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The Story of Darman Mfg. Company and Genius (10-13-2010)

Posted on October 13, 2010


This blog is a critical one for me. This is because it is a resume of sorts… or at least a part of one.

Incidentally, this blog represents strongly suggests that I have a work ethic second to none, and that I have at least some degree of genius. (Both of my parents had some degree of genius. Out of the seven children that they had, I was the most gifted in regard to math, science, and logical thinking.)


I spent the time needed to tell the story of my tenure as President of Darman Mfg. today.

I did this because my credibility is so important in regard to what I am trying to do at the moment.

I felt that perhaps my work history with Darman Mfg. might help with this (my credibility).

[Darman Manufacturing Company can be found on the Internet at]

I hope that you (the reader) gain some insight in regard to what my potential and my capabilities are when you read the story that follows.

Allen Darman

The Story Of Darman Manufacturing Company, Inc. During My Tenure As Its 2/3rd Majority Stockholder and President

I have done a business start-up before in my life… or almost done so.

“Almost” in the above means that I did not have to start a business from scratch. I revived a business that was dying, and was dying for quite some time.

In 1983, for $100,000 I bought a dying manufacturing company with (1) an obsolete product, (2) an old plant and equipment, and (3) an almost empty bank account.

I bought this business from my father Arthur Darman.

[Arthur Darman had bought Darman Mfg. Company from his father Joseph Darman’s estate in the late 1960’s when he died. Joseph Darman, an immigrant from Malta who spoke no English, and had no money when he arrived at Ellis Island in about 1910, was its founder (after soon buying out a funding partner). Joseph Darman was a very gifted man, and was known to be a genius by many that knew him.]

My start at Darman Mfg. Company was not an auspicious one. In the twelve years prior to my taking the reins, my father had fired me three times, and I had quit three times out of anger and frustration as well. (At least we were even in this regard when I bought the company from him.)

Darman Mfg. Company was purchased from my father without a dime of my own money (as I had none). It was purchased by the company mortgaging its paid-for-building for $50,000 (an amount immediately handed to my father), and a $50,000 promissory note at no interest paid out monthly for five years. (I paid my father $833.33 for the next sixty months, and paid the mortgage as well. These were paid out of company proceeds as we went along.)

Darman Mfg. Co., Inc.’s annual sales were about $130,000 annually for the prior three fiscal years before I bought it. These annual sales were probably the lowest in its corporate history as far back as World War II.

Darman Mfg. Company, Inc. had suffered through a long slow decline in annual sales over the past fifteen years or more. This decline in sales was a result of paper towels and hot air dryers replacing the cloth roll towel cabinets that are (sometimes) still found in public restrooms.

Darman Mfg.’s primary product was cloth roll towel cabinets that were sold to the linen industry. The linen industry then hung these cabinets in commercial restrooms, and made their money on washing and changing the roll of cloth toweling.

When I told people back in the 1983 – 1994 era what Darman Mfg. Co. actually made a common response I received from many persons was “Who the heck still wants those? I did not think anyone made them any more”.

The primary reason for Darman Mfg. Co.’s flat sales three years before I purchased it was just as my father told me before he sold me the company… “Allen, every product has a life cycle. The life cycle of our primary product is over. It has been over for quite some time”.

Both my father, and a consultant with an M.B.A. degree that I hired a few years after I bought the company, told me that I did not have a chance as far as succeeding with Darman Mfg. Co. goes. Both thought such to be impossible… or extremely unlikely at best.

Few desired cloth roll towel cabinets (the toweling that they dispensed) to dry their hands on when paper towels for hand drying became prevalent, and took the commercial hand drying market by storm in the sixties and the seventies. In some states cloth roll towel cabinets were actually unfairly outlawed from the standpoint of hygiene. The market for cloth roll towel cabinets in the United States was not robust when I purchased this company, to say the very least.

In these hopeless business circumstances, and in a high tax state in which manufacturing companies were leaving in droves or dying, I succeeded “in spades”. And I succeed despite manufacturing a product many thought to be obsolete… cloth roll towel cabinets.

Less than eight years after I bought Darman Mfg. Co, from my father, it was doing about $2,000,000 in annual sales. And it continued to do so until I retired in 1994 in order to try to find the cure to manic depression.

For the past three or four years that I ran Darman Mfg. Co. as it’s President, its profits, and my salary with benefits, were both around $100,000 (each). This admittedly assumes that I count as my salary paying my ex-wife $35,000 annually as a “no-show” vice president, count a company car, count some paid for by the company gasoline credit cards.

I succeeded due to the following:

(1) I had a work ethic second to none. (Eighty hour work weeks were the norm for me for the bulk of the first five years or so of the eleven years I ran Darman Mfg. And in one particular year and a half period of these five years I often exceeded this eighty hour work week by another ten hours or so.)

