached.)]

I sure hope that the world hears me before it is too late.

Allen Darman

Title: A grant proposal from Allen Darman to Dr. Knable personally

Sent to:
Copied to:;
Sent on: Sun, February 29, 2004 11:06:24 AM
Attached: Concepts and Ideas to Treat Depression Naturally.doc (47KB)

Dear Dr. Knable:

I am the person that contacted both your organization
and yourself personally in May and June of 2003,
offering to assist you in regard to the understanding
and treatment of manic depression. You suggested at
this time that I consider applying for a grant from
your organization.

Please consider this my formal grant application,
despite the fact that it is rather cursory in nature,
and it is not being made through normal channels. I
ask for your patience and understanding in these

Please realize that (1) I am only a layman without any
medical or substantial educational credentials
whatsoever, and (2) due to unfortunate personal
circumstances I am under considerable time constraint
to make the March 1st deadline for such grants from
your institution for 2004.

The entire budget for what I am requesting of the
Stanley Medical Research Institute is quite simple and
reasonable ($2150) as follows.

Grant Proposal:

I would like to propose to the Stanley Medical
Research Institute that I be granted the funds for the

1. Funds to travel by my own automobile from Utica, NY
to Gaithersburg, MD

2. Funds to stay for a period of two weeks in an
Extended Stay America motel in Gaithersburg, MD

3. Adequate means to afford the supplementation and
dietary measures that would be necessary for me to be
able to intentionally induce and then fully correct
two states of severe bipolar depression via solely
natural means.

4. Funds for return travel from Gaithersburg, MD to
Utica, NY

5. A compensation to me personally of $500 for the two
week period reflected in point (2) above.

Costs of Grant Proposal:

Estimated costs for the above are $75 for item (1),
$750 for item (2), $750 for item (3), $75 for item
(4), and $500 for item (5).

The total estimated cost to do the above is $2150. I
am prepared to strictly adhere to this estimate. I am
also prepared to cover any additional expenses that
may be incurred to do the above out of my own pocket.

Time to Effect Above Proposal:

Both parties should agree in advance of the two week
period for me to come to Maryland and work with the
Stanley Medical Research Institute. There appears to
be no necessity to propose a firm timeframe in this
regard at this time. Assuming this grant proposal is
accepted, I do request a month’s notice in advance to
come to Maryland and do what I am proposing here, if
such is at all possible.

Reasons For The Above Grant Proposal:

I have gained profound control over depression in
myself. This control is discussed at some length in
the attached document titled “Concepts And Ideas To
Treat Depression Naturally”. I intend to adhere to
the concepts and ideas discussed in this document.

It is my belief that what I am doing to induce and
then treat depression in myself is very significant to
the general understanding and future treatment of
manic depression.

In proposing the above to the Stanley Medical Research
Institute, it is my intention to perform two trials of
intentionally inducing and then correcting severe
depression in myself. Each trial will take
approximately one week. I would like to perform these
trials in very close proximity to persons associated
with the Stanley Medical Research Institute. In this
manner a person or persons associated with your
institute could monitor these trials by meeting with
me periodically to assess both my current mood state
and what I am doing to change such.

For over four years I have been stating to many
parties that I believe that I have developed a very
solid understanding of both bipolar disorder and
bipolar depression. By using this understanding, I am
able to intentionally induce and then profoundly
correct severe depression at will in myself. To date,
my efforts to be heard in this regard have been
fruitless. Therefore, I am now offering to show
medical researchers involved in the study of bipolar
disorder the extraordinary degree of control I have
gained over depression in myself. My goal in doing so
is to give such researchers as much information and as
many clues as I can in regard to the true causes and
best corrections of a state of bipolar depression.

Honestly, it does appear possible to me that much of
what I am doing to treat depression in myself may
represent new and very significant discovery. Perhaps
medical researchers such your institute represents are
best able to determine this by witnessing what I am
doing to intentionally induce and then correct a state
of severe depression in myself.

It is my personal belief that anyone that is able to
personally witness what I am doing may never feel the
same about depression again. This is because the
degree of mood change that I can effect in myself in
an amazingly short time is both rather massive and
rather obvious to any person that may witness it.

Assuming that I am granted the above, during my tenure
in MD, I am also willing to fully reveal to anyone
associated with the Stanley Medical Research Institute
all that I know about the true causes and best
corrections of manic depression. This information
would include my possible discovery of “the nutrient
equivalent to lithium” and much, much else. This
knowledge was borne from both a great deal of effort
and great deal of experience. It is also knowledge
that I have spent perhaps $200,000 in aggregate in its
acquisition since my initial diagnosis of bipolar
disorder in June 1994.


Allen Darman

***End of email copy that was sent to Dr. Knable in February 2004***

A final note: I should perhaps mention that at least some portion of the drug industry most certainly read the email above on the day that it was written and sent. My Internet usage being monitored by drug industry funded hackers goes back to the fall of 1999, to the best of my suspicions. This monitoring began to occur as a result of the solid connection I had made between residual gut contents, gut biology, and depression beginning in August 1999 via the usage of high dosage bentonite and psyllium, followed hours later by juicing, a high dosage HSO probiotic, etc. (I am not going to digress in more detail, as this is too long a story to tell here.)

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Important Note: This material is not copyright protected in ANY way. Anyone and everyone may freely send this material to anyone they wish. In addition to this, anyone and everyone may put this material on their own website if they wish. Everyone has my signed complete and irrevocable permission in which to do so. Signed… Allen Darman and Dated… March 27, 2011.

Depression and Bipolar Disorder – Cured At Last! (August 2007)

***Note: As I read this material over in November 2010, I realize that I have been stuck for years in regard to proving what I know to the world, simply due to a lack of adequate means in which to do so. New discovery typically goes starving for years, until its truth and significance are recognized by many others, and adequately funded by some. Such is the case here. At least I am still alive to be able to do what I had intended to do three years ago… that is the one saving grace in this. Allen Darman***

Dear friends:

What follows is an egroup post that I made on the net recently, and have been continually upgrading since. I retitled this post, due the the fact it was significantly upgraded since I first wrote it. I would like to thank Dr. Sherry Rogers for this title, as essentially I am borrowing it from her book “Depression Cured At Last”. Without Sherry Rogers great insight and wisdom, I most certainly would not be in the place that I am now.

The first four paragraphs of this post go into “my being hacked problem”, as I was asked about this, and I thought it proper to reply.

The middle of this post involves some of my thoughts for the near future, as I travel out west to work with some folks, and stop and see a few along the way.

Most of the rest of this post involves a conceptual roadmap for dealing with depression naturally vs. using meds. It is my sincere belief that the copy that I have written in this regard “may be important to the entire human race”. It is almost certainly important to that portion of the human race that suffers from depression and manic depression (bipolar disorder).

The material below does represent a significant upgrade to a document I wrote years ago, titled “Concepts and Ideas to Treat Depression Naturally”. This document is all over the net. Simply “drop the quote marks”, and then add my name (Allen Darman) at the end of it, and do a Google search if you wish to see this. “Concepts and Ideas to Treat Depression Naturally” was a world leading degree of understanding when I wrote it in 2003, and it is still a very worthy read today. The document below represents the next generation of what already was a world leading degree of understanding in regard to treating depression via natural means. (No ego here, I am just being honest, as in truth I am a very humble man, and certainly one that is humble before God, Nature, and Mother Earth.)

Not only has my son Willy generated an amazing recovery story, as “a nobody” I have “cracked the mystery of depression and manic depression for the whole world”. This is way bigger than just “me”. It is enormous. I need all the help I can get, from as many human beings that will kindly give it to me, and in any fashion whatsoever. And I need all of the capable collaboration that I can get. And God, I need help, so that I can help many others. I hope that you can hear me.

