Some Contact Details For Allen Darman aka Allen D In Reno NV (5-3-14)

For years I simply gave up as far as getting important or critical phone calls or emails.

Hackers blocked me so much since June 2006, that I simply gave up, rather that be repeatedly frustrated–>

Knowing full well the entire time that all of my inbound and outbound traffic was monitored, screened, and selectively deleted or blocked.

Perhaps Things are Different Now as a Result of the Big Picture Blog I wrote on May 2nd, 2014.

Perhaps Not As Well.

In an Optimistic Spirit, I am going to give out (1) my new working phone number, (2) a primary email address (I am not sure which yet) and also (3) my physical location (the bad guys know it already, I might as well tell everyone else).

My new phone number is 1-775-200-4574.

This is a cheap $30 Walmart StraightTalk LG flip phone, one in which I have unlimited text and minutes (which costs $45 a month plus tax).

I tried a call to an answering machine, and this phone is activated and it works well.

Anyone that may wish to talk to me at any time, sooner or later, and feels it appropriate to do so, feel free to dial 775-200-4574 (or use the 1 in front of this number if you are on a phone in which you have to).

I could not afford a Smart Phone, but I hate them anyway as far as calling and answering goes.

Flip phones are real easy for me, and I used to regularly talk to a good friend for hours on them (she is deceased unfortunately).

The thing I really like about flip phones is that you just stick them in your pocket, and you never accidentally start dialing numbers.

I don’t expect anyone to call, nor am I applying any pressure whatsoever.

However if I do get either a call or a text (I like texting), I would welcome it, and/or respond promptly.

Oops, I better set up my phone’s answering machine. I will get to this within a matter of hours.

That’s enough on the phone, other than to mention that my last Smart Phone, a 4.1 Android, was regularly hacked and made unusable.

Oh, I forget to mention–> the NSA, the Illuminati, and the Mafia are all listening.

I welcome them listening to my calls.

They are going to hear one happy camper on my end If–>

I can find and reach my dear friend Helen in Utica NY, or either of my sons sometime today to give them “the Great News”!!!

These three calls will all be made later today.

Blogging is not my top priority today.

It’s way down on the list.

This is common when, or soon after, I get my monthly SSD money, as I have to Budget Things, Consider Various Optional Expenses, and take care of some necessary ones (my 3 big necessary ones this month were “this phone and more socks and underwear”. Walmart did the job here.

I am considering a bicycle as my top choice as far as optional ones.

If I do get a bike and a lock, my bus trip to San Francisco will happen in early June sometime.

I think it wise to both Upgrade and clean up a new selection of Dirty Dozen Blogs before I go anywhere.

This plan may change if these Directed Energy Weapon attacks continue.

They shut it off, but now that I got back online they just started whacking me with D.E.W. again.

Ah well.

Such is life.

My physical address is the Rancho Sierra Motel, 411 West 4th Street, Reno NV 89503 Room 23.

It costs $500 a month no tax.

It’s a dump, but I am quite comfortable.

The bed is good, and so is the bedding.

And the shower has good control, and a ton of pressure.

The toilet needs fixing, but I have yet to mention this.

I am thinking of staying here, because some of the people that stay here and manager are so nice.

And I am on the first and only floor in this section of the place.

It’s real easy here, far easier than Albany with all the drama.

I may stay here for awhile.

It’s really up to Google or My Team.

If you want me to be elsewhere just tell me and I’ll be there.

Or simply “Come Get Me”, and I can be packed and ready to go in about 40 minutes.

Dear Google Company, you know “I am yours”, OR U SHOULD KNOW anyway.  >>>We Belong Together.<<<  I am dead certain of this. You have Great Power, and So Do I. We could change the World for sure.

Nobody could stop us if you simply picked me up, transported me somewhere, and gave me a SAFE BOX OF ONE ROOM WITH A WINDOW TO WORK OUT OF.

THAT IS ALL IT WOULD TAKE, that and a little time (months not years).

There is No More Appropriate Place for me to be on this Earth but “On Team Google”.

“The little piece of God in me” tells me this, and has been telling me this for quite some time.


For now, anyway, I am going to choose aka as my primary email address. I do get mail here, but it seems to run real late. For example, if I go into my inbox, often the latest email I see is from yesterday.

I will check this email address out more today to see if it works like I think it should.

If I have problems, I will try to find an email address that works, or start a fresh one.

I will post any primary email changes just below this line, as I determine them.

Primary Email Address #2: [n/a for now] (this also can be secondary email address when I fill this in, if one is still noted as an active Primary Address above this)

Primary Email Address #3: [n/a for now] (this also can be secondary email address when I fill this in, if one is still noted as an active Primary Address above this)

Important Notes to All: I have had a ton of trouble receiving and/or writing emails going all the way back to 2006 or 2007 (until I more or less “gave up”). I am the most hacked man on the planet since June 2006, when I first put my son Wily’s Original ADHD/Bipolar Recovery Story on the Internet. There is no doubt whatsoever on this in my mind (that I am the most hacked man on the planet). That’s Real Suppression for sure. That’s why I finally got some sense in me in about June or July of 2010, and started to Search Online using the keyword “suppression”. Out of this I found the heroic investigative reporter Gary Vesperman’s Compilation of 95 Energy Invention Suppression cases. As a Result of this, my being Suppressed myself, and my learning online about the suppression of Bob Beck and Royal Raymond Rife, I became quite an Expert on Suppression Knowledge that “had the power to topple federal governments worldwide, especially our own, which was my Primary Target”. The rest is history, or it sure should be some day.


I have to stop blogging and move around, because–>

The Directed Energy Weapon aimed at me in the chair I am sitting in is really bothering me.

It can’t kill me, but it is sure a pain in the ass.

I think that they are whacking me harder this time.

In fact, I know it.

They must have turned up the juice.

Later alligator.

Allen Darman aka Allen D

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