God Is In Charge Of The Destiny Of A WordPress Collaborative Patriot Blogging Team It Seems

I am not Jesus Christ, but he sure seems like a Soul Brother to me. I Obeyed His Key Concepts, and I have no regrets.

Incidentally, I am not the only member of my WordPress Collaborative Patriot Team that has undergone multiple murder attempts by the Mafia. My Anonymous WordPress Team Members in San Francisco have suffered through DOZENS of poison gas attacks from members of the Mafia. These poison gas attacks began in early December of 2012, and were particularly frequent in January 2013. I am still getting messages in September 2013 via the methodology of “Intuitive Collaboration Using WordPress” that my WordPress Collaborative Patriot Team Members in San Francisco are undergoing poison gas attacks.  In addition to this, Mark Jaquith of CoveredWebServices.com, whom is the foremost WordPress Expert on our WordPress Collaborative Patriot Team, and is a “true American Hero that I will love to the day I die”… may also have taken heat from the Mafia by being threatened in some way.

via God Is In Charge Of The Destiny Of A WordPress Collaborative Patriot Blogging Team It Seems.

Links To Eleven of The Dirty Dozen WordPress Websites; The Primary Website of Nutrientscure.WordPress.com Is The 12th For An Even Dozen (1-22-2013)


Below is a Picture of Me Taken About Eleven Years Ago. I look about the same, except now I would need to spend about $500. for a set of dentures, because at sixty years old I have no teeth!

Revolutionary WordPress Collaborative Internet Team and/or My Personal Links of “My Favorite” Dirty Dozen WordPress Websites

ScreenshotInternet Woodstock Blog

  • ScreenshotIdeas For Internet Government Blog
  • ScreenshotPrimary Revolution WordPress Blog
  • ScreenshotRomantic Blog
  • ScreenshotAdult420XXX WordPress.com
  • Screenshot420Stoned Management Blog
  • ScreenshotStraight WordPress Management Blog
  • ScreenshotEnergy Invention Suppression WordPress Blog
  • ScreenshotAlternative Medical Discovery WordPress Blog
  • ScreenshotSuppression of Truth WordPress Blog
  • ScreenshotHope That Things Will Finally Change WordPress Blog
  • SmokeMasterAllenD

    201 Hollywood Drive, Albany, New York 12209

    I am a sixty year old hippie that still likes his “420 chill time”… lol.
    I am honest, funny, and full of love.
    Highly intelligent (my parents genes), but humble before God too.
    I am a Truth Warrior for both America and the World.
    I am also an Alternative Medical Discoverer,
    Internet Author,
    WordPress Blogger,
    Internet Truth Spreader,
    Freedom of Speech Activist,
    Bill of Rights Activist,
    Truth Soldier Activist,
    Mental Health Activist,
    Self Applied Alternative Medicine Activist,
    Respect Native Peoples Knowledge Activist,
    Respect Lesbian and Gay Rights Activist,
    Water Powered Car Activist,
    High Mileage Carburetor Activist,
    Free Electricity Activist,
    Burn No More Fossil Fuel Activist,
    Use No More Nuclear Energy Activist,
    Save Mother Earth Activist,
    Expose the New World Order Agenda Activist,
    Marijuana Freedom Activist,
    Decriminalize Drugs Activist,
    Free Form Amino Acid Therapeutic Value Awareness Activist,
    Save Public Access to Nutritional Supplements Activist,
    Anti-GMO Foods Activist,

    Expose Mafia Influence Over Big Pharma, the FDA, and the Federal Government Activist,

    Social Change Activist,
    Revolution Activist,
    Civil Disobedience Activist,
    Internet Educator,
    Internet Government Theorist,
    Internet Freedom Activist,
    Internet Woodstock Idea Man,
    Revolutionary WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Leader, and
    Hopefully (if I live long enough and get adequate help) Internet Woodstock Promoter
    *All rolled into one*.

    None of the above jobs pays me a dime.
    I don’t mind.
    My Jobs are heartfelt, interesting, and often a lot of fun!

    I work at all of these jobs due to a Strong Sense of Moral Obligation to do so.