(2) I maximized the value of a verbal pledge to purchase 2000 towel cabinets annually from a major domestic linen supplier in advance of a new towel cabinet design being even started on. (When this verbal pledge of future purchase was made, it represented about $120,000 in business annually, or about double our annual towel cabinet production in units at the time.)

(3) I was able to find and secure close to half a million dollars of funding for this new design via (1) a limited stock offering to people that I knew, and (2) through S.B.A. financing package. (I was heavily involved on a hands-on-basis in developing the business plan and accounting data to make this financing occur.)

(4) I successfully upgraded Darman Mfg. Company’s towel cabinet design from a product with a metal outer shell to a product with a plastic one. (I heavily participated in the design process of this new plastic shell. I worked as a team with a “pencil draftsman” that I had hired in a bar one night. “Pencil drafting” was almost a must at this time, as personal computers had not quite advanced enough to support AutoCad yet. Neither this draftsman nor I had any prior experience in plastic part design. We learned as we went along. Our design was so good a major local molder doing told us our new cabinet could win an award for its design. I admittedly did have our work reviewed by a professional plastic parts designer before expensive molds were made. However, this professional plastic parts designer made remarkably few changes to what the draftsman and I had come up with design-wise.)

(5) I greatly improved our internal accounting capability. (I was a wizard at writing Lotus 123 spreadsheets in 1987, and was completely self taught in this (by reading books). I put all the business books on spreadsheet templates of my own design in 1987. These were still in regular use by Darman Mfg. over a decade later. My work was done on a 286 computer, and was way ahead of its time. It actually embarrassed our C.P.A accounting firm to take the action of sending some of their employees to Chicago to learn how to use computers. A person in this accounting firm told me if my cash disbursements ledger template could write checks, he could sell it to some of his other accounting customers. I could have learned how to do such from the books that I had in my possession, but I did not have the time to invest in this. I was running my own business, not helping his for peanuts. Oddly, as much as I knew about Lotus 123 spreadsheets and spreadsheet design in 1987, I don’t know a whit about Excel today. After I left the business environment my learning was directed elsewhere.)

(6) I was behind the smart purchasing of raw materials. (At purchasing Darman Mfg. Company excelled for a business of our magnitude. I was using a Radio Shack computer to help with purchasing as early as 1984. I used merge letters, and the Thomas Register, to often get thirty or forty quotes from different vendors for the same part. This was done to find the best price for a part of equal quality, of course.)

(7) I was able to recognize the successful price point for our primary product. (This took a feel for the market, and what price it would bear. The market for towel cabinets was price sensitive somewhat. It was price sensitive due to an excess of fully reconditioned towel cabinets being regularly sold at $40. per unit all over the U.S.)

(8) I personally designed and developed a Lotus 123 spreadsheet template that was given to a number of our major customers in the early 1990′s. This spreadsheet template contained a sophisticated sales argument involving “the total cost approach” using net present value, including “all the math behind it”. It was essentially a program that our customers could plug their own cost and other variables into. It would then automatically and accurately generate their own fiscal results in net present value. (This sales argument compared two competing purchasing decisions many of my customers faced. This sales argument was a bit of sheer genius, or very close to it. It did make a substantial difference in our domestic and Canadian sales. It did so by convincing a number of our customers to replace their older towel cabinet inventory with new cabinets when their older cabinets came in for repair.)

(9) I acquired some major domestic customers. (My brother Stephen Darman was admittedly a great help with this. Sales skills are my weakest suit in running a business by far. Sales skills and people skills are somewhat related, and I am lacking in the latter, as well as the former. Thankfully the Internet makes selling far easier than it was before the Internet existed.)

Amazingly, one of our biggest customers for towel cabinets for many years was a linen supply company that was actually owned by the brother of the only competing manufacturer of cloth towel cabinets that we had in the U.S. We simply gave this man a much better value that his brother’s towel cabinet manufacturing company did. We sold this man’s linen supply company many hundreds of thousands of dollars of cabinets over the years. To do so, our value and quality had to be exceptional vs. that of his own brother’s company.

(10) Darman Mfg. acquired some export customers and markets. (We sold in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries as well. Our export market expanded as a result of our presence at numerous European trade shows as a corporate exhibitor.)

and perhaps the most important…

(11) I learned to respectfully listen to the thoughts and ideas of every single one of my employees at all times. (One employee that worked for me came up with a key design change involving substantial simplification of the towel cabinet mechanism. This man, a man I have often thought of as my second father in my life, literally saved the company with this idea. His idea saved us almost $5.00 per cabinet in material and labor. One year we shipped almost 30,000 cabinets, for a savings of nearly $150,000.)