As of this moment, the mystery of how to treat depression and manic depression properly in most persons so afflicted is over! Thank God. And thank my son Willy, as the baggie was his idea, not mine.


Allen Darman

As the copy below was initially only written as an egroup post, I would like to reserve the right to “polish it and amend it” over time. However, as it stands, the copy below is very likely to be found to be “more than OK” to get the job started that I intended it to start. The copy below may actually get the job done some day… the “job” being “to end much unnecessary suffering that depression and manic depression causes so many millions of people”.

Dear (name removed):

In regard to your question about how can I be hacked in a public library, I don’t know how “they” do this.

One of my “regular public libraries” for months last winter was the public library in New Hartford, NY. I had many “weird computer events” happen at this library last year, ones that I am certain involved hacking. Thankfully, another library at Hamilton College in Clinton, NY must have had “better protection”, as I was not hacked there at all. When I went back to the New Hartford public library from time to time last winter after my first hacking event (as it was so much closer for me driving-wise), weird things kept happening, no matter what library computer that I logged on to. After so many switches back and forth between these two public libraries, one in which I could work uninterrupted for hours on end, and the other in which I could barely open my mail without having “major weirdness problems”, I knew for certain that I was hacked again.

“They” also hacked three different computers I was using at home during this time, and I saw “weird events” happen on a number of other computers that I used as well (belonging to other people). And now, this computer that I am writing on has been hacked as well. (By “hacked”, I mean that somebody is “making choices based on my choices” while I operate a computer, blocking what I am trying to do in some way. This is nuts.)

All of this stuff has put me “between a rock and a hard place” as when I honestly report being hacked to the net, I lose a great deal of credibility with many people… perhaps this was “their” goal all along.

During the next few months, I am going to try to get some writing done in regard to putting a lot of my prior written work into some kind of a cohesive document that I can sell as a “book”. I need to eat… I’ve had to tough out some pretty lean times these past five years, after my money ran out in 2002 while “trying to save the world from depression and manic depression”.

Over the next few months, I am also going to try to work with a few people “one on one”, and try to work out any bugs in what I am proposing to be “effective healing methodology”.

My big lack here all along has been that I am not a doctor… and therefore “I simply have not had enough people yet in which to practice on”. Although I know that I have discovered “some great and simple truths”, truths that would be useful to millions, I still feel that I need to learn a bit more by working with a few other people.

I consider these next few months my “internship. I am not charging the people that I will be helping a dime. (You can gratuitously tip me if you want. I am so poor, I am not in a position to turn down a tip. These funds would only “help me to help others”, as I have been impaired in this regard for so long. I seek nothing for myself.)

My big question for those I help is”will you testify” on camera, such that others can be helped as well. This is the “real payment” that I seek, and we need to agree on this upfront.

I need a little bit of help from those I help, as I often live on “half of an SSD check”. I need (1) you to put me up in some way (I can’t afford housing, but I am happy with a tent or a couch), (2) you to cover your own supplement costs (as I am way too short $$-wise “to carry two” in this regard), (3) abide by what I advise (what is the point of helping you if you insist on eating pizza, will not drink vegetable juice, and will not take the supplements that I suggest, etc.), and (4) you allow me six to eight hours of time a day to work on my laptop as well (such that I do not lose too much time trying to help others with my written work). I will try not to be a burden on you in any way. I am here to help. And I wish to deeply apologize for the cigarettes in advance. (Although I feel the stress of “having the whole world on my shoulders at the moment”, I really have no excuse.)

It is almost certain in the months to come that I will be able to generate a few amazing anecdotal depression recovery stories. These stories should be similar in magnitude to the recent one of the depressed woman that I helped to get out of depression (and off ECT treatments) by the use of natural measures, and in only a single day.

I state the above in confidence. Why in confidence? A depressive state is not really that hard to treat, once one realizes the following:

(1) Longstanding depression ALWAYS involves a seriously malabsorptive state that needs to be “fixed” (of all of its common malabsorptive causes), as soon as it is practical or possible to do so.

(2) Longstanding depression ALWAYS involves a gut that needs to be “cleaned out”. (I learned this critical step from Dr. Sherry Rogers of, as one of the “R”‘s in her 8 “R” gut healing program was “R”emoval. Sherry Rogers was “my greatest teacher”; although I learned from many, no one else compared.)

(2a) A colonic or an enema might be very helpful here. The more putrid gut contents you can remove, the better.

(2b) It is wise to consider a dose of “high dose digestive enzymes” to chew up any stagnant under-digested contents in the gut.

(2c) It is wise to consider supplementing with both “high dose” magnesium and “high dose” vitamin C, the two “bowel loosening” nutrients, especially when constipation is present (and only one bowel movement a day represents some degree of constipation, as you should be having two or three).

(2d) It is wise to consider a bentonite and psyllium (or flaxseed) shake (P & B shakes), as clay is so unparalleled in purging a wide range of problematic things from the gut.

This point is very worthy of expansion.

I use what I term “high dosage bentonite and psyllium”, in order to correct a state of severe depression in myself as quickly as I can. (The time that I need to correct a state of very severe depression in myself is about twelve hours or so, assuming I start with an empty stomach in the morning.)

The use of “high dosage bentonite and psyllium” comes with a number of safety cautions. A person using such a methodology could conceivably end up dead, from bursting their small or large intestines, and the sepsis that results.

I can correct a state of severe depression in myself without using “high dosage bentonite and psyllium”. I can do this by using a lower dosage of bentonite and psyllium on a repetitive basis over a period of days in order to purge my gut, and “R”emove the bulk of its problematic contents. (Thank you again! Sherry Rogers, for teaching me this critical “R”emoval step.)

However, I don’t really need bentonite and psyllium at all to correct severe depression in myself. I can use some other gut cleansing methodology (such as lots of raw vegetable juicing, with lots of fiber, coupled with probiotics, anti-candida measures, etc.) to resolve a state of severe depression in myself naturally; it just takes me two or three days longer.

In regard to the use of “high dosage bentonite” ALL of the following safety points apply: (1) It is a must to” loosen things up in the gut adequately” before applying substantial pressure to the gut walls (the small and large intestines). Bentonite and psyllium shakes can apply a lot of pressure to the gut, especially to the colon, depending on the dosage. (2) It also would help to nutrify the gut walls first for a few weeks or so in order to strengthen them. I highly recommend Willy’s baggies for this. (3) It is “an absolute must” from the standpoint of safety to first remove any encrustation that you may have on your colon walls, using a series of colonics, a colema board, and/or other adequate bowel cleansing measures. (4) A “gut snapshot” (medical imaging) to check structural form and integrity (for strictures, etc.) is also very wise, if not a must, especially as one gets older.

All of the aforementioned safety steps should be done if you intend to use “high dosage bentonite”, as I do, when I feel I need it. A P & B shake trial, dosing up slowly over days/weeks for safety in order to find “the therapeutic dosage that your gut needs”, and one it can tolerate well, is a “must”; assuming you wish to amazingly shorten depression treatment time in yourself.

As with everything else, Educate Yourself! In regard to P and B shakes. is a good place to start.

(2e) An adequate amount of “good water” always is helpful to clean out the gut. What is adequate? Educate yourself; things such as this are rather easily found on the net.

(2f) Even eating a few apples, or some other fibrous fruits or vegetables in an adequate quantity will substantially help to clean out the gut.

