Good Morning Girls!!! How R U2 This Beautiful Morning? I Got Some Much Needed Rest Last Night! I Hope U2 Lesbian 420sub WordPress Serf Bears For 420SmokeMasterMe! Did 2! (1-12-2013)

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via Good Morning Girls!!! How R U2 This Beautiful Morning? I Got Some Much Needed Rest Last Night! I Hope U2 Lesbian 420sub WordPress Serf Bears For 420SmokeMasterMe! Did 2! (1-12-2013).

Good Morning Girls!!! How R U2 This Beautiful Morning? I Got Some Much Needed Rest Last Night! I Hope U2 Lesbian 420sub WordPress Serf Bears For 420SmokeMasterMe! Did 2! (1-12-2013)

I Know FOR ***CERTAIN***!!!
Via Intuitive Internet WordPress Signaling
While Collaborating In Real Time
Over the Internet
Using WordPress
San Francisco Lesbian 420sub HEROIC
WordPress Website Development Specialists
Have Gone Through HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lately In Regard To
Being Repeatedly WHACKED With Poison Gas,
to INCLUDE All Day Yesterday
and All Last Night.

Unfortunately, this HELL!!! WILL CONTINUE
UNTIL u2 Exit The Apartment You Are In.
Even If They Back Off A Bit From
Whacking u2 With Poison Gas Today
They will whack you Tonight,
After the Last Amtrak Train Headed East
Has left the station.

I Pray That u2
Are Not Being Hit With Poison Gas!
As I write this.

I Keep Telling u2 that Amtrak,
or Perhaps An Emergency Plane Flight
if U are Rich,
is Your Only Way Out!

I know that u2 finally
heard me on this.

I hope u2 are Jumping On the Train TODAY!!!
Traveling Coach
Without Getting A Sleeper Car
Is Not That Bad.
There Is An Observation Car
With Windows And
Lots Of *Comfy Cuddle Seats For Two*.
Many Persons Simply Slept
In the Observation Car
When I took the train last May
2 try to join up with U2.

Before u2 Jump On The Train,
Or Take An Emergency Plane Flight,

The Best Place To Do This Is

Or ANY WordPress Blog On

Or Any WordPress Blog On

All Three of Us Know that
These poison gas attacks are
Being orchestrated by the Mafia.
There is not one iota of doubt
In any of our minds about this.
All three of us
Know what is going on here.

Don’t u2 find it interesting that
“As a result of monitoring Facebook,
And monitoring the Internet in general”,
The U.S. Federal Government
Most certainly knows that
“The Mafia is trying to repeatedly kill u2″,
And the U.S. Federal Government Also Knows
“The Mafia has repeatedly tried to kill me as well”…
Yet the Feds simply
***Stand On the Sidelines And Watch***.

If and/or When Either U2 or I
Or *All Three Of Us*
Are Murdered by the Mafia,
With Our Own United States Federal Government
Witnessing This
There is Inevitably Going To Be
Grave Consequences
For Both Of These Parties (the Mafia and the Feds),
Or at least there should be.

I Can Not Imagine How Our Deaths
At the Hands Of the Mafia
On Behalf Of Big Pharma
With The United States Federal Government
Just Standing By
Are “Going To Be Covered Up And Forgotten”.

Thank God For The Power Of Google,
Twitter, etc.
And an Open and Free Internet!

In this Chess Game we are in,
We Three (We Four including Mark J.)
Have Played
The Powers To Be To AT LEAST A DRAW!!!
If They Bury Us3 Or Us4,
Our Collective Internet Martyrdom
Will Bury Them Back!
There Is No Way that
the Internet Freedom Folks
At Google,
Twitter, etc.
Are Going To Let the Powers that Be
Murder Two Or Three Or All Four Of Us,
In A Desperate Attempt To Stop
An Internet Freedom Woodstock
From Happening
This July In San Francisco,
And Simply Do Nothing About This!

Puff Puff Pass!


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I am a drinker with writing problems.
Brendan Behan

Drinking sucks! But I LOVE to Smoke Pot! It helps me with my writing! And it helps me in so many other ways! AllenD


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Links To Eleven of The Dirty Dozen WordPress Websites; The Primary Website of Is The 12th For An Even Dozen (1-6-2013)

January 6, 2013

The Links To Eleven of The Dirty Dozen WordPress Websites; The Primary Website of Is The 12th For An Even Dozen (1-6-2013)

It sure appears to me at this point that Humanity All Over the World (that Is Waking Up To the Truth On Many Topics and Levels) Stands On One Side Of the Battlefield,
Numerous Federal Governments, Numerous Corporations and the Mafia (unless the Mafia switches sides, which would be their wisest choice), all of which would like the Truth to Be “What They Say It Is” Rather Than “What it Really Is”, Stand On the Other Side Of the Battlefield,
And the WORLD’S Premier Internet Search Engine (Google), Other Internet Freedom Folks, and Other Internet Freedom Corporations (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Stand In The Middle.