The success story of Darman Mfg. Company occurred against all odds. One of these odds I have yet to mention was the fact that during the entire tenure I ran Darman Mfg. Company, I was at least somewhat symptomatic of bipolar disorder. (I had yet to be even diagnosed for this. My original diagnosis of bipolar disorder did not occur until June 1994, despite my onset of significant symptoms first occurring in 1963, thirty one years earlier. I was admittedly “a madman” as Darman Mfg. Company’s President at times. However, I was a madman that could work like heck while in a functional state of hypomania, make many corporate things happen, and make a lot of money. I avoided any professional help in my entire adult life until the early 1990′s. At this point, I began seeing a psychologist every month or so as a result of a bad marriage, lessening career satisfaction, and a state of depression.)

The stress of growing Darman Mfg. Company did take a toll on me personally. Beginning in November 1987 my bipolar illness suddenly became a lot worse. At this same time (November 1987), I also became suddenly and heavily addicted to gambling. (This gambling was specifically playing poker, as I gambled at almost nothing else. This is a story for another day.)

Despite my being really nuts a good deal of the time from late 1987 until I voluntarily retired from Darman Mfg. in the summer of 1994, or my being gone playing poker somewhere, and despite a lot of very difficult business hurdles that I had to overcome, Darman Mfg. Company succeeded. And it succeeded in spades.

Such is the power of a little bit of genius, a ton of stubbornness to succeed, a solid work ethic, and a great deal of hard work.

Incidentally, the success of Darman Mfg. is certainly not the story of the power of formal education. I only have a high school diploma. And I have only completed one single course in college. This course was Accounting 101 in 1983. (My father made this course a pre-condition to sale of the company to me.)

Achieving Two Impossibles Sixteen Years Apart

What the above material regarding Darman Mfg. means is:

“I have done the impossible once in my life” in business.

Perhaps not one person in a million could have grown Darman Mfg. as fast as I did, given its primary product, and the access to capital and resources that I had to begin with.

What the above also happens to mean is:

I have a long life history of (1) the willingness to work, (2) the ability to work, and (3) the ability to achieve some rather extraordinary things (despite bipolar symptoms when some of these achievements occurred).

A recent blog I posted to my WordPress site titled “Cambridge Who’s Who And A Synopsis Of My Situation” (October 2010) means:

“I fully claim to have done the impossible again”. This second impossible is:

I have found many cures for a myriad of mental, degenerative, and addictive illnesses, when few to none of these cures actually existed before.

I did so with no formal conventional medical training, no formal alternative medical training, and despite only having a high school diploma.

I did so by primarily by reading a lot of books, and trying a wide range of things on myself… over and over again… in order to repeatedly refine and validate results.

I also achieved this second impossible by listening to the ideas of others.

This included listening to my thirteen year old son Willy, who came up with a much better idea than I in order to begin to cure himself in 2004 (his baggie).

Finding a myriad of cures for millions of persons with a wide range of different illnesses by the above would be considered by many to be impossible.

Well, it wasn’t impossible.

My teenage son Willy and I co-achieved this.

Incidentally, finding the cures for depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and the like was the easy part for me.

These cures are all fairly elementary from both a logical and a “common biological sense” point of view.

Staying alive while finding and refining these cures, all the while knowing since the spring of 2000 that some portion of the drug industry and I had already become aware of how much of a threat we were to each other… and doing so for the past eight years primarily funded by my SSD check, that was the hard part for me.

Over ten years ago I knew I was playing a chess game with a corporate monster for my very life.

I sure hope that the third impossible that I report to the world a year or so down the road is the following:

“I have achieved a won position in my chess game against Big Pharma. All the world needs is now is to wait a little more time for the weight of public opinion to topple them”.

A Wrap Up On the Story Of Darman Mfg. Company

Darman Mfg. Company was a notable success story in Utica, NY during my tenure as its President. We made the newspaper and TV in Utica NY more than a few times while I ran this company

Darman Mfg. Company is still a viable company today.

I wrote the story of Darman Mfg. Company in an attempt to add to the credibility that the Cambridge Who’s Who organization has recently bestowed on me. (I cannot thank this organization enough for this.)

I do have a complete set of Darman Mfg.’s financial statements during my tenure as its President to prove the above. I also have some years before and after my tenure as President in my possession as well. (These statements back up the above story.)

Anyone that has read this blog now knows that prior to my getting into self-applied alternative medicine, my professional background was business management.


I sincerely hope that some persons also realize that in all the years I have spent on the Internet spreading alternative medical truth and understanding, I have not tried to commercialize anything, or gain fiscally in any way.

Since the fall of 1997 I have given away many thousands of hours of personal effort on the Internet for free.

I intend to give away much, if not nearly all, of my future Internet efforts for free as well. This should show my pureness of heart in regard to helping people. If it does not, perhaps nothing will.

