The Google Company And The Rest Of Silicon Valley Have An Absolute Moral Responsibility To Make America And The World Immediately Aware Of The Great Significance Stan Meyer And His Inventions

If Stan Meyer’s inventions are going to be ignored or not properly acted upon by Google and Silicon Valley, there is no doubt I am going to be ignored or not properly acted upon as well.

IMHO, humanity is going to either rise or fall based on what Google and Silicon Valley do in regard to the suppression of Stan Meyer and his inventions.

In my opinion, every single Silicon Valley High Level Executive should be assigned the task of watching every single YouTube Video in regard to Stan Meyer, and perhaps look at some of Daniel Dingel’s water powered car videos as well.

If the Suppression of Stan Meyer’s Inventions ends, perhaps the Suppression of myself and many others that were either killed or threatened with death for what they had discovered will end as well.

on Suppression by Allen D

The U.S. Federal Government systematically suppresses anything that threatens any and all conventional energy technologies.

The videos below should be watched by every American, as they represent solid YouTube proof of federal government suppression of What could quite arguably be called the greatest invention of all time.

The four videos below concern Stan Meyer, an inventor in Ohio that not only invented a water powered car, but invented a way to replace natural gas and all other fuels used by humanity as well.

The water powered car could run on both fresh water and salt water according to Stan Meyer.

The fact that Stan Meyer’s invention could run on salt water essentially mean that water could be taken from the ocean and split into hydrogen and oxygen with a substantial energy gain.

This energy could be used to power car, power trucks, power ships, power trains, generate electricity, or…

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