This was the very simple methodology that my son Willy solely relied on these past three years “when he ate his allergic foods and he knew that he had messed up”. Despite Willy’s sole reliance on this simple gut cleansing methodology, he has generated what seems to be the leading ADHD, childhood bipolar, and sickly health recovery story in the world.

“An apple a day apparently does keep the doctor away.”

(Certainly, one does not need to do all of the above. They only need to do enough to “get the job adequately done”. My son Willy “proved this”.)

(3) Depression involves a state of fairly broad essential nutrient deficiency almost 100% of the time.

(4) Depression involves a state of fairly broad amino acid deficiency almost 100% of the time (and don’t forget to always take carnitine and phospatidyl choline when taking a therapeutic dose of broad based amino acids).

(5) Willy’s baggie, or a “conceptually close” rendition thereof, covers points #3 and #4 very well already, and this baggie could rather easily be improved upon to be “better than it is now”.

Based on what I have seen, I cannot help but feel that broad based nutrition taken all at once (nutrients work in synergy with each other, of course!) is going to inevitably change humanity’s understanding of what health, and health recovery is all about. Willy’s baggie was “an important accidental conceptual discovery for all mankind”. It is perhaps only a matter of a little more time before this truth is realized.

I welcome ” the world” to freely take what Willy and I have stumbled into as a result of his insistence of “only one supplementation a day”, due to having to hide what he was doing from his mother back in 2004. Broad based nutrition, as Willy’s baggie represents, when coupled with “gut correction”, food allergy avoidance, etc. is amazing in regard to its potential to heal.

And I welcome “the world” to improve Willy’s baggie ingredients such that they can do even more healing-wise. This would not be that hard to do, as I am not a doctor, or formally educated past high school. I am “only some dummy” that threw a lot of supplements in a baggie, based on my own personal experience with them.

(6) It would be wise to apply Robert Cathcart’s classic treatise on vitamin C ( to any state of depression, as depression involves excess toxicity in the body as well. High dose vitamin C is so effective at resolving this excess toxicity, as is lots of water. (Sherry Rogers says “one solution to pollution is dilution”.)

Worthy of note here is that this classic treatise by Robert Cathcart definitely applies to the faster resolution of a candida (yeast) die-off reaction, also known as a Herksheimer reaction, should you ever run into one. As an example, I don’t hesitate to take ten to fifteen grams of vitamin C right off the bat, and then three grams an hour thereafter, along with lots of water, when I run into die-off. (I don’t run into serious die-off anymore, not since using “high dose bentonite and psyllium”, which physically removes a ton of yeast from the gut. Bentonite might not get yeast roots, but it sure seems like it can get almost everything else.)

Every person on this planet would be wise to read and reread Robert Cathcart’s classic treatise on vitamin C, and then apply this knowledge to themselves, when need be.

(7) It is helpful to realize that in cases of severe depression, nearly one’s entire amino acid intake should consist of broad based free form amino acids. When a person is very depressed they cannot digest protein foods well (there is a 100% concordance here), such that much amino acid content in this protein food is lost in the toilet the next day.

(8) It is helpful to realize that to treat depression, the juicing of non-allergic organic vegetables, especially the greens, should really be considered “an absolute must”.

(9) In depression, both high candida and an inadequate supply of “good bugs” should ALWAYS be assumed as being present. Other intestinal dysbiosis issues may be present as well. (These should be dealt with, of course.)

(10) In depression, ANY solid food intake whatsoever should be supplemented with an adequate amount of digestive enzymes to “fully get the digestive job done”.

(11) In depression, ANY food intake whatsoever (solid or liquid) should be supplemented with vitamins B complex and C, the water-soluble vitamins that are easily lost, and that the cooking process destroys.

(12) In depression, if food intake shows any indication of “sitting in the stomach”, a “dose up trial” of HCL (stomach acid) is indicated. This can be easily be done by you at home; educate yourself.

(13) In depression, bloating is a malabsorptive indicator… and the more bloated you are, the more malabsorptive you are as well. (The causes underlying this bloating and malabsorption quite obviously should be identified and fixed.)

(14) It is wise to consider avoiding solid foods altogether for a while, and eat “a liquid diet” for a week or two, to take as much pressure as possible off of the gut walls (of both the small and large intestines). Doing so can dramatically shorten the healing time for “leaky gut”, especially when Willy’s baggies are taken daily as well (as broad based nutrition is needed to rebuild the gut).

(15) In depression, the “optimal target of bowel health and function” should ALWAYS be Bernard Jensen’s classic “three healthy bowel movements a day”, about a half an hour to an hour after every meal. Even getting to two healthy bowel movements a day would greatly help, and the bare minimum of one healthy bowel movement a day is almost a “must”.

(16) Autointoxication is ALWAYS present in depression. I am not going to explain this, as it is really “an absolute must” to read Bernard Jensen’s classic book “Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management” or it’s sister book “Dr. Jensen’s Guide To Better Bowel Care” to overcome depression in yourself; in fact, this is “STEP NUMBER ONE”. Bernard Jensen explains autointoxication far better than I can, and he uses pictures to help us better understand the gut as well. (Bernard Jensen’s books can be found by a simple “author search” on

(17) And lastly, some very good news… in depression, you only need to fix less than “one half of one percent” of your overall body chemistry in order to feel profoundly well, even if your state of depression was crippling, and bad enough to exhibit suicidal ideation.

I would like to introduce to the world “the principal of static vs. dynamic body chemistry”.

Most chemistry of the body is tied up doing other things, and it is not involved in the chemistry of mood; I call this “static chemistry”. There is only a very small portion of “fluid and dynamic chemistry” in the body that underlies one’s mood, one’s ability to function, and one’s ability to “feel well”; I call this “dynamic chemistry”. This chemistry represents less than one half of one percent of the total chemistry of the body, or even less. (I leave it up to science to determine the exact fraction here, but believe me, it’s not much. The world is going to be quite surprised at how little “dynamic chemistry” turns out to be.)

To gain profound relief from depression, you only have to fix your “dynamic chemistry”; the “the key one half of one percent” (and as Willy’s baggie proves, often you need to fix even less!).

I am going to prove the above to the world as expeditiously as I can. The big hold up here is not that I don’t know how to prove the above, it is just that I don’t have enough (any) money.


The entire drug industry is in real trouble when “the public wakes up”… and perhaps what I have written here will help to make this to happen.

Nutrients cure, but drugs never do. They only add to the toxic load of the body, while masking symptoms, which is never the best thing to do.

No antidepressant medication in the world can stand up vs. the onslaught of nutrition and other natural measures as outlined in the above material, or come even close.

As far as I am concerned, once the above conceptual roadmap is properly implemented on even a half dozen other persons, “all antidepressants are toast”.

The above concepts, once implemented successfully on a handful of other persons, and then put on “YouTube” as anecdotal success stories, spell the inevitable doom of the entire class of antidepressant medications.

God only knows how many other kinds of medications (that could easily be replaced with nutrients and other natural measures) will be doomed shortly thereafter.

Although the above material was written with depression in mind, every bit of it conceptually applies to the illness known as bipolar disorder or manic depression. It also applies to a myriad of other mental and physical mental illnesses.

Yes, essentially, we are dealing with a foundation therapy to recover human health.

“Get “broad based nutrients” in, while resolving all common blockages to their delivery (in regard to malabsorption), and then let God do the rest as far as healing is concerned.”

Nutrients are God’s chemistry. Drugs are man’s. Which should you choose? Forget what the doctors say; no toxic drug can rebuild human health. (And all drugs are toxic, didn’t you know?) On the other hand, nutrients are biologically obvious, and they are “just plain common sense”.