Defining, funding, and managing a healing house to the point of its generating useful video material for others worldwide is an infinitely simpler task than what I had to deal with to in order to make Darman Mfg. Company succeed. There is simply no comparison here.

In doing the above in a manner that is properly funded and staffed, I swear to the world that I can generate video material that will heavily sway the opinion of all who watch it.

The influence on public opinion I could rather readily generate, if given adequate fiscal means, enough baggie/natural healing volunteers, and “the needed protection” in which to work, has a very good chance of toppling Big Pharma.

There is the possible potential of a multi-hundred billion dollar pot of gold in selling drug company short, or using other “betting against” market devices, if some things are handled right, and a well funded party has to means to capitalize on this opportunity.

Today my spam email inbox has a number of spam letters from Pfizer. This is rather unusual, as I have never received a lot of spam emails from Pfizer before.

Now perhaps the reader may understand why I feel like a dead man walking sometimes.

My Final Two Cents Of Advice

My first cent of advice to the world:

Don’t ever discount what hard work and genius can do over a span of sixteen years time. My entire focus for the past sixteen years was to find the chemical part of the cure for bipolar disorder, other mental illnesses, and various addictions.

I loved chemistry class in high school. I was interested in this class, and I asked a lot of questions.

My second cent of advice to the world:

When a genius (or at least some degree of this) works for sixteen years to find a cure for an illness (that thus far has none) firmly states over and over again for over four years in a row that he or she has found this cure for all humanity… this genius is extremely likely to be stating The Truth, or be very close to it, and be closer than anyone else.


Allen Darman

My Website:

Web Address of this blog:

The Website of Darman Mfg. Company, Inc.:

Note: This material is not copyright protected in ANY way. Anyone and everyone may freely send this material to anyone they wish. In addition to this, anyone and everyone may put this material on their own website if they wish. Allen Darman

Cambridge Who’s Who And A Synopsis Of My Situation (10-12-2010)

Posted on October 12, 2010

An Introduction To Myself (and my son Willy as well)

You may or may not be familiar with me, or my written work. Please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Allen Darman.

I am a person that cured myself of over three decades of having bipolar disorder by using self-applied alternative medicine in the late 1990′s.

Beginning in the summer of 2004, I began to teach my then thirteen year old son Willy how to cure himself of an ADHD diagnosis, classic bipolar symptoms, and sickly childhood health as well.

Willy did his part in his recovery. He worked at it. In doing so, he generated a world leading recovery story. It is a story of hope for the whole world.

In 2004, my son Willy and I accidentally seem to have made one of the biggest discoveries in history, as far as the achievement, retention, or recovery of one’s health goes. (This is how history should interpret what happened here. Why? Because it is the truth.)

I give Willy the bulk of the credit for this discovery. Due to his circumstances, Willy insisted that I combine every single supplement that had helped me, such that he could take them all at once. In insisting in taking his supplements like this, Willy invented what I commonly call “Willy’s Baggie” (of supplements).

I would never have done things this way (taken all of these supplements all at once). Nor has anyone else in alternative medicine yet thought of the idea to do this, or widely carried it out.

Willy and I made an original discovery here. Admittedly, over four decades ago Adelle Davis ago postulated this discovery. She suggested that one take the entire nutrient range when healing decades before Willy had even thought of it. Adelle Davis simply did not have easy and affordable access to the supplement means in which to carry her discovery out.

Willy’s discovery (of Willy’s Baggie of supplements) was born in part from knowledge that I had acquired before it occurred.

As one example of knowledge acquired prior to the invention of Willy’s Baggie, my knowledge in regard to the oral therapeutic use of free form amino acids has exceeded that of anyone else in alternative medicine for over a decade. (Proper broad based free form amino acid use is a big missing key to dealing with all mental illness, degenerative illness, and addiction.) As a second example of knowledge acquired prior to the invention of Willy’s Baggie, some portions of my gut knowledge are unparalleled in the alternative medical realm. (There are other examples besides these two as well.)

What Willy and I have discovered is a huge threat to the drug industry. It threatens the collapse of drug oriented medicine in a very big way.

What Willy and I have discovered is also a huge help to anyone with a bipolar, depressive, schizo-affective, or schizophrenic diagnosis.

What Willy and I have discovered has far broader implications than those suggested in the above. Our discovery would greatly help to resolve heroin addiction, cocaine addiction, and alcohol addiction. It would help with many degenerative illnesses. It is profoundly anti-aging. And it would do so much else as well.

Big Pharma and I

A good portion of the drug industry is most certainly aware of all of the above. (And they know it is all true.)

As soon as I first put my son Willy’s original recovery story on the Internet in June 2006, I began to have chronic trouble with hackers paid for by a drug company (or companies). (The drug industry is the only logical suspect here.) This difficulty with hackers continues to this day, no matter what computer I may use, or whether it be publicly or privately owned.

