The Google Company And The Rest Of Silicon Valley Have An Absolute Moral Responsibility To Make America And The World Immediately Aware Of The Great Significance Stan Meyer And His Inventions

If Stan Meyer’s inventions are going to be ignored or not properly acted upon by Google and Silicon Valley, there is no doubt I am going to be ignored or not properly acted upon as well.

IMHO, humanity is going to either rise or fall based on what Google and Silicon Valley do in regard to the suppression of Stan Meyer and his inventions.

In my opinion, every single Silicon Valley High Level Executive should be assigned the task of watching every single YouTube Video in regard to Stan Meyer, and perhaps look at some of Daniel Dingel’s water powered car videos as well.

If the Suppression of Stan Meyer’s Inventions ends, perhaps the Suppression of myself and many others that were either killed or threatened with death for what they had discovered will end as well.

on Suppression by Allen D

The U.S. Federal Government systematically suppresses anything that threatens any and all conventional energy technologies.

The videos below should be watched by every American, as they represent solid YouTube proof of federal government suppression of What could quite arguably be called the greatest invention of all time.

The four videos below concern Stan Meyer, an inventor in Ohio that not only invented a water powered car, but invented a way to replace natural gas and all other fuels used by humanity as well.

The water powered car could run on both fresh water and salt water according to Stan Meyer.

The fact that Stan Meyer’s invention could run on salt water essentially mean that water could be taken from the ocean and split into hydrogen and oxygen with a substantial energy gain.

This energy could be used to power car, power trucks, power ships, power trains, generate electricity, or…

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Declining Stomach Acid Production As One Ages; An Obvious Case Of Medical Suppression

Dr. Sherry Rogers book “No More Heartburn” is a must read for everyone. It exposes the maltreatment of low acid production and the health problems it causes. Dr. Jonathan Wright also wrote a book a stomach acid, which I have not read yet, but I am sure is quite good, based on my respect for him as a doctor, and the 4.5 stars gave this book based on 113 customer reviews. “No More Heartburn” can be purchased on as well. Anyone that reads these two books should justifiably lose all faith in modern medicine, IMHO.

A drug like Prilosec to treat heartburn shuts off stomach acid entirely, which in turn causes all kinds of health problems down the road from a lack of mineral absorption, etc.

In fraudulently treating the symptom, one’s health problems are made worse in a sneaky way. This is the essence of what acid reflux drugs such as Prilosec are all about.

Big Pharma does not want to make people better–> it wants to make them sicker, and profit from this, while it lies about the Truth the entire time. Dr. Rogers and Dr. Wright and many other alternative doctors know this, but our Federal Government ignores everything that they are saying.

Federal Government Suppression of Multiple Truths

The average person loses close to half of their stomach acid production between 40 and 60. This is scientific fact.

I fall below average, for I have lost nearly all of my stomach acid production, something I have known since 2010 or even well before this (I was taking HCL regularly in 2002).

I took 100 650 mg. capsules of HCL with pepsin today, which represented the whole bottle.

This is the third time I have done this in the past three months with no ill effect (the other two bottles had 90 tablets of the same).

It is unheard of to take an amount such as this, to the best of my knowledge.

Yet I know I could have taken and used more.

I make almost no stomach acid it seems.

Food I eat just sits there for days, especially the hard to digest stuff such as meat.


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Without Silicon Valley Brains And Courage America And Perhaps The Entire World Is Doomed (3-28-14)

Preface dated 3-29-2014

The day the below material was written on 3-28-2014, I searched all three websites on my son Willy’s recovery for a blog I had written about a year and a half ago.  After being unable to find this blog, I wrote the material below from memory.

Today I decided to do a little research, and many of the numbers I used in the material below cannot be found, nor can the article my prior blog was based on.  

My memory on certain things is pretty good.  I did not try to falsely represent anything in the material below.  I was working from memory, that’s all.  Today I have a bit more Internet Time, and I decided to look at the statistics on ADHD a little further.  What I am finding does not jive “with what I found and read on the Internet before”.  I made corrections to reflect this.  