Why monkey with only a few neurotransmitter levels to relieve depression by using toxic drugs?… when the use of broad based nutritional supplements and other natural measures can so readily improve the levels of them all? What a scam the drug companies have pulled on us, out of greed. Amino acids are what 99 out of 100 neurotransmitters are made out of; nutrients for depression were an answer that was simply too obvious to be ignored.

Sadly, the drug industry ignored the biologically obvious in the interest of greater profits, no matter how much suffering or death this caused to other people. (Depression and bipolar disorder most certainly cause suffering and death, and they do so to millions.) Big Pharma should be ashamed for what is has done to people that suffer from depression and manic depression. Big Pharma should also be held criminally liable “in a very big way” some day, even more so than “big tobacco” was years ago, when it lost billions in a court of law.

In my opinion, one definition of evil is to choose profit over the health of others, especially when those who are doing so know that “they are wrong”. Big Pharma is clearly evil, as they are doing just this. They are touting a myriad of medications for depression, while ignoring some rather obvious “real answers” that would fully resolve the very same. “Don’t go off your medication” they tell us. What a big lie.

Big Pharma is also pro-actively trying to “stop the truth” from coming out as well. I should know, as I am a victim of this, as much trouble as I have had staying online and/or “keeping computers working” in the past fifteen months or so. (This all started when my son Willy’s recovery story was originally posted to the Internet in June 2006.) Suppression of truths that would greatly help human health in the interest of profit retention is evil as well.

Incidentally, I am not the only party in the alternative medical arena that has been hacked or otherwise harassed over the Internet. Mike Adams of (a great site), and Dr. Rima Laibow of the Natural Solutions Foundation have claimed this as well. However, no one has been hacked nearly as much as I have, to the best of my knowledge. This does not surprise me. Big Pharma knows that what I have learned could hurt them. They also know how immediate this hurt might be. The drug industry would sure love to see me dead “tomorrow or the day after”.

From this point onward, the drug companies and the doctors that “treat us with drugs, and only drugs” are guilty of “crimes against humanity”. The conventional medical model has been “proven” wrong in regard to the treatment methodology that it is using to heal, by both my recovery and that of my son Willy’s, as well as by the natural recoveries of many others. Yet Big Pharma, and the doctors that represent them, keep promoting toxic (and sometimes very addictive) substances to the general public. They represent drugs as “the only healing answer”, and often an answer that is necessary for rest of one’s life. What an enormous “big lie” this is. Many of the TV ads I see use the line “Trust your doctor. He knows what medication you need”, or something similar. What a crock. They have got to be kidding. How stupid do they think we all are?

All I have to say to the drug companies is “bye bye tens, if not hundreds, of billions of dollars. Unless you can legally take nutritional supplements away from the general public fast enough, nutritional supplements and other natural measures are destined to replace your many of your toxic medications”.

I have some good news for you. That news is that the drug companies and the doctors are not going to get away with the sinful absurdity of ignoring the role of nutrients in healing much longer. What I will be putting on YouTube and other video sites within a matter of months in regard to the effect of nutrients on depression is going to burn the drug companies to the ground. And it is going to bring the the doctors, and any other people that promote their poisons, down as well. Great shame is soon going to befall the entire medical profession. And tens, if not hundreds, of billions of dollars of lost income will inevitably follow.


Allen Darman


“Hearing Voices” Remission Within Hours From Supplement Use (March 2009)

Dear friends:

In January, I amended Willy’s baggie formula to try to improve “the quickness of its effect” on the symptom of hearing voices.

The main changes that I made to Willy’s pre-existing baggie formula was to boost the Pureform and WAC amino acid blend content a little bit, and to substantially boost various glutathione precursors in Willy’s baggie, as well as to add some glutathione itself.

Another change that I made to Willy’s pre-existing baggie formula that may have made a significant difference is that I added a capsule containing many of the minerals found in the human body in very small amounts. (I used a mineral preparation based on the wisdom of Dr. Joel Wallach, the author of “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie”.)

The person that was taking Willy’s baggies to treat “hearing voices” symptoms in himself (as per the prior blog on my Yahoo 360 site) is now stating that instead of these baggies taking a handful of days to work, he now reports that “hearing voices” remission in himself was achievable within a matter of hours.

I cannot help but think that something toxic causes “hearing voices” symptoms… and that whatever the source of this toxicity, it can be rather readily cleared up with the proper use of healing nutritional supplements.

The correction of “hearing voices” symptoms within a matter of hours via the use of supplements may represent a huge breakthrough in the understanding and treatment of both schizo-affective disorder and schizophrenia.

I hope to be able to put this entire story of the remission of “hearing voices” symptoms on the Internet by no later than late March 2009. I expect to be doing this in both written and video format. (As my time and computer access allows, I will post some material in this regard prior to late March. The first material I will be posting to the Internet will include the exact content of “Willy’s baggie” as it stands at the present time.)

I am of the opinion that “we” (those of us taking baggies of broad based nutritional supplements and learning from doing this) have not only cracked the mystery of bipolar disorder for the entire world, when what we are doing is coupled with some basic knowledge in regard to the gut and malabsorption “we” have cracked the mystery of schizophrenia as well.

All the very best,

Allen Darman

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A Real Cure For Schizophrenia Has been Found! (March 2009)

Dear friends:

A better natural answer to correct depressive, bipolar, and schizophrenic symptoms than has ever been discovered thus far has recently been found.

As a result of varying degrees of contribution from three laypersons, a powerful and amazingly fast-acting “natural chemical answer” in which to resolve the schizophrenic (and schizoaffective) symptoms of “hearing voices”, hallucinations, and depression HAS FINALLY BEEN FOUND. This occurred between mid-November 2008 and early March 2009.

I, Allen Darman, am one of the laypersons referred to in the above.

I should get the credit for knowing what to put in “Willy’s Baggie” (and now “Willy’s Baggie II) as a result of my own personal experience with using a wide range of nutritional and natural supplements beginning in September 1997.

My son William (“Willy”) Darman, whom first came up with the idea of “Willy’s Baggies” of supplements in July 2004, and now realizes that “Willy’s Baggie II” is much better than our original formula, is another person that should share in the credit of how to resolve schizophrenia naturally.

My son Willy should get this credit due to the idea that he had in July 2004 of combining a very wide range of nutritional and natural supplements together and then “taking them all at once”. I would have never done things this way. Willy “hit a home run for the entire world” when he insisted on using this supplement approach. Without this original idea of his, “nothing would have happened”. Willy clearly invented what I call “Willy’s Baggie”, and he should be given credit for this. (Note: “Willy’s Baggie II” has replaced this original baggie.)

An anonymous man in Ohio has taken about fifty “Willy’s Baggies” of varying ingredients and broad based amino acid content since November 2008. He is the third person involved in cracking the mystery of how to properly treat schizophrenia for the world. (I do not feel comfortable naming this man without his notarized written permission. I have suggested that if he wants to go public with who he is and what has happened to him that he go on YouTube and tell his story to the world.)

This man discovered that fully overcoming the schizophrenic symptoms of “hearing voices” and “seeing things” (hallucinations) can be readily achieved simply by the use of a wide range of nutritional and natural supplements. Such symptoms can be resolved within a matter of hours to a matter of days, using no medication whatsoever; despite the fact such symptoms may have been quite severe. This man should get credit for these discoveries. (Without his input on these topics of what helped him, “by how much”, and “how fast it took for such help to fully correct his symptoms”, I would not have yet known what I needed to know in order to write this blog.)