Incidentally, I am almost certain that drug industry monitoring of my Internet activity first began over ten years ago. It began a result of my learning in the year 2000 how to adequately chemically correct a longstanding state of severe depression in as little as eight to twelve hours. This breakthrough for all humanity in regard to how to properly treat a depressive state is still not widely being used by other persons or parties (as it should have been years ago).

A few years ago it was found that what Willy and I are doing supplement-wise can result in hearing voices remission within a matter of hours to a matter of days. (Hearing voices is a hallmark symptom of schizophrenia.)

Essentially, coupled with what I already knew, a few years ago I had found the cure for schizophrenia, just as I had found the cure for bipolar disorder over ten years ago.

A few years ago I also began having recurrent very unusual trouble while using my cell phone. This unusual phone difficulty and/or monitoring of my phone calls by some portion of the drug industry continues to this day, regardless of my changing phones multiple times. (What this means is that any contact made with me outside of snail mail is listened to by the drug industry in some way.)

Things have become even worse for me this year. In 2010 I firmly believe that I have had two separate attempts on my life. And I am certain that the same parties behind this evil doing will try to make me dead again. If I am alive one year from now I will be surprised… and if I am alive two years from now I will be even more surprised.

What I know threatens hundreds of billions of dollars of drug industry revenue, and both they and I know it. And it threatens entire classes of medication as well.

A Synopsis Of My Situation

Some day the world will realize that the person that was going to find the cure for manic depression (or bipolar disorder, its newer name) had to be a person that was bipolar his or her self. And some day the world will realize that I was that man.

I knew when I found the cure for bipolar disorder that I had found the cure for depression as well.

Little did I know when I found the cure for bipolar disorder that I had found the cure for schizophrenia too. However, I began to suspect this in 2001, as a result of an anecdotal story that I heard in Kentucky at this time. About seven years after this event in Kentucky, while in Ohio I became fairly certain that I found the cure for schizophrenia. And today I am now certain of this (at least for the majority of this population).

Never would I have guessed in a million years when I found the cure for bipolar disorder in 2000 that my (then) thirteen year old son Willy would some day improve on what I already knew, as well as greatly simplify its implementation. (He did both of these in 2004, but I did not realize this until 2006.)

In inventing his baggie (Willy’s Baggie) my son Willy has hit a home run for the entire world in regard to healing so many illnesses. This home run is so broad in its implications, it is not funny.

Willy has no idea of how enormously important his discovery of Willy’s Baggie is. He is almost totally blind to the enormity of what he invented. And he is also totally blind to how much trouble his discovery has got me into. (In Willy’s defense, his blindness on these issues may be due to the influence of other persons.)

Ironically, Willy’s discovery (of Willy’s Baggie) so seriously threatens Big Pharma, and is so important to the human race, that it is almost certainly going to get me killed some day. It is going to get me killed because (1) I fully realize its (Willy’s discovery’s) enormous significance, (2) I will never give up trying to be heard, and (3) the drug industry called Big Pharma stands to lose hundreds of billions of dollars due to it (Willy’s discovery).

More In Regard To What Willy’s Discovery Has The Power To Do

Wound healing of all sorts, the treatment of all mental illnesses, the treatment of virtually all (or almost all) degenerative illnesses, the treatment of most addictive illnesses (the exception is cigarettes, which still puzzles me), the ability to live longer and in a healthier fashion… are all substantially improved by what my son Willy invented in 2004.

Willy’s baggie idea does even more than this.

Willy’s Baggie improves mental and physical performance across the board (in every aspect).

It makes soldiers better soldiers. (They can perform better, and for longer periods of time, in the field.)

It makes workers better workers, regardless of what they may do. (It improves health in general, mental performance, and physical performance as well.)

It makes students better students. (It improves brain performance.)

It makes athletes better athletes. (They become stronger, and have more endurance.)

It makes golfers better golfers (especially if the right kind and amount of inhibitory nutrients are used).

It makes writers better writers. (It is absolutely the cure for writer’s block. I know this for a fact. When I am out of Willy’s Baggies of supplements, it hurts. Given even one or two baggies, I motivated and able to write again.)

It makes chess players better chess players. (I know this for a fact.)

It makes makes poker players better poker players. (I know this for a fact as well.)

Willy’s idea to put the entire essential nutrient range together (Willy’s baggie) in an adequate therapeutic dosage (adjusted by the user) helps with EVERYTHING! (This baggie has to be properly formulated, of course.)

