In Fighting Two Wars Based On Lies America Gave Away Its Air Supremacy Capability To Both Russia And China

I hesitated to write this blog for there is something inherently wrong with a species and a country (specifically America) that continually goes to war. No good can come of this, and all of these non-nuclear wars bring us closer to Nuclear Armageddon.

However, I felt it worthy to inform people of the fact that America no longer has a technological edge in air supremacy (and in many other war modalities as well). We have fallen behind, and will become more behind over time, because we cannot compete economically, and war equipment is costly. is ours

I ran into some insightful videos on YouTube the other day.

Russia and China both watched what we did in Iraq and Afghanistan.

They subsequently developed cheaper fighter planes that exceeded our best fighter planes in their capabilities.

They also developed SAM’s (surface to air missiles) that jeopardized our best fighter planes as well.

Russian fighter development is not static.

They are getting better and better year by year as the following videos from the 2013 and 2014 Paris Air Show demonstate.

China was able to get ahold of pieces of one of our downed planes in the Balkans, which helped them to leap frog forward in development as well.

Chinese missiles are a threat to our fighters as well.


We have lost our technological lead in developing war equipment. Add this fact to our economic vulnerabilities and the future does not look good for America.

We are…

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