This man also discovered that substantially higher broad based amino acid dosages than that contained in Willy’s original baggie were needed in order to achieve significantly better and much faster acting therapeutic results. He feels that roughly forty (40) to fifty (50) grams a day overall of “free form amino acid component” is the right neighborhood in which to achieve the best therapeutic results.

This man has essentially told me that he feels that if he has “Willy’s Baggie II” in a forty to fifty gram dosage range to take on a daily basis he will never need any psychotropic medication to control his “hearing voices”, “seeing things”, and depressive symptoms for the rest of his life. He has also had VERY substantial success in fully controlling his symptoms while taking “Willy’s Baggie II” with a free form amino acid loading that was only about twenty-five grams or so.

This man’s discovery of higher amino acid need in the forty (40) to fifty (50) gram range is essentially a re-discovery. Over nine years ago I discovered that about fifty (50) grams a day of broad based free form amino acids taken on a daily basis was CRITICAL to the proper resolution of a state of chronic and serious depression in myself. I also realized over nine years ago that this need for high dosages of balanced broad based free form amino acids in the fifty (50) gram range applied to tens of millions of other depressed persons, and not just myself. At this point in time I did not realize that this kind of balanced broad based free form amino acid dosage taken on a daily basis was THE CRITICAL MISSING KEY to properly resolving schizophrenic symptoms as well. Over the years, I began to suspect such. AS OF MID-JANUARY 2009 I KNEW FOR A FACT THAT THIS SUSPICION WAS “DEAD ON THE MONEY”.

The natural chemical answer that we three persons have co-discovered to treat schizophrenic symptoms involves the use of NO MEDICATION WHATSOEVER.

The natural chemical answer that we have co-discovered MAKES ALL ANTI-PSYCHOTIC MEDICATION OBSOLETE.

The natural chemical answer that we have co-discovered ALSO MAKES ALL ANTIDEPRESSANT MEDICATION OBSOLETE as well.

The natural chemical answer that we have found also heals much more than schizophrenia and depression. It heals bipolar disorder and many other “psychiatric labels” as well. It may heal, or greatly help to heal, illnesses with names such as alcoholism, MS, fibromyalgia, cocaine, and heroin addiction as well.

Willy’s Baggie II may be looked at AS THE MOST IMPORTANT HEALTH DISCOVERY IN HUMAN HISTORY SOME DAY. (There is no doubt about this in my mind.) It is far bigger than the discovery of antibiotics. (This assumes that Big Pharma does not successfully bribe lawmakers in the U.S. such that “critical healing nutritional supplements are taken away from us”.)

As rough as it is (it could easily be improved), “Willy’s Baggie II” is my best current rendition of what a broad based supplement regime for depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia should be. (Admittedly, “Willy’s Baggie II” will continue to improve over time, just as Willy’s original baggie did.)

A number of other persons have taken “Willy’s Baggies” since they were first invented besides us three persons as well. To each and every one of you that did this, I wish to say “I thank you from the bottom of my heart”. I learned something of significance from every one of you. You all should get credit some day for what you did to help me develop critical health knowledge for the entire world, regardless of how many baggies that you took after “that first one”, or whether they worked out for you or not. (Some people that failed on Willy’s baggies needed some “gut work” and/or “diet work” for Willy’s baggies to work. In addition to this, earlier versions of Willy’s baggies were not as good therapeutically as Willy’s Baggie II is.)


Not recognizing the need in those with severe psychiatric symptoms for balanced broad based free form amino acid supplementation in the forty to fifty gram range (about) is destined “to hang conventional medicine” in “the court of public opinion”. How could something this biologically obvious have been ignored for so long?

Not recognizing the need in those with severe psychiatric symptoms for balanced broad based free form amino acid supplementation in the forty to fifty gram range (about) is destined to topple drug-oriented medicine some day.

The general public will not stand for the fact that depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia could ALL HAVE BEEN CURED, IF ONLY THE BIOLOGICALLY OBVIOUS WAS ADDRESSED… instead of the prescription of drugs, drugs, and more drugs… simply for the sake of the money being made.

Not recognizing the need in those with severe psychiatric symptoms for balanced broad based free form amino acid supplementation in the forty to fifty gram range (about) is also the reason that a great deal of alternative medical knowledge is both erroneous and obsolete as well. (A good deal of pre-existing alternative medical knowledge was erroneous and obsolete nine years ago, as a result of what I had self-discovered about how to treat a state of depression properly.)

Alternative medicine has defined a number of natural chemical answers for schizophrenia over the years. Two doctors that were involved in this were Dr. Abram Hoffer (now retired), and Dr. William Walsh. As of March 2009, the natural chemical answers that Dr. Abram Hoffer and Dr. William Walsh have found in which to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression are obsolete. (Only parts of these two doctors answers are not obsolete. On the key topic of what to supplement with their answers are obsolete.)

Older medical truth, both conventional and alternative, may hold up quite a bit longer. New medical truths of any sort traditionally take decades to replace older ones. Such may be the case here.

Regardless of any delay involved, it is my belief that the discovery of “Willy’s Baggie II” and it’s effect on schizophrenic symptoms most certainly means that Big Pharma, as we know it today, IS DOOMED.

Allen Darman

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Concepts and Ideas to Treat Depression Naturally (2003)

Concepts and Ideas to Treat Depression Naturally (2003)


The document following this introduction describes what I had discovered years ago in regard to treating depression naturally.

This knowledge was actually generated about three years before the 2003 date reflected on the document below.

I had my first “miraculous correction” of depression by the use of natural therapies in August of 1999. In August 1999 I resolved a two month long severe depressive state in a single day. I did this by the use of a high dose bentonite and psyllium purge, followed a handful of hours later by high dose probiotics and raw vegetable juicing.

Throughout the fall of 1999, I intentionally induced and then corrected at least a dozen states of serious depression using the knowledge I had stumbled into in August. These trials as “a guinea pig for the world” were performed for the purpose of learning, or for the purpose of validation (as best as I could) of what I had already learned.

In February of 2000 I added broad based free form amino acids to what I was already doing to correct depression naturally.

By April 2000 I had worked out the details of what I was doing to correct depression in myself to the point where I felt obligated to write Dr. Abram Hoffer (the longstanding leader of orthomolular medicine, now retired) and tell him that “I had hit a home run for the whole world”. By this I meant that I knew that I had stumbled into the most advanced understanding on earth of how to correct a state of depression naturally (in most so afflicted).

Unfortunately, Dr. Hoffer could not accept what I had to say in the above regards, such that appropriate action was taken. What I was representing to him, although I knew it to be true, was just too far fetched for him to believe.

Since April 2000, I have intentionally either induced or aggravated perhaps close to a hundred episodes of depression in myself, and then corrected them naturally. My average time of correction of a depressive state in myself is about a half a day (twelve hours). This is true even for depressive episodes that are longstanding (months), or are deep enough to involve suicidal ideation.

For about nine years I have known deep in my heart that I have learned a number of things about the correction of depression that are important for the whole world. I have made repeated efforts to be heard in this regard. However, I have yet to find the colloboration or support that I seek to see that this knowledge moves forward as it should.

What I have learned in helping my son Willy to recover from childhood bipolar disorder improves on what was already a world leading degree of knowledge in regard to how to correct depression naturally. Willy’s baggie of synergistic nutrients represents a substantial improvement to my prior knowledge. I now use baggies to treat depression in myself, in combination with a number of gut correction and dietary measures as discussed in the material below.

I don’t have the computer time to write a new document that contains all that I know of how to correct depression naturally at this point. However, it would not be that hard for someone to take the knowledge in the document below and merge it with knowledge contained in some of my more recent material in regard to my son’s recovery (and his baggie of synergistic nutrients).