Despite the discrepancies mentioned, the statistics are still alarming.  

Of concern to me is the fact that from both a conceptual and practical standpoint, my son and I found the best way to correct depression, ADHD and bipolar disorder, yet our federal government ignores this, as well as ignores all of the times the American Mafia has tried to kill me to protect Big Pharma’s lies. (I could pass 1000 lie detector tests in the latter regard.  What happened to me really happened – it is a miracle I am still alive.)

Due to NSA monitoring of all Internet activity, and my openly blogging for a justifiable revolution in America since the fall of 2011, our federal government cannot claim they do not know about me and “what I represent”. 

Of even greater concern to me is that Silicon Valley has to a certain extent become aware of me as well, yet I still stand alone for these millions of children for whom “a real cure has been found”.  

ADHD in children, depression in children, autism in children, bipolar disorder in children are all correctable naturally, and it is not that hard to do in the majority of cases.  

When Willy took his first baggie of supplements in 2004, he said “From taking that first baggie, I felt great for four days afterwards”. That is how powerful nutritional AND NATURAL supplements can be, if combined properly.

Young children that are broadly essential nutrient deficient (as so many are) would all respond profoundly well to what I know, and do so on day one in the majority of cases.

I thought quite a bit about this blog and it’s many implications last night at the homeless shelter I am staying at in downtown San Francisco.

Lastly, a computer could be called “an extension of the human brain”.  What good is the extension of the human brain if the brain behind it is “too impaired in which to learn and retain information” or “too impaired such that one’s critical thinking skills are flawed”?

Allen D

Dear Fellow Americans:

Below this copy written by me is one article on the Internet related to high, and rapidly rising, ADHD rates.

It sure seems that the more one researches over the Internet the topic of rising autism, ADHD and other mental illness rates, the worse things get.

While my son Willy and I found >>>the best natural way ever discovered<<< to CURE depression, ADHD and bipolar disorder (and more) between 2004 and 2009, and the Feds know it (from monitoring me on the Internet), our Federal Government keeps mandating medications to treat nutrient deficiencies and toxic and allergic syndromes.

This FRAUD of pushing drugs ON AN UNSUSPECTING AMERICAN PUBLIC and on millions of American children when nutrients and other natural measures CAN AND DO CURE is a Cause for a Justifiable Patriot REVOLUTION IN AMERICA all on it’s own.

In a single decade between 2000 and 2010, the numbers of children diagnosed with ADHD went from a little over 6 million to over 10 million, a 42% rise.

[Important Note: I find it odd today that I can only find that 6.4 million kids are diagnosed with ADHD by a Google Search, and the 10 million number I am referring to in this blog is a number I cannot find.  I also find it odd that the blog I wrote this blog on from memory is gone from the site I had put it on.  My memory on this does not fail me.  I did read on the Internet in the fall of 2012 that over 10 million kids had ADHD, and the medication rates for such were 88%.  I was so struck by these numbers I did a WordPress blog in this regard.  This blog, and the Internet reference it was based on, cannot be found by me today 3-29-14.  Regardless of 6 million or 10 million ADHD kids, these are alarming numbers.  They translate to one in five boys.)

Of these 10 million kids, almost 90% are on medication. (Again, I can no longer find the reference this sentence was based on.)

Something like nine million American children are taking medication today for ADHD, while conventional medicine inherently claims “this is the best answer that we can find to treat these children”, and also inherently claims “these nine million children are sufficient in all essential nutrients”.

According to modern medicine in America, essential nutrient deficiency has nothing to do with these children being hyperactive at all.

The same goes for the Federal Government.  By federal law, ONLY A DRUG CAN TREAT OR CURE ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING illness-wise.

Imagine you are the child taking Ritalin at 11 years old. You have probably been told “your brain does not work right”, and this pill will make things better. Can you imagine the loss of self esteem these children feel from being told their brain is broken and does not work quite right, and that they need to take a pill prescribed by a doctor in order to fix their brain so it works right?

