An Apparent Breakthrough In Free Electricity

America is in deep shit, and time is of the essence. We are running out of time, especially in light of the facts regarding (1) what is going on in the Ukraine, Syria, Iran, North Korea, and elsewhere, (2) the facts that Russia and China are collaborating politically, commercially and militarily (a joint naval exercise will happen between them soon), (3) the fact that both Russia and China are dumping the dollar as a Reserve Currency in which to trade with, and other countries will soon be joining them, (4) when the dollar loses its status as the world’s reserve currency economic collapse in America is right around the corner, (5) our Federal Government is dying to declare Martial Law ASAP in order to preserve itself, (6) the inevitable and soon forthcoming economic collapse in America will most certainly precipitate a state of Martial Law and (7) a state of Martial Law will end Freedom of Speech on the Internet, if not Freedom of Speech and Freedom period.

Any delay in very substantial action by Silicon Valley or an Alliance between Silicon Valley and the American Mafia acting jointly as soon as is practical or possibly is both unwise and untenable.

The future of both America and the World is at stake.

Gary Vesperman on Energy Invention Suppression

Although the article below presents no solid proof, there has been an apparent breakthrough in free energy generation.

The YouTube video below is contained in the link above.

If the device shown in the above YouTube video works and can generate about 10 KW freely as represented in the article above, it could free the average homeowner of an electricity bill for an affordable installation cost.

Even a relatively small Silicon Valley company such as the one underlying WordPress could easily afford to build a working unit of the free electricity device shown in the links above. This relatively small company has far more power to get the Truth Out to the masses than most people realize. It is a lion in sheep’s clothing, and many heroic people work there. (I owe these people my very life, just as I owe numerous persons that work for or manage…

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