Human Nature Makes Mafia Methodology Far More Powerful Than Any Federal Law (3-29-2014)

My destiny appears to be to try to get the American Mafia and the Smart folks in Silicon Valley to sit down and–>
Figure out a way to save this country in a manner that does not cost the Mafia any money, and do so—>

Before America has erupted into martial law and civil war and therefore–>

It is just too late.

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What this means is the American Mafia has control of what goes on in America in a very big way.

If America is going to change course, it is up to the American Mafia more than it is up to the Federal Government.

I know this for a fact, and so does the American Mafia.

All of the white collar criminals on Wall Street and in Washington D.C. have little fear of Federal Law.

So what if they get caught?

Some easy time in a Federal Pen perhaps, while the millions they gained sits in some offshore bank account waiting for them when they get out.

For one example of a white collar criminal, Look what happened to Jon Corzine.

Absolutely Nothing for robbing hundreds of millions.

With the American Mafia, it’s another story entirely.

Cross these folks and it’s death to your children, death and torture for you…

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