What good can come of this fraud being perpetuated on millions of children?

It is worthy to note that Ritalin, the most prescribed medication, is a form of speed that both suppresses appetite and revs up metabolism–> therefore causing greater mineral, amino acid and other essential nutrient deficiencies.

In treating the symptoms, the underlying essential nutrient deficiency problems are made worse.

Who has the Power to Stop this Madness, and this Crime Against Humanity, especially the Young and Innocent in America?

America is the most drugged nation on earth, from both a legal drug and illegal drug standpoint.  Sadly, American children are a big target for drugs being prescribed by doctors.

Our Federal Government has the Power to Stop This Madness, but it is in bed with Big Pharma, and Big Pharma is in bed with the American Mafia.  What an unholy triumvirate this is (unless the Mafia can be convinced to Switch Sides).

The Only Power that I can think of that will stop this crime against millions of innocent children is Silicon Valley.

Alternative Medicine is too weak to be effectively heard in America.  During the push for the Affordable Care Act, despite all I saw on TV, I do not remember alternative medicine being spoken of AT ALL. Not once.

GMO’s are known to either cause or contribute to mineral deficiencies, gut biology problems, and food allergy problems–> and all three of these issues are causative of ADHD, depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

GMO use has exploded in America in the past two decades.  ADHD rates and mental illness rates will, and must, rise as a result of GMO’s further contaminating America’s food supply.

Yet the Federal Government does not even mandate that GMO foods be labeled, and staunchly resists such.

The burden on society of so many learning disabled and mentally ill children is going to overwhelm America.

Nothing will change, unless there is a Silicon Valley supported Justifiable Revolution in America such that Alternative Medicine “becomes unchained”.

Our Federal Government watched repeatedly while the American Mafia tried to kill me in 2010, 2011, 2012 (and perhaps 2013) for finding the proper manner to cure ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Depression and Schizophrenia and did absolutely nothing to help me.

Even more puzzling to me is I know that Silicon Valley became Aware of Me to some extent, yet it appears that no one will offer me safe haven due to fear of the Mafia, I suppose. (I sure wish people here would realize that the Mafia kills in secret.  They cannot do anything to us if “we get together, watch each other’s back, and wisely use the Power of the Internet”.)

Who is going to speak for these ten million children diagnosed with ADHD when the bad guys finally get to me due to my fellow human beings abandoning me?

Can’t something be done to stop this madness of leaving so many American children compromised at a rate that is growing alarmingly?

Modern medicine based on fraudulent science and bad food based on fraudulent science will destroy America.

The health of a nation depends on the health of its People.  This should be patently obvious.

FDR once said, the health of American People depends on the health of American Soil, or something similar to this.  The Roundup pesticide used to grow GMO foods damages soil health by damaging soil biology. All of this is known by science, but our Federal Government ignores these scientific facts, and will continue to do so to benefit “its Corporate Donors” (our political system is broken).

The big question in my mind is Why? does our Federal Government act Against the Health of the American Public, and the Health of American children? when it should be obvious that this means the Demise of the America sooner or later.

Don’t the Smart People in Silicon Valley smell some sort of conspiracy here?  

There is no Future For America unless Silicon Valley jointly and courageously steps up to the plate, accepts its role in history, and fights back IN FORCE with the Truth to Uncover Federal Government Suppression of Truth on Multiple Fronts.

IMHO, Google is the Leader in Silicon Valley. It is upon their corporate decisions at the highest levels that America’s Future Rests.

However, the Rest of Silicon Valley should not leave Google hanging on their own–>

The Rest of Silicon Valley should jointly support this Great Company to help bring Truth to BOTH American Food and American Medical Practice, or–>

God Help Us All. 

Without Silicon Valley Brains and Courage Soon–>

And Without the American Mafia relenting, and realizing that the Smart Folks in Silicon Valley are very likely to be willing to negotiate a Win-Win deal to try to save this country from the dead end course it is on, then–>

America, and perhaps the Entire World–>

Is Doomed–>

And so am I.