    This Sense of Moral Obligation is NOT blunted by the fact that
    One (or more) of the above jobs may soon cost me either (1) my Freedom or (2) my Life.

    In Regard to My Background Before Being Employed in Regard to the Above,
    I voluntarily retired from managing Darman Mfg. Company, Inc. in 1994 in order to pursue loftier goals.
    Some of my initial goals were to find, define, and refine the proper (bio)chemical manner
    In which to cure depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and the like.
    As I achieved one goal after another in the aforementioned regards, these (my) goals have changed over time.
    Currently my general goal is to try to Change the World For the Better via WordPress blogging
    And by eventually (when I can get some collaborative help) creating Educational Video Material
    Directed Towards Assisting the Internet Freedom Movement And The Freedom Revolution Worldwide.
    It is Time For REVOLUTION, both here in the United States and Worldwide!

    All of my Written, Photographic, and Video Work is given away *Freely over the Internet*.
    I copyright *NONE* of what I film or write, as I have no commercial agenda whatsoever.

    Perhaps I should mention that for the past three years I have worked “under the gun” in an almost literal sense.
    I state this due to the fact that since January 2010 there have been multiple attempts by the Mafia to take my life.
    It’s a miracle that I am still alive.

    Since April 2012 I am no longer Alone! as far as Blogging on the Internet!

    I am the Leader of a Heroic Revolutionary WordPress Website Development Collaborative Internet Team of Four Brave Geniuses!!!

    I could not have a Better Team!

    Our Primary WordPress Website of https://nutrientscure.wordpress.com/ will lead to Our Revolutionary WordPress Website Development Collaborative Internet Team’s Multiple Websites on the Internet.

    My Personal Favorite in the Above Regard is IdeasForInternetGovernment.WordPress.com.

    However, I also really like the Revolutionary WordPress Website of aCallForRevolution.Wordpress.com,

    Another Revolutionary WordPress Website of

    Another Older Revolutionary WordPress Website of

    The WordPress Internet Woodstock Website of

    Another Interent Woodstock Website of

    A Truth Suppression WordPress Website of

    An Energy Invention Suppression WordPress Website of

    The Alternative Medical Discovery Website of

    Another Alternative Medical Discovery Website of

    The Romantic WordPress Website of

    The Adult420XXX Website of

    The Hope That Real Social Change! Is Finally Going to Happen! WordPress Website of

    The Straight WordPress Management Website of

    The Stoned WordPress Management Website of

    The Newly Formed WordPress Website Under Construction of

    Another Newly Formed WordPress Website Under Construction of

    A Third Newly Formed WordPress Website Under Construction of

    and I Like Many of Our Collaborative WordPress Internet Team’s Other Websites too!

    I hope that You enjoy them! as much as I really do!

    Allen Darman
    Puff Puff Pass!

    Notable Quotes

    I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.Steven Wright

    I’m writing a book. Thank God I have 2 Lesbian 420sub Angels! 2 do the page numbers 4 Me after I get them Real Stoned! on their knees! in front of me! SmokeMasterAllenD

    I do not like to write – I like to have written.Gloria Steinem

    We as a Revolutionary WordPress Website Development Collaborative Internet Team do not Like to Create Websites – We Like To Have Created Them! So We Can Just Sit Back, Get Stoned!, and Have Some Adult420 Fun! SmokeMasterAllenD

    Be obscure clearly.E.B. White

    Be Clearly obscure! Puff Puff Pass! To All My 420 Friends! SmokeMasterAllenD

    Contact Details

    Yahoo! Email


    Important Note: I do not believe I can receive ANY emails that are helpful or supportive to me to the above email address, or ANY OTHER EMAIL ADDRESS THAT I HAVE. I have been cut off by hackers going through my email inbox and deleting anything and everything that they may see in this regard. This has been true for many months.

    Cell Phone


    Important Note: My Phone is Monitored By Multiple Unfriendly Parties. So I my sister Laurie’s landline number of 518-438-3709 where I am currently staying. It is also possible that calls to both of these lines by friendly parties may be blocked.

    Tweetable Link to this Nutrientscure WordPress Web Page: http://wp.me/pxy4W-3jq