Federal Censors Continue To Corrupt Or Remove Our WordPress Team’s Key Blogs While Two Out Of Our Team’s Four Members Repeatedly Undergo Poison Gas Murder Attempts; Other Than Google And Perhaps Facebook 2 Internet Connected America Does Nothing


While I Worked On Material In Two Adult420XXX Fun Blogs from the WordPress Website http://We3pickHypomanic420Fun.WordPress.com My Two Girls Underwent Another POISON Gas Attack on the evening of January 10th. This attack may still be ongoing.

My God!!! When Will These Poison Gas Murder Attempts On AllenD’s Two Dear Lesbian WordPress Website Development Specialists, 420subs, Lovers, and Friends End??? (1-10-2013)

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My God!!! When will these poison gas murder attempts on my two dear Lesbian WordPress Website Development Specialists, Lovers, and Friends End???

Since the First Poison Gas Murder Attempt on my two Lesbian WordPress Friends on December 10th or so, these two heroic women in San Francisco have been whacked with Poison Gas Again and Again And Again And Again And Again And Again And Again!!! (Only they know the true count here, but believe me IT IS A LOT!)

We three have worked out a system on the WordPress Website http://WhatMayBeMyLastWeeksWork.WordPress.com  so that I Know For Certain Whether
and When the Two Lesbian Members of My WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Are Getting Whacked With Poison Gas.

In checking the Above Website at Eight Thirty pm, I got the Bad News that My Two Heroic Helpers and Special Friends Are Being Subjected to Poison Gas by Either the Mafia or the Federal Government Again.

Even though I am nearly certain it is our Federal Government that has been using Hackers to remove and corrupt our Team’s WordPress Blogs, when it comes to these Poison Gas attacks, I suspect the Mafia is more likely to be behind them than the Feds.

If these Two Lesbian Heroes are Murdered, after our Federal Government falls to the Truth, the New American Internet Based Government should martial all the Power and Might of the Military and Intelligence Community to Go After the Mafia With Every Ounce Of Power And Strength that this country has.

I was, and still am, willing to work with the Mafia on a Mutually Beneficial Win-Win Basis after our Federal Government falls. The Mafia has gained a great deal of Power in both America and the World. I would like to see that the Mafia uses this Power For Good in America, and in turn I pledge to do all that I can to see that you are well compensated fiscally for this (more than you make now).

However, if my two girls are Murdered ALL BETS ARE OFF. If my two girls are killed, I will fight the Mafia until the day I die, and I will never try to collaborate with them in any way, shape, or form for the rest of my life, however long or short my life will be.

A few words stated directly to the Mafia: If it is not you that is trying to kill my two girls with poison gas, it would be wise for you to find out who is trying to kill them, and stop this party from continuing to do so. If it is you trying to kill them (as I strongly suspect) it would be wise for you to not only Stop Doing This, but actually use your considerable power to protect them.

A few words stated to the American Public: If my two girls die at the hands of the Mafia, I am likely to be next. When you succeed at overthrowing our Corporate and Mafia Controlled Federal Government, your Next Step towards Freedom Should Be To Spend Tens of Billions Going After the Mafia from Coast to Coast, and either imprison them, execute them, or deport them, depending on what each individual member had done, or was likely to have done.

A few words stated to Internet Freedom Fighters Everywhere: If my two girls die, you would be wise to realize that you have three enemies in regard to regaining and retaining your internet freedom. One is “the Corporations”, two is “federal governments”, and three is “the Mafia”. To regain and/or retain your Internet Freedom and Freedom In General You Need to Vanquish ALL THREE ENEMIES, and NOT JUST ONE OR TWO.

The single exception to the above general rule might be in regard to the American Mafia as follows: If I am successful in overthrowing our Corrupt Federal Government, and the Mafia reverses its position In Support of our Federal Government (which it controls in a Big Way) and In Support of Various Corporations, I see numerous uses for the Mafia, and they should be paid for such. However, I should note that I have yet to see one single concession from the American Mafia, and they have been the party that has tried to kill me Numerous Times since January 2010.