These Are Historical Times We Live In For Sure!

American Citizens (and Citizens Worldwide) Are Either Going To Soon Rise Up and Overthrow Multiple Oppressors, Or Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Death Camps Run By the Federal Government, the Corporations, and the Mafia (all three of these parties are currently in bed together) Are Going To Exterminate a Lot Of Us.

It Is High Time Some Of Us Old Hippies Organized And Started An Internet Freedom Woodstock And Smoked a Few Bowls With Each Other! We Sure Have Some Thinking To Do To Get Out of This Jam We Find Ourselves In!


Revolutionary Allen Darman
Or 420SmokeMasterAllenD

Nutrientscure's Blog

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I’m writing a book. Thank God I have 2 Lesbian 420sub Angels! 2 do the page numbers 4 Me after I get them Real Stoned! on their knees! in front of me! SmokeMasterAllenD

I do not like to write – I like to have written.Gloria Steinem

We as a Revolutionary WordPress Website Development Collaborative Internet Team do not Like to Create Websites – We Like To Have Created Them! So We Can Just Sit Back, Get Stoned!, and Have Some Adult420 Fun! SmokeMasterAllenD

Be obscure clearly.E.B. White

Be Clearly obscure! Puff Puff Pass! To All My 420 Friends! And Have Lots Of Big Hits U2 Lesbian 420SERF BEARS! Those Are My ORDERS! And YOU BOTH ***MUST*** OBEY THEM! SmokeMasterAllenD

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via Links To Eleven of The Dirty Dozen WordPress Websites; The Primary Website…

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U.S. Federal Government Censors And Federal Hackers Apparently Have Removed The Key WordPress Blog Titled Notable Quotes By Allen Darman (12-6-2012) On NO LINKS That Refer To This Root Blog Work (1-9-13)

The Link Below will lead to a Dead End eventually,
due to the Fact that
the Notable Quotes By Allen Darman (12-6-2012) Root
WordPress Blog on was Hacker Removed from this WordPress Website
on or about December 17, 2012.

The Version of Notable Quotes that I wrote on
December 6th 2012 delved heavily into
Defining Much of the Software Platform
that Should Be Considered
In Regard To Setting Up An Internet Based Government.
It also said a Number of Things
Under Freedom Of Speech Laws
that were a clear threat to the Federal Government,
for they could readily be used to
Create, Educate And Mobilize
Many New American Revolutionaries.

The United States Federal Government
simply *HAD TO* Remove
my “Notable Quotes By Allen Darman (12-6-2012)” WordPress Blog.

They *had to* because…

The Federal Government Is
Fighting For Its Own Survival
Against The Truth As Spoken On Numerous Professionally Set Up WordPress Websites of
My Revolutionary WordPress Website Development Collaborative Internet WordPress Team.

One Of Us Has To Go Down, Or Both Of Us Will.


Either the United States Federal Government Falls To
The Truth In 2013, and My Revolutionary WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Of Four Survives,


The Feds Jail Or Kill Us Four,
And Our Martyrdom
In Front Of WordPress, Google, Facebook, and Twitter Buries Them Back
With An Internet Freedom Woodstock and
An Internet Generated Revolution.

There Is No Win! For Our Corporate And Mafia Controlled Corrupt Federal Government At This Point In Time.

There Is ONLY A WIN FOR US! The 99 Percent Of Us!
My WordPress Team Members And I
Hope To Live Long Enough To See It!