In my opinion, the merge of Willy’s baggie with concepts in the material below (and some of my other written work) represents the highest degree of knowledge on the planet in regard to understanding and/or treating depression naturally (in most persons that are so afflicted).

Hopefully, my son Willy’s miraculous health recovery will help the world recognize “the great healing truths” contained in my prior written work. If the world “cannot hear my son” as well, then perhaps some day the world will be able “to hear the man in Ohio” that discovered that what Willy and I were doing to supplement ourselves could rather immediately resolve the schizophrenic symptoms of “hearing voices” and “seeing things”.

I pray that someone in this world with adequate means to effect change will read this material, believe what I am truthfully saying, and then take appropriate action. (I do not have the means to move the truths contained in this blog forward, such that they could help millions of persons, as I know they should.)

Allen Darman

Concepts and Ideas to Treat Depression Naturally (2003)

By Allen Darman

The following material regards the use of amino acids and other natural measures to treat depression. Additionally, it discusses concepts that are often germane to the treatment of a depressive state.

The concepts and approaches suggested in this material certainly do not apply to everyone suffering from depression. However, many of the concepts and approaches discussed below may be germane to many, if not most, persons in a depressed state. These concepts and approaches certainly apply to myself. They have also applied to every one else that I have treated for depression (admittedly only about six persons).

Currently the medical model almost summarily uses various antidepressant medications in to treat depression. Simplistically stated, these medications operate to increase availability of, or the usage of, certain neurotransmitters in the brain such as serotonin and/or dopamine. They do so to alleviate the symptoms of depression.

Many orthomolecular and naturopathic practitioners and books extol the use of 5HTP or the amino acid tryptophan to order to increase one’s serotonin level, and the use of the amino acids tyrosine, phenylalanine, or both to increase the dopamine level in the brain. They recommend this for the treatment of depression. Certainly, these amino acids, taken along with the necessary vitamin and mineral cofactors, do exactly as intended, which is to increase serotonin or dopamine in one’s brain. And certainly, doing so often substantially alleviates the symptoms of depression.

The substitution of antidepressants that work on the serotonin or dopamine axis with nutrient precursors that do the same represents “an allopathic conceptual approach” to depression.

However, depression, far more often than not, is not simply a lack of serotonin or dopamine or both. This is true even if raising the levels of one or both of these two key neurotransmitters often brings substantial relief to this state of mental and physical dysfunction.

Depression, far more often than not, is a broad deficiency state across most, if not all, of the entire neurotransmitter range… and there are about 100 known neurotransmitters. Once depression is recognized as such, it is profoundly treatable in an amazingly short time.

Incidentally, stress is often blamed for the onset of a depressive state. This fact skews the real truth here. It is simply the fact that stress is very biochemically depleting, and therefore depression is the end result. A depressed person is just not getting enough nutrients in which to deal effectively with stress as a result of malabsorption, an inadequate diet, or both. A nutrient replete person can deal with a rather inordinate amount of stress, even if this stress is felt on a chronic basis. However, as soon as a person under chronic stress falls short in the nutrient department, depression is the inevitable end result. And despite the same stressors being present, as soon as this same person under great stress becomes nutrient replete again, they are no longer depressed in any degree whatsoever. This I know for a fact as a result of hundreds of informal self trials of inducing and then correcting depression in myself within the past four years, and as the result of a great deal of research and other experience.

In my recovery from manic depression, I began to use tryptophan, tyrosine, and phenylalanine in mid 1997, with very substantial and positive mood effect. I initially used tryptophan, taurine, and GABA daily for brain inhibition and to assist with sleep (this regime is very similar to what Julia Ross suggests in her book “The Mood Cure”). I also used the key nutrient combination of 500 mg. of L-carnitine in the morning and phosphatidyl choline throughout the day to slow the spontaneous rate of neuronal firing in my brain, an effect that was very similar to lithium. In addition to this, to treat depression in myself I used both tyrosine alone and/or a tyrosine/phenylalanine combination on a fairly regular basis from May 1997 until February 2000. The use of tryptophan, tyrosine, and phenylalanine did substantially help me to alleviate depression in myself, and I learned a great deal from the use of these amino acids.

I later found that just increasing my serotonin and dopamine levels, as helpful as this was to my mood and well being for a few years or so, was a rather weak approach to treating depression in both myself and other persons vs. increasing the levels of all of my neurotransmitters all at once.

One must realize that out of the roughly 100 known neurotransmitters, 99 of them are amino acid based, and the key exception here is acetylcholine. Assuming that all of the vitamin and mineral cofactors are present for all neurotransmitters to be produced, the entire amino acid range, choline (or phosphatidyl choline, it’s more active form), and L-carnitine (an often key accessory nutrient) represents precursor loading of the entire neurotransmitter range, for all ostensible purposes.

In February of 2000, I began to experiment with taking broad based amino acids, rather than simply taking a few individual ones to treat depression in myself. Almost immediately, by a process of trial and error, I found that a mixture of two readily available blends of amino acids, along with added tryptophan, carnitine, phosphatidyl choline, and vitamins B complex and C, would boost me out of any degree of depression that I was in and/or keep me out of depression entirely if I took it in adequate quantity often enough.

Specifically, the two blends of amino acids that I am referring to here are Pure Form 20 and WAC blend from After trial and error of a number of Jomar Laboratories blended amino acid products in early 2000, I settled on a 50/50 mix of these two specific blends to affect mood change in myself. [Years after this blog was written I found that a 50/50 mix was not the best mix for many. Most persons do better on a 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 mix, Pure Form always being the larger amount.] These two blends are quite reasonable in cost, reasonable enough for most persons to be able to afford in quantity. Pure Form 20, which is 20 different amino acids, costs only $11.00 for 125 500mg caps, $38.60 for 500 500 mg caps, and $120.60 for 1000 grams (one kilogram) of powder. WAC blend costs only $28.30 for 505 450mg caps. or $88.00 for 1000 grams (one kilogram) of powder. I would commonly get a kilogram of each blend in either powder (the powder does not taste too good! yuck!) or capsule form and take between 30 and 50 grams or more in total of these blends on a daily basis (15 to 25 grams of each blend). To these amino acid blends, I would add some tryptophan, for which I had a prescription, and ALWAYS add carnitine and phosphatidyl choline as well (if I did not add choline I would get a bit of a headache if I took too large a dosage of these two blends). I would also always take vitamins B complex and C at the same time, along with lots of water.

The effect of my using the broad based neurotransmitter precursor approach discussed above on my mood and well being was, and still is, absolutely awesome!, compared to my prior approach of just using tryptophan, tyrosine, and phenylalanine in order to effect mood change in myself.

A crucial catch to my taking amino acids and other nutrients orally in order to change my neurotransmitter levels was that I had to be adequately absorptive in my gut for enough nutrients to be absorbed. Being adequately absorptive in the gut is not always the case in a person that is depressed. The reverse here is almost invariably true in myself, i.e. when I have become depressed, I am seriously malabsorptive as well. Depression and a serious degree of malabsorption are nearly synonymous.

As the result of literally hundreds of informal self-trials since late 1997, I have found that the absorptive rate in my intestines could, and often did, vary widely from day to day and week to week,depending on a number of common variables (and I have become very familiar with them all). I have found that a serious degree of malabsorption in myself can be rather readily corrected, once I learned what to do in this regard.