Allen Darman


From AllenD To MarkJ: I Think of You Often I Cannot Thank You Enough For Your Involvement In Our WordPress Collaborative Revolutionary Team Effort (1-10-2013) (New Material Added on 1-10-2013)


Mark J’s WordPress Website Development (and So Much More) Website is CoveredWebServices.com.

Mark is One of the Lead Developers of the Open Source Program Called WordPress, and he is One of the Top WordPress Experts in the World.

Allen Darman

Do Not Read Adult420XXX Hot Warning: It Is 420Break Time!!! It Is TIME!!! 4 Both Of U2 To Get **SUPER STONED FOR ME!!!** That IS A FIRM ORDER!! From Your 420 SmokeMasterAllenD! Me! (1-10-2013)


The Above Link Is From A WordPress Blog On Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team’s Adult420XXX WordPress Website At http://We3pickHypomanic420Fun.WordPress.com.

In Case You Do Not Know What “Adult420XXX” Means, It Means “Adults Smoking Pot and Having Sex”.

Do Not Read This Material If You Are Under 18,
Or If You Find Such Material Offensive.

For those that are members of the Lesbian 420sub Community, this Material Is PRETTY HOT STUFF!!
It was Truly a Collaborative Co-Authorship Effort
Between Two Dear Lesbian 420sub WordPress W.D.
“Very Special Friends” in San Francisco and I.


Allen Darman
aka 420SmokeMasterAllenD!

Four American Heroes: What a Smart Hippie Team of >WordPress WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT SPECIALISTS< Did in Less Than Three Weeks ON A VOLUNTEER BASIS (4-29-2012)

I, Allen Darman, Ask the World to PLACE A WATCH on both My Life and the lives of a Heroic Lesbian WordPress WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT hippie Couple THAT STEPPED UP TO THE PLATE AND PUT THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE For the United States of America and For the Human Race.

The Next Five Days Are the Most Critical… or However
long it takes these two Lesbian WordPress Website Development Specialists to come to Albany NY Safely! and in doing so Save My Life!

I wish to DEEPLY THANK Mark J. of COVERED WEB SERVICES 4 JOINING THIS FIGHT THAT THE THREE OF US ARE IN. Brother, I love you for this. >>>I WILL ***NEVER FORGET*** WHAT >YOU DID 4 US MARK… typed with tears in my eyes.<<>FOREVER<<<.

I Ask That The WORLD PLACE A WATCH On The FREEDOM And The LIFE Of MARK J. of CoveredWebServices.com. Another American HERO Has Put His LIFE ON THE LINE 4 INTERNET FREEDOM And 4 THE TRUTH.

I have FOUND MY IDEAL CORE TEAM OF FOUR! to START An INTERNET Woodstock “Hosted” IN San Francisco this July.

The Three People Reflected in the Above and Myself “Represent Our Core Team of Four”. I ask the World to Place a >>>VERY CLOSE WATCH<<< ON ALL OUR LIVES For The Next Seven Months or so… if not PLACE a WATCH on OUR FREEDOM And OUR LIVES FOREVER.

Allen Darman


What a >Smart Team< of Three >WordPress WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT SPECIALISTS< and I Did in Less Than Three Weeks ON A VOLUNTEER BASIS.

Nutrientscure’s Blog Primary Blog

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The above Primary Website had somewhere between 150 and 200 posts added to it in less than three weeks.  This was the ONLY WordPress WEBSITE THAT I (Allen Darman) HAD AND/OR REGULARLY USED ONLY THREE WEEKS AGO.

WHAT FOLLOWS IS “ALL NEW” as of April 10th 2012 until April 29th or so… Due to the Collaborative Effort of ONLY >Three volunteer< WORDPRESS WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT SPECIALISTS! And I (A Heroic Lesbian Couple in the SF Bay Area, myself, and Mark joining the three of us towards the end of the period reflected in the above.)

What Follows **IS PROOF** Of A GREAT DEAL Of HARD WORK By ALL THREE VOLUNTEERS, Quite a Bit Of “Smarts” In ALL OF US, And HEROISM In EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US… Especially My Two Lesbian 420sub Volunteers (They Could Have Walked Away From My Fight… Yet They Chose to Stand and Fight with me!).

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