Certainly Willy’s Baggie is not all that should be done to improve one’s health. Correcting one’s gut biology, correcting one’s diet, correcting any common malabsorptive factor that may apply to you are all very wise things to do. Supplementation at mealtimes with vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, and possibly other needed digestive aids (such as HCL) are all wise measures to consider. Avoidance of toxic exposure, allergic exposure (especially to allergic foods), and the resolution of bad biology in the body (as per what Bob Beck taught us) are also wise issues to consider when recovering one’s health as well. (None of these health measures diminish the therapeutic effect of taking a Willy’s Baggie in the morning; they only add to it. In the case of using Bob Beck’s protocol, it is worthy to note that the use of Willy’s Baggies needs to be temporarily ceased as per this protocol’s FIRM rules.)

Whatever you may choose to do, you will be able to do it better if you properly apply to yourself the concept of taking the entire nutrient range in supplement form all at once. (This assumes that you successfully adjust your baggie contents so that they are right for you. Doing so is easy. It just takes a little knowledge in how to do so, and a little time.)

I cannot begin to tell the world the enormous importance of what Willy and I have discovered. (I sure hope that I am heard on this before I am dead. I do not hope this for my sake, as I stand to gain nothing from this. I hope this for the sake of the world. I also hope that I am still here to participate in the refinement this great raw discovery that my son and I have co-made, as the world would benefit from this.)

Big Pharma’s Only Chance At Survival; To Change The Law

Sadly, none of what Willy and I discovered may matter. Powerful therapeutic nutritional supplements may soon be taken off the open market by force of law. Or some key nutritional supplements will be taken off the open market (such that what Willy and I have discovered will no longer be available to anyone else).

It does appear that we are running out of time in regard to Big Pharma’s agenda to make us all at least a little sick, and then profit from such.

Corporate corruption of our government was greatly expanded recently in the Supreme Court decision last winter that allowed corporations to buy the elective process without any legal restraint.

Big Pharma corruption of Federal law will most certainly try to handcuff alternative medicine in the foreseeable future.

Big Pharma will try to do so by bribing our lawmakers to outlaw critical healing nutritional supplements. (They have already succeeded in doing this in many countries worldwide.) Or Big Pharma will bribe our lawmakers to put these supplements in the hands of doctors, and only doctors (such that one needs a prescription in which to get them).

As ludicrous as this may sound, the essential nutrients that we human beings are made of at birth may soon become illegal for the general public to purchase or possess. When this happens, a person will be unable to adequately and properly treat a deficiency of these essential nutrients in his or her self.

The above is even more ludicrous given the facts of (1) our mineral depleted topsoils, (2) the rampant (over)processing of our food, and (3) the poor quality in general of the Standard American Diet.

In essence, it should be patently obvious that we are all nutrient deficient today to one degree or another.

Yet the claim will soon be made by our lawmakers that many nutritional supplements should be taken off the open market, as they are not safe for us for take in order to retain or regain our health. (Only prescribed drugs are safe for us in these regards, or so the law states.)

Key nutritional supplements being taken off the market may happen much sooner than most persons think.

Big Pharma knows if the above does not happen in the next few years, they are done as far as being the behemoth industry that they are today. They know that if the truth of the matter in regard to nutrients becomes realized by too many people, drug oriented medicine does not stand a chance to survive as the industry that it is today.

Therefore, Big Pharma is pushing their agenda to legally get powerful nutritional supplements out of the general public’s hands as fast as they possibly can. (This statement may especially apply to the critical class of nutritional supplements called free form amino acids. However, it may apply to many other nutritional supplements as well.)

Cambridge Who’s Who; Some Very Good News

Thankfully, my recently becoming a member of Cambridge Who’s Who may finally mean the end to my longstanding efforts to be heard by a party with the means to act on what Willy and I have discovered.

To explain:

On September 9, 2010 I was admitted as a member in the Cambridge Who’s Who organization. In my humble opinion, this is an extraordinary honor, especially in light of the facts that (1) I only have a high school degree, (2) I was self taught after this, and (3) I have no serious professional affiliations whatsoever (until they selected me).

There are a number of Who’s Who publications. This particular one (Cambridge) has had Donald Trump, Jr. become newly affiliated with it as the Executive Director of Global Branding and Networking. (See for more information on this organization and its publication if you like.)

My becoming a member of this professional organization gives me the ability to be heard by as many as 400,000 professionals worldwide. These professionals are people of importance in virtually every field of endeavor (from (a)rchitecture to (z)oology).

It is my intent to contact thousands of these professionals worldwide (those that are appropriate) with cohesive, organized, and well written material as soon as it is practical and possible to do so.

If ever granted the means to develop such, I hope to disseminate quality video material to these same people as well.

In doing so, I sincerely hope over the next year or two to expose the hoax of drug oriented medicine once and for all.

And in doing so, I sincerely hope that finally some nutrient common sense will begin to come into the healing equation, especially as far as the treatment of mental illness is concerned. (I hope this due to the fact that it is impossible to treat broad essential nutrient syndromes successfully with any drug. All mental illnesses involve broad essential nutrient deficiency, every single one.)