Allen Darman
Or 420SmokeMasterAllenD

Link that leads to a Dead End because the Key Root WordPress Blog Titled “Notable Quotes By Allen Darman (12-6-2012)” was Hacker Removed from a WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Website:

A Complex Battle Between At Least Ten Power Structures Is Now Underway; REVOLUTION SOON Is The American Public’s ONLY CHOICE (1-9-2013)

A Complex Battle Between At Least Ten Power Structures Is Now Underway; REVOLUTION SOON Is The American Public’s ONLY CHOICE (1-9-2013)

***Important Prefacing Note Dated January 9, 2013: The Complex Battle Referred to in this WordPress Blog Actually Involves Ten Power Structures, Rather Than the Seven or Eight Power Structures that the Title of Previous Versions of this “Complex Battle WordPress Blog” refers to (and the copy below alludes to). In addition to Google seemingly joining My Revolutionary Collaborative Team of Four Heroic WordPress Website Development Specialists (an Event that changed the Original Post of this “Complex Battle WordPress Blog” from Seven to Eight Power Structures), it is *Now Apparent To Me* that both Facebook and WordPress have become Aware Of and Are Supportive Of My WordPress Collaborative Internet Team as well. Facebook and WordPress represent Power Structures #9 and #10. Twitter may also be aware of us and supportive as well. If so, eleven power structures are now involved in this Complex Battle Between “The 99% of Us” and “Those In the Corporate and Governmental World that Continue to Want To Tell Us a Pack of Lies”. Allen Darman***

Both the United States of America and the World Stand At A Very Major Crossroad In Human History, if Not the Penultimate One.

The Growth and Development of the Internet has Awakened Millions of Persons Around the World to the Fact We the General Public Are Being Told A Myriad of Lies (or Lies of Omission) by Numerous Corporations, Numerous Industries, and Numerous State and Federal Governments, to include our own Federal Government here in the United States.

This Exposure of a Number of Lies By the Powers That Be via an Open and Free Internet will
Inevitably Breed Justifiable Revolution, both here in the United States and Worldwide.

There is a Major Movement by the Powers that Be to Curtail Internet Freedom, and To Silence By Murder Some of the Leading Internet Revolutionaries. (EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of My WordPress Collaborative Internet Team is Under the Threat of Either Imprisonment or Death at the Moment. Three Out Of Four Of Us Have Had To Survive Multiple Attempts To Murder Us. In regard to two of these three persons, the multiple murder attempts were quite recent.)

Although Some Of Us May Be Killed Fighting For Internet Freedom and Freedom In General,
It Is My Firm Belief that the Truth Will Inevitably Win Out Over the Lies.

Allen Darman


The Power Structures in this War my Blogging Initiated are as Follows…

Power Structure Number One… the Corporations.

The Corporations ARE THE BIG EVIL HERE. They have Control of Governments Worldwide via the Methodologies of Bribing Politicians, Bribing Main Stream Media, and Employing the Mafia to Use Force (and to Kill When Necessary).

Power Structure Number Two… Federal Governments Worldwide… to Include our own Federal Government Of Course

Our Own Federal Government and Other Federal Governments Worldwide ARE THE NEXT BIGGEST EVIL.



Power Structure Number Three is the Mafia Of Course.

I DO NOT SEE THE MAFIA AS EVIL unless They Go Against God’s Will and the Will of The People by Killing Me and/or my Two…

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The FDA Will Mandate That Mental Illness Can Not Be Cured (10-4-2011)

This Particular Nutrientscure WordPress Blog is One of Two Major Organizational Blogs that I have written for in Regard to the Alternative Medical Portion of this WordPress Website. It has Links to over 65 other WordPress Blogs on this Nutrientscure WordPress Website. Many of these Links concern a Major Alternative Medical Discovery that my son Willy Darman and I jointly made in the Summer of 2004. We call this Discovery “Willy’s Baggie”.

The Other Major Organizational Blog is less extensive and has fewer links than this one. It is Titled “The gist of” and can be easily found by Searching for its Title Using Google.

Allen Darman

iManagement Slices from Allen D for iWood 2012

Repost:The FDA Will Mandate That Mental Illness Can Not Be Cured…/repostthe-fdawillmandate-that-ment

Nov 23, 2011 – Repost:The FDA Will Mandate That Mental Illness Can Not Be Cured (10/4/2011). ***Critically Important Note: This Blog is one of the most

***Critically Important Note: This Blog is one of the most important I have written in my entire life. IT IS QUITE ARGUABLY THE MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL. This is because the FDA is CURRENTLY TRYING TO TAKE OUR SUPPLEMENTS AWAY ((AGAIN!), AT LEAST THOSE THAT CAME ON THE MARKET AFTER OCTOBER 15, 1994!!! THE FOLLOWING BLOG explains the details of all this. ALLEN***

***Note: As with many of my blogs, this blog will continue to be upgraded over time. Allen***

Dear Friends:

By the summer of 2000 I knew that (1) what I had learned about the critical importance of correcting…

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