Allen Darman


Psychiatric insanity: Over 20% of young boys labeled ‘ADHD’


  The percentage of U.S. children between the ages of 4 and 17 years who have been labeled with the diagnosis rose to a mind-boggling 42 percent between 2003 and 2011. Nearly 1 in 5 high school boys and 1 in 11 high school girls had been diagnosed with ADHD

NaturalNews – December 5, 2013
by J. D. Heyes

It’s no secret that, increasingly, Big Pharma, in cahoots with traditional medicinal practitioners, have created a society of near-zombies with all of the mood altering medications they push on the public. But even these figures are shocking.

According to recently published information from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an astounding 20-plus percent of all 14-year-old boys in the United States have been diagnosed, at one time or another over the course of their lives, with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) – a condition that is, of course, treated with dangerous medications.

As reported by

The study also said more than 20 percent of 11-year-old boys had been diagnosed with ADHD at some point in their lives.

The study indicated that American boys were 125 percent more likely than girls to be diagnosed with ADHD, and that boys were 127 percent more likely than girls to be medicated for it.

13.3 percent of American 11-year-old boys are being medicated for ADHD, said the study.

That’s incredible; one in five American teenaged boys have been “diagnosed” with this “disorder.”

‘It highlights the consistent increases in ADHD diagnoses since 2003′

But it gets worse; according to the CDC’s study, the percentage of U.S. children between the ages of 4 and 17 years who have been labeled with the diagnosis rose to a mind-boggling 42 percent between 2003 and 2011.

In addition, the study found that kids in public health programs like Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) were 53 percent more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than children with private health insurance. So not only are too many kids being diagnosed with this “disorder,” but you’re paying for it.

“The parent-reported prevalence of a history of an attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) diagnosis by a health care provider among U.S. school-aged children increased from 7.8 percent in 2003 to 11 percent in 2011, an increase of 42 percent in less than a decade,” said the study, which was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

“This study is really based on the parent-reported survey data and it extends what we know about the increasing prevalence of health-care-provider diagnosed ADHD,” Susanna Visser, of the National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, said in a CDC podcast.

“It highlights the consistent increases in ADHD diagnoses since 2003,” said Visser, who was one of the authors of the study. “Now we also document that there’s been significant increases in the percentage of kids 4-17 years of age who are taking medication for ADHD since 2007.”

The ADHD diagnosis is not evenly distributed among the nation’s children, the study also found.

“Ever-diagnosed ADHD was more common among children with health care coverage than those without coverage, and among those with public coverage than with private coverage,” it said. “Nearly 1 in 5 high school boys and 1 in 11 high school girls had been diagnosed with ADHD.”

Continuing, the researchers said, “Estimates of medicated ADHD increased in 2011, as compared to 2007, particularly among teen boys. In 2011, the highest medicated ADHD prevalence was among 11-year-old boys (13.3 percent).”

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Are There Any Magic Words I Could Blog That Could Get Me The Housing Support I Need? (3-27-14)

Yesterday was a rain day.

Today is going to be short, because the MSC Shelter is so full.

I do not want to get shut out and have to spend the night outside.

Staying in various shelters over the past few years one sees a lot of petty theft, unresolved mental illness and addiction.

Thankfully, one also sees a lot of small acts of human kindness too.

I do not know quite what to say today.

Magic words escape me.

I am beginning to realize that this trip is going to be like all the trips before.

With one exception.

I refuse to return to Albany NY.

The night before last I had nightmares in regard to the Mafia trying to kill me.

I have not had such nightmares for a long time.

Blogging what I did the other day in regard to the Mafia being Murder, Inc. for various corporations is almost certainly a death sentence for me if I do not get help out here this time.

What the heck.

I might as well boldly state the Truth, for I am almost certainly dead anyway without Silicon Valley’s solid support.

I did not go to the coffee shop this morning.

Pulling my iMac up the hill is just too much for me sometimes.

Some of the above relates to the food I am eating. It is either too allergic or not enough.

I am sorry I blogged what I did the other day about retiring from blogging.