I wish to deeply thank the entire Cambridge Who’s Who organization for their selection of me to become a member. Your organization may result in my finally having a chance to be heard by the entire world (instead of just a few persons as I am now).

I also wish to deeply thank whomever was personally involved in making the decision to let me be a member of your organization. You made a wise choice. (I do suggest that you hide your tracks as much as it is possible for you to do so, and to remain anonymous for your own safety and your own good.)


The Cambridge Who’s Who organization may finally end my longstanding effort to make the one key connection that the discovery that my son and I made needs in order for this discovery to bear fruit for the human race.

The Cambridge Who’s Who organization may also finally end my longstanding efforts to be widely heard by persons with the power to change things.

My progress over the past eight years (since I ran out of my own money) has been sporadic at best. For the past eight years, I could not often afford housing, a decent diet, and/or the means to adequately supplement myself.

The Cambridge Who’s Who organization holds great promise to end the above mentioned problems. (Thankfully, I finally have fairly safe and secure housing at present. The other things mentioned above are still problems for me.)

Membership in the Cambridge Who’s Who organization also holds great promise for me to find the connection(s) and adequate means that I need in order for Willy’s discovery to have a chance to help millions of persons some day.

I patiently await such help (a connection or connections and adequate means). I have patiently waited for such help for over a decade (ever since I cracked the mystery of how to properly treat depression and manic depression for the world). Another year or two is not that much longer to wait.

Regardless of how long the above wait takes, or even if what I am waiting for never happens, I pledge to do the best that I can within my means to achieve my three primary goals… and I pledge to do so for the rest of my natural life.

These three goals are as follows:

(1) To alert the world to the fact that ONLY nutrients and other natural measures can actually cure mental illness, degenerative illness, or addiction,

(2) To alert the world that man made drugs can NEVER cure the same, and

(3) To inform every one that I possibly can that a thirteen year old child (my son Willy) hit a home run for the world in 2004 in regard to the health, well being, and longevity of the entire human race.


Allen Darman

Web Address of this blog:

A related “reference blog” to this one, a blog that acts as “a resume of sorts”, can be found at:

The gist of Nutrientscure.Wordpress.Com

Email: (Communication via this means is monitored by at least a portion of the drug industry. I am 100% certain of this.)

Phone: 315-316-8019 (Communication via this means is monitored by at least a portion of the drug industry. I am 100% certain of this.)

Mail address: Allen Darman, c/o Darman Mfg. Company, 1410 Lincoln Ave, Utica, NY 13502. (Who knows what motivation, technology, and large sums of money can buy… perhaps even my snail mail can possibly be read by the drug industry as well. The motivation by the drug industry to know what I am doing, and with whom I am in touch with at all times, is quite strong, to say the very least.)

Note: This material is not copyright protected in ANY way. Anyone and everyone may freely send this material to anyone they wish. In addition to this, anyone and everyone may put this material on their own website if they wish. Allen Darman

A Listing Of Key Blogs On WordPress As Of October 2010

Posted on October 11, 2010

***Note: This list of key blogs on my WordPress site is incomplete. There are a number of blogs that I have written in 2010 that belong on this list. Allen***

Dear friends:

I am aware that the blogs on my Nutrientscure WordPress site are not organized, or easily found.

This blog will help the reader find the gist of my Nutrientscure WordPress website, without having a great deal of difficulty when doing so.

The blogs listed below concern how to correct depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and/or difficulty with sleep via natural means. However, many of the concepts in these blogs apply to virtually every mental illness, and most degenerative illnesses and addictive illnesses as well.

Some of the blogs that are listed below contain a world leading degree of understanding. This understanding is in part due to the insight I have gained regarding how to use free form amino acids properly in a therapeutic sense. It is also in part to due the insight I have gained regarding malabsorption and gut (GI tract) dysfunction. (“Mental illness” is often simply “dietary problems and gut illness in disguise”.)

I have no commercial agenda in ANY of the blogs listed below. I am NOT selling anything. I am only trying to share what I have learned about the correction of mental illness naturally. This sharing comes from a heartfelt sense of moral obligation to try to help other persons that still suffer from a similar illness to that which I once had.

Allen Darman

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Important Note: Willy’s Baggie idea, which represents a therapeutic and adequately balanced dose of broad based nutrition taken all at once, IS A DISCOVERY OF HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE. It has the potential to help the entire human race (or all those that can afford such at least). It also has the power to bring drug oriented medicine to its knees… as it profoundly helps “so many with so much”.

Introducing the Concept of an “Educational Healing House” (2006)

This blog regarding a healing house defines where I want to go with what I have learned in the blogs listed below. It defines “a new model of healing for the world”. A “healing house” is a conceptual model of healing that disenfranchises both conventional and alternative medicine as practiced by “doctors”… as it teaches “the patient” to become “an effective doctor of his or her self”.