To give the reader a bit better idea here, on a scale of one to ten, I could, and often was, absorbing a degree of “8” one day (good) and a degree of “3” the next (poor), and vice versa. Even a single exposure to a rather small amount of a food that I was allergic to could substantially impair my intestinal absorptive ability for days, assuming that I did not recognize this and intervene. I also learned that if I was bloated in my abdominal area to any significant degree, it meant that I was malabsorptive to some degree… and that the more bloated I was, the more malabsorptive I was as well. In addition, I learned that if I was exposed to a lot of allergic food, that I could quite easily get to the point where I could not even absorb water well, much less almost any nutrients at all, until this situation was resolved. And lastly, I learned how to massively correct my nutrient absorptive rate within a matter of hours.

Once I learned how to correct my nutrient absorptive rate within a matter of hours, I could effect absolutely profound change in my mood and well being a handful of hours after this as well, as I could get a high quantity of essential nutrition into my body. I have found that it does not take the brain that long to build a lot of neurotransmitters, once it has adequate nutrient raw material to work with. Even four or five hours can be extremely significant in this regard.

Once I put the above concepts together, I realized that I had gained complete and profound control of any and all states of depression in myself, as well as I could avoid such states entirely if I so wished to do so. This is a fact that has been true for over three and a half years. It is also a fact that I fully expect will remain so for the rest of my life, as long as I have access to the supplements discussed here (which is sometimes not the case due to inadequate fiscal means).

I can quite literally correct a state of very severe depression with suicidal ideation in myself within a single day. I have intentionally induced and then corrected such a severe state of depression many dozens of times in myself in the past five years within the timeframe specified. I have also corrected well over a hundred states of serious depression that were simply not severe enough to exhibit suicidal ideation during this same period of time as well. These corrections of depression represent a very profound degree of mood change within amazingly short time. They also represent a degree of mood change that no one else in the world is able to perform as quickly as I can in regard to either them self or anyone else, to the best of my knowledge. I am not stating this for any ego need; I am stating this because it is the truth.

Incidentally, for over four years I have tried to find some party involved medical research anywhere in the world that would take a solid look at what I am doing to treat depression in myself to determine its validity, and then determine how applicable what I am doing is in regard to other bipolar persons. As a layman, I am fully aware that my ability to bring forth the many important truths in this document is almost nonexistent. This entire situation is a real shame, for in essence it may mean that a number of truly revolutionary concepts are at a complete standstill in regard to the most effective treatment of a depressed state in the majority of bipolar persons. However, it is my opinion that the seeds of truth represented here will eventually move forward, even if it takes decades in which to do so. These seeds of truth are just much too valid and far too important to be ignored forever, even if their primary discoverer was a layperson that had a history of mental illness.

A number of realizations came about as the result of my performing the above on myself on a repetitive basis over the past four years, as well as my treatment of a few other persons.

One realization that I had, and clearly the most important, was that the human brain is far more protein dependent than most persons realize. Everyone knows that their muscles need protein, but few know that that their brain, as small as it is, probably needs, uses, and uses up more protein that all of their muscles put together, despite the fact that their muscle mass is far greater than their brain mass.

A second realization that I had is that it is often very helpful conceptually to think of a state of depression as just a protein deficient state that has “tripped over to the point of body and brain dysfunction”.

The third realization that I had is that when the above occurs (a state of protein deficiency that has gone too far), it is extremely common for a person to crave “cheat fuels” such as sugar or alcohol, rather than protein, which is what they really need. Cheat fuels only make things worse, not better. Often, just the simple measure of eating a large piece of broiled fish instead of getting that box of ice cream or that bottle of vodka when you first sink into a state of depression represents very powerful and effective chemical intervention. This measure is even much more effective when a powerful digestive enzyme such as DigestEnz is used to assist in the protein breakdown of protein foods. EVERY depressed person should be using such a digestive enzyme at every single meal when they are depressed.

The fourth realization that I had, and one of the many reasons for this post, was that I realized that the common naturopathic approach of using the amino acids of tryptophan (or 5HTP), tyrosine, and phenylalanine to treat depression was a flawed conceptual approach that was probably the result of copying the medical model approach to depression (which is simply monkeying with serotonin and dopamine levels in order to alleviate depression, for the most part).

The fifth realization that I had was that I found that other persons responded to the amino acid blends of Pure Form 20 and WAC in dosages that were often much different than that which I often needed. I found that some depressed persons responded quite well to as little as eight grams total (four grams of each blend) of the two amino acid blends I was using, some responded quite well to fifteen grams total of these blends, and for some persons fifteen grams total was way too much, etc.

The sixth realization that I had was that if these amino acid blends were taken in dosages that were too high for one’s biochemistry at the moment, that they could quite easily become hypomanic or manic on these blends, similar to a bipolar person taking too much tyrosine, phenylalanine, or aspartic acid at once. One ALWAYS needs to “slowly dose up” with these blends, being cautious to not become too manic if they are bipolar (or even if they are “normal”), the same as when they are taking tyrosine or other excitatory amino acids. Another idea that might help here is to add some taurine to these two blends, as taurine is almost always inhibitory, such that the resultant mixture might be more balanced in regard to excitation and inhibition.

The seventh realization that I had in taking these two blends and the additional nutrients that I mentioned, was that the hair on my head grew in both thicker and faster and that the muscles on my arms and legs both grew noticeably and became firmer, despite the fact that I was not exercising at all. These were both unexpected side effects, and most welcome ones.

Protein, in the form of free from amino acids, enormously helps me, both physically and mentally. Protein, in the form of steak, fish, etc. also helps me greatly, but not nearly as much or as fast as free form amino acids do. This appears to be true even though I have recognized and treated a severe deficiency of HCL (stomach acid) in myself. I need, and I take, as many as 20 to 25 625mg. HCL capsules when I eat a large meal, and 7 or 8 capsules of HCL for even a single small can of tuna fish. Digestive enzymes do help my mood and well being when I eat high protein foods as well, due to the fact that they break this protein down better such that it can be absorbed into the body. However, the use of digestive enzymes coupled with eating protein foods does not help me nearly as much as when I am severely depressed as the taking of amino acids as I am suggesting here does.

The eighth realization that I had, a realization that came a bit later than those above, is that it is ALWAYS wise to add fish oil and the other “good oils” to one’s regime when they taking high dosage free form amino acids such as I am suggesting here. Don’t neglect these good oils when you are using amino acids, and try to take some the same day. The brain is 60% fat, and fat is clearly important to its proper function.

The ninth realization that I had is that correcting floral status in the gut is often CRUCIAL to the correction of a state of depression. “Good bacteria” in my gut does seem to help me substantially when I eat high protein foods. Adequate good gut bacteria appear to me to play a key role in protein utilization for reasons that are unclear to me at this time (I use the probiotic powdered Primal Defense for this).

The tenth realization that I had is that the repetitive juicing of raw organic non-allergic vegetables ought to always be used to treat a depressive state (and eat some of the fiber as well, don’t throw it all out). Juicing is mineralizing, it is alkalizing, it is “gut healing”, it does not need either digestive enzymes or HCL to help someone tremendously (even if they are in deficient in these secretions), and it contains a powerful array of essential and easily absorbed nutrients.

The eleventh realization that I had is that alternative medicine is close to putting together an intervention for depression that would be so powerful and so fast acting in enough persons that it could revolutionize the treatment of depression worldwide in a matter of a few short years. Unfortunately, they just do not realize this at all yet, despite my stating this to many persons in this movement for the last few years. Alternative medicine did teach me most of the puzzle pieces reflected in this material. Alternative medicine just has not coupled these pieces together well such that they can generate the amazing results that I know from a great deal of experience are possible. In my opinion, it is only a matter of time before alternative medicine does couple these puzzle pieces together. As a result of what I know, I am morally obligated to do all that I can for the rest of my life to be a catalyst in this event occurring.