After thinking about this, I realize if I stop blogging it means “the Mafia has the ability to kill me without you people knowing a thing”.

I have to blog for the rest of my days, or my Internet Martyrdom is lost.

Silicon Valley should act on the basis “the Mafia killed me” if I ever go silent for more than a month on the Internet.

I don’t care about me personally, as much as I care about America as a whole.

What kind of country is America? both from the standpoint of its federal government and its people.

It used to be called the Home of the Free, and the Land of the Brave.

Now it is the Home of Corporate Corruption, Federal Government Corruption, and Mafia Corruption as well.

Where are the brave that will stand up collectively with me against the above?

If they are not in Silicon Valley, America is lost, and is lost without a fight.

My options on the 1st are not too good.

I am likely to have reactivated “the Mafia trying to kill me” by blogging what I did the other day.

I was not supposed to make it this far.

I am sixty one years old.

I do not have the physical strength I had three or four years ago.

All I have is a brain that remembers, and some fingers that can still type.

If I go to Reno on the 1st, will the same thing happen in which the wireless signal from my motel gets blocked?

I suppose so.

Then what?

Setting up some kind of a bunker apartment like I used to do in order to blog and try to survive a Mafia attack on my own is quite distasteful to me.

It means I am living in fear on a daily basis, a fear that is justifiable given my past history with the Mafia. And it means that despite my repeated heroism standing up again and again after repeated murder attempts, I have yet to get the courageous help I need.

Assuming the Mafia wants me dead, they would love for me to be out of a homeless shelter, living alone by myself somewhere. This gives them “a fixed target”.

The Mafia knows how to crack a homeless shelter defense, and they proved this in Omaha, Council Bluffs and Des Moines–>
But they don’t like the fact I would possibly live long enough to report such before I died. (The last Mafia hit man that I saw was in Medford OR at the shelter there in May 2013, but he could not easily get to me.)

As much as I tried to develop a solution for America that the Mafia be paid off out of the U.S. Treasury after a Justifiable Revolution is Won so that medical discovery and energy invention discovery were not perpetually blocked, I do not think it worked.

I deeply appreciate what WordPress and Google’s awareness of me has done for me this past year and more. You did get the Mafia to back off repeatedly trying to kill me for this period of time.

But now what?

What is the right thing for me to do now?, assuming that the support I will get in the future, although both heroic and deeply appreciated, is nothing more than what it has been in the past.

Should I go back to Utica? where the Mafia tried twice on a repeated basis to kill me, and even my two sons or my brother would not help me at all in the midst of these two multiple-in-nature attempts.

Even a gun in my housemate’s back making this person knock on my door when I lived in Utica in February 2012 did not get me a modicum of family support.

A man without a country and a man without a home is what I am, and most probably will continue to be.

Pulling a suitcase with a 20″ iMac in it is not easy for me.

I am stumped.

I do not know quite what to do.

It is probably going to be a motel somewhere for me on the first or the second. (An apartment by myself is out of the question.)

I am just not quite sure where yet.

My only hope at survival is if the Mafia continues to not act against me, for they can easily get into ANY motel room I stay at at 4:00 am with no one knowing the wiser.

I just do not have the strength that I used to in which to fight them off.


The Mafia and Silicon Valley hold the future of America in their hands, at least until Martial Law is declared and the Internet is Shut Down.

If America explodes into civil war due to economic collapse, mass starvation, and FEMA camp activation, I have no clue who really would have any real power in a scenario such as this. Whoever has the most guns and ammo, or whoever has the most military might?

In a dog eat dog scenario, the strongest dog survives. As much as the Feds have armed themselves recently, the American Public has an awful lot of guns, and ex-servicemen trained to use them, in which to fight back.

Despite being disorganized and having our communication cut off, there are “so many more of us” than paid Federal Gunmen, and even many in law enforcement are Aware and On Our Side.

What a mess.

Can the above civil war as a result of economic collapse be avoided by Joint and Smart Silicon Valley and Mafia collective action now or in the near future?