Nothing that I have done (and I have tried much) has done more for me both physically and mentally than adequately correcting my gut absorptive status (within a matter of hours) and taking the free form amino acid blends and the necessary added nutrients that I have mentioned here have done for me, both mood-wise and otherwise, or is even close. These necessary added nutrients I am speaking of here are tryptophan, phosphatidyl choline, carnitine, EFA’s, and the entire vitamin and mineral range for the most part.

Quite obviously, the use of an amino acid such as glutamine can increase one’s intestinal absorptive rate substantially. Therefore some dosage adjustment may need to be made when preceding the use of broad based amino acids an hour or two before with glutamine. The use of glutamine to heal the gut and increase absorption in a person that is depressed is perhaps always wise trial intervention. However, the use of glutamine, as it increases absorption, will cause difficulties if the issue of hidden food allergy has not been properly dealt with. Glutamine can, and often does, result in greater absorption of food allergens, at least temporarily.

Much less obvious than the above, if not quite rarely known, is that the usage of a high dosage bentonite/psyllium/water combination prior to taking glutamine can “unblock” a number of common problematic issues in the intestine within a matter of hours, and thus allow one to substantially increase their nutrient absorption rate as well (assuming the use of such a combination is not contraindicated for some reason). High dosage bentonite/psyllium/water acts as a “gooey sticky plug” that travels down the intestines, cleaning out a number of common problematic issues as it does so. This “gooey sticky plug” can, and does, very effectively remove yeast, many “bad bugs”, undigested food, allergic food residue, excess mucous, etc. from the gut. In the proper dosage for one’s gut size and gut status, high dosage bentonite/psyllium/water is a gut cleansing routine that is unparalleled, in my opinion. However, if there is any bleeding in the stomach or intestines, any ulceration, any serious gut abnormality, any allergy to psyllium, any severe constipation, and/or any stricture (see Bernard Jensen’s “Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management”) in the gut, the use of such a gut cleansing routine may be contraindicated.

When I take a high dose of bentonite/psyllium/water to purge my gut, I know that I am going to need to replace my good bacteria as well. I have found that if I only wait 4 to 6 hours after taking a very high dose of bentonite, etc. that I can take an unusually high dose of a good probiotic and experience no serious die off reaction whatsoever, despite the fact I was high in candida and/or bad bacteria before I took this cleansing routine. It took me years of playing with this stuff to really know what I needed to do here, and what dosages, etc. worked well for me.

I have also found that if I waited until the next day before I took a high dose probiotic after gut cleansing, that I would get a pretty serious die off reaction (I reach for high dose vitamin C and lots of water on a repetitive basis when this happens, and it helps enormously). Apparently, candida and bad bacteria proliferate very quickly in the gut (I once saw a reference stating that candida can double in 20 minutes in the gut, and my feeling here is that bad bacteria can proliferate very quickly as well).

The keys to do the therapy that I am suggesting here effectively are both proper timing and proper dosage of the substances taken, or for someone to at least be in “the right ballpark” in these regards. However, there is some latitude for error here, and this latitude is sometimes quite substantial.

It took me quite some time to work all of the above out in myself. This was because I was in entirely new and uncharted territory in regard to many of the concepts and substances used, as well as the dosages of these substances. The effort I made here was well worth it. I gained a profound degree of control over depression in myself, after having regularly suffered recurrently from depression and severe depression for over thirty-five years. It also appears likely to me that what I am doing to treat depression in myself may ultimately represent a very important breakthrough in the understanding and treatment of depression the world over. And yes, I am fully aware that the aforementioned, despite it most probably being the truth, is perhaps still a decade or two away from being realized, if not longer. This long delay is due in part to the fact that there is very little motivation by the current medical model to replace their current treatment methodology of using anti-depressive medication to treat depression, as well as there is a great deal of fiscal and other motivation for them not to do so. This delay is also due to the fact that there is not anywhere in the world at the current time for a bipolar person “to go be heard by medical research” if and/or when this person discovers something of substantial importance about his or her illness.

I do suggest that if you are a practitioner using amino acids to treat depression, that you consider using ideas similar to that which I suggest here vs.simply just using tyrosine, phenylalanine, or a combination of both to treat depression in a person. In my opinion, simply suggesting tyrosine and phenylalanine for the treatment of depression is quite outdated, despite the fact that it is still recommended by some persons in the alternative health movement. However, this is a very simple approach, and it often gives enough results to get the patient far more interested in using amino acids and other nutrients to correct depression. Perhaps these are its greatest values.

I do suggest using great caution in the beginning in regard to the dosages recommended, as well as getting the patient fully involved in this issue of dosage from day one. The lines “I can give you a great deal of help steering you in the right direction as far as what nutritional substances to use to effect profound mood change in yourself, but only you can determine the proper dosage for your biochemistry” and “dose up slowly, monitoring the effect in yourself, being cautious to not take too much that you become manic” puts the burden of “what is the proper dosage?” on the patient, where it should ALWAYS lie anyway.

I also cannot recommend enough that if you are using excitatory amino acids with your patients that you first assist them in defining an effective inhibitory nutrient regime for themselves before using any excitatory nutrients whatsoever. This takes a huge amount of the risk out of the above excitatory nutrient regime in regard to it’s making someone too manic, as an answer will already be in place for this. This should really be a must. I refuse to teach any person how to use excitatory nutrients until they learn how to use inhibitory ones, ESPECIALLY if they are bipolar.

In addition, I highly suggest that before any practitioner recommends the above to other persons, that they personally experiment with this regime themselves. A single bottle of 500 caps each of Pure Form 20 and WAC blend costs a total of only $66.90 plus shipping, and tryptophan, carnitine, phosphatidyl choline and the other necessary cofactors will not break anyone’s piggy bank. This stuff will not hurt a “normal person”, and it could teach them a great deal about what amino acid therapy is truly all about.

Never forget the two most common causes of recurrent depression in anyone. These are the issues of the likelihood of multiple hidden food allergies and the likelihood of intestinal dysbiosis. Usually when some one has one of these problems, they almost always have the other as well. These two common problematic issues always ought to always be assessed and/or addressed in any person that suffers from either bipolar disorder or recurrent depression. A possible lack of digestive enzymes and stomach acid ought to be always be assessed and/or addressed in this population as well, especially if the person in question is over 40 years of age.

Lastly, I am not representing that a 50/50 mix of Pure Form 20 and WAC blend from along with added tryptophan is an ideal amino acid blend for the treatment of depression or anything else. It is simply the best and most affordable amino acid mixture that I have found to date, without someone being priced out of the market if they are taking this stuff regularly in the dosages that I am suggesting here. I am quite sure that, at some point in the future, someone is going to develop a better, more balanced, and perhaps equally affordable broad based amino acid mixture for the treatment of depression than that which I have proposed here.

Allen Darman

[After the above document was written in 2003, I continued to learn more. In 2004, I learned that some persons respond better to a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio of Purform to WAC blend vs. the 1:1 ratio suggested in the above material. In 2004, I learned from my son Willy that it was far better to combine a wide range of nutrient and supplemental co-factors with broad based free form amino acids, and “take them all at once”, to achieve the greatest healing effect. In 2004, 2006, 2007, and 2009, I learned a good deal more in regard to adding other individual amino acids and other supplements to that which I was doing prior. In essence, as knowledge grew from the above document in regard to depression that was written in 2003, first “Willy’s Baggie”, and then “Willy’s Baggie II” and “Willy’s Baggie III”, were born.]