In my mind, this is still the only answer. There is nothing else that I can think of but a pragmatic Alliance such as this.

Nobody wins in America if America erupts into a civil or revolutionary war, except those Eugenics folks that engineered America’s Economic Collapse and this civil war in the first place.

In a case of civil war in America, as a result of mass starvation and people with guns fighting to find enough food for themselves and their families (or their gang) to survive, many of our cities and suburbs may end up looking like Damascus or Beirut.

People think the above could not happen in America.

I beg to differ.

I know this could happen if people who own guns are left for two or three days “without enough to eat”, and no food forthcoming unless they find it and take it by force.

All it would take to spark civil war is runs on the banks like what happened in the 1929 stock market collapse. Runs on the banks would precipitate runs on the grocery stores. Then what? It should be obvious if “you think things out”.

I am here to “try to help you people wake up to the horrific reality of what is in store for America if things do not massively change”.

If my value to you is little to nothing, don’t bother to pick me up.

If you value me and/or what I have to say, please find a way to pick me up and house me, so I can continue to be an Important Internet Voice.

My time on this earth is probably quite limited due to killers-in-waiting, if I do not get help this time out.

Allen Darman with help from some heroic people – hopefully what you did for me, and what I did for America, were not in vain.


Much of What I blogged about in regard to Alternative Medicine involves Universal Truths that should be taught in high school to the entire human race.

All of this basic health knowledge that we have a human right to is currently being Federal Government, Big Pharma and Mafia Suppressed.

It is worthy to note that the American Mafia may “Switch Sides” and allow TRUTH IN HEALTHCARE TO HAPPEN.

The American Mafia may be Open to A Better Answer than what we are doing at present Healthcare-wise and Otherwise in America, as long as this answer does not cost the Mafia any money, or makes them more than they are making now.

If Silicon Valley Keeps This In Mind, things at a negotiating table should work out.

I do not blame the American Mafia at all for Big Pharma’s and Our Federal Government’s Myriad of Lies Regarding Healthcare. They are simply the paid enforcer of such.

However, if the American Mafia does not “Switch Sides”, and They Stay With–>

Enforcing the Lies By Acting as MURDER, Inc. >>>Killing ANY AND ALL DISCOVERERS<<< that threaten Corporate America (Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Nuclear, etc.)–>


Such that the Smart Folks Out Here know what needs to happen After an Inevitable Patriot Revolution succeeds.

I sincerely hope the Mafia gets Smart SOON and Makes the Right Decision TO SWITCH SIDES BEFORE any Internet Woodstock Event.

I also hope that Silicon Valley is reasonable and at some point negotiates a Win-Win-Win Deal with them for the Sake of the Future of America.

Live or Die, I Feel Deeply Honored to Have Been Involved In A Critically Meaningful Way in an Effort To Save America, Humanity and the World.

I accept my Destiny, whatever it may be.

It would be Wise For Silicon Valley to Extract All of the Knowledge Value that it can from me while I am still here to tell this knowledge to you.

To Google–> The ball is in your court.

WordPress (Automattic) is too small and vulnerable to help me more than they are doing now it seems.

If they were not too small and vulnerable, the people involved with WordPress that are anonymously helping me online would have picked me up when I arrived here.

I am here to stay this time.

I am staying here in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area until Google and Silicon Valley either help me to help America and the world, or–>

I die from either natural or unnatural causes.

I cannot do the job God gave me on the means that I have, or do it alone.

Given the means and adequate support, I Can, and I Most Certainly Will, Change this World for the Better.

As Valuable as I am to a Justifiable Revolution in America due “Not to Who I Am” but to “What I Know”, I am a bit surprised at being abandoned here again. This time I am not depressed, just surprised and a bit baffled as to “Why?” and/or “What Went Wrong?”.

Lastly, The Truth is the Truth, regardless of the lowly stature, the looks, the means or the eccentricities of its purveyor.

Allen Darman with critical and heroic help from Mark Jaquith of and some critical and heroic help from some anonymous WordPress People Out Here