My son Willy profoundly proved to the world that even a thirteen year old child can become “an effective doctor of himself”.

Willy also proved to the world that someone can become “an effective doctor of his or her self” without even reading a single alternative medical book. This is due to the fact that the body of knowledge needed to become “an effective doctor of oneself” can be verbally taught… despite using only simple words (words that almost any teenager can understand).

Many of the blogs on contain “seeds of knowledge” that I had gained prior to Willy’s amazing recovery. This knowledge gave me the ability to teach my son how to heal himself… when the time came that he was ready to do so.

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[Note: I see the above blog title is a mess in the link address. I will try to straighten this out some day.]

Bentonite, vitamin C, and yeast die off (August 2006)

An egroup post I wrote in 2005 on Sleep

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The Irony Of My Situation

My Gut Story

Posted on October 7, 2010

***This blog is under construction. When it is done, these words will be removed. I thought that I could get this material done within a matter of days, but it is going to take me far longer than this. I have much on my plate at the moment that interferes with the completion of this material. Allen***

My “Gut Story” as it relates to bipolar disorder and depression


To tell my “gut story” properly, I should not begin it in 1999, the year I made a number of important discoveries.

I should begin my “gut story”, and any significant event related to it, from as far back as I can remember.

My “gut story” is not only going to be about the issue of “gut biology”. My “gut story” needs to be inclusive of the issue of multiple hidden food allergies. This is because one issue often relates to the other. Gut biology and the issue of food allergy are related. Rarely, if ever, does a person have a big problem with one of these problematic issues, and at the same time has “no problem with the other”. (Dr.’s William Crook and Doris Rapp taught me this in their books on ADHD, but I learned it from experience as well.)

To be told properly, my “gut story” not only has to include issues related to “gut biology” and food allergies, it has to include a number of other common malabsorptive causes as well.

My Gut Story

The first event in my life that I can remember relates to the issue of food allergy in an indirect way.

When I was five years old, I was accidentally hit directly in the face by a half of a brick thrown by a friend of my older brother. My nose bled profusely from being hit by this half of a brick, and the bleeding did not stop for quite some time. I was taken to a doctor and my nose was X-rayed. Despite the fact an X-ray was taken of my nasal area, the fact that my nose was broken was not noticed by the doctor.

When a nose is broken, it is normally “set”, such that it heals properly. As a result of the fact my nose was not “set”, the cartilage at the end of my nose dissolved, such that I have what is commonly called a “boxer’s nose”.

From the time that I was a young child of five (1957) until the time that I was a man of forty five (1997), I was not able to breathe well through my nose. My breathing was primarily “by mouth” for four decades. I assumed this entire time that “I had to breathe through my mouth”. This assumption was based on the fact that “my nose was messed up”. And I assumed that without plastic surgery it would always be so.

I would have never guessed that an allergy to milk was the problem here. In 1997, when I finally found some of the basic tenets of alternative medicine, I eliminated milk and a number of other allergic foods in my diet. And voila!, I could finally breathe easily through my nose.

Incidentally, only in the late 1990’s did I find out that milk allergy was present in my mother’s family. Once I found out I was allergic to milk, I mentioned this to my mother. She told me that she had a sister that nearly died as an infant due to a severe allergy to cow’s milk. This allergy was recognized by a doctor, and in the 1930’s no less. This doctor told my grandfather to give my aunt goat’s milk, rather than cow’s milk. According to my mother, this measure saved my aunt’s life.

At about age nine, while attending a day camp for children, I quite literally “passed out” from eating a meal of powdered scrambled eggs and chocolate milk. I also broke out with an itchy rash at the same time. My father was called by the people that ran the day camp. He came to take me to the hospital. At a point that I do not clearly remember I woke up and was told by my father what had happened.

Despite the above event, the issue of potential food allergy in me was not recognized by the medical profession. The major reason for the potential of food allergy in me being missed at this time is as follows:

In my early years as a child, I was a severely allergic child to plants that grew outside. From about age six to about age eleven or so, every spring and summer I would have an itchy rash for a good part of the summer. Often this rash was all over my body. The itching from this rash at times was so bad that I cried. I cried out of both pain and frustration (frustration at it not going away).

Only one measure could be counted on at home to give me substantial relief from the itchy rash that I often had all over my body in the spring and the summer. This measure was taking an oatmeal bath. I had quite a few oatmeal baths as a child.

At one point while I was covered with this allergic rash, a doctor gave me a shot in my abdominal area. I believe that this shot was cortisone, but I am not sure of this. Almost immediately after I got this shot, one could actually “see” the rash on my abdominal area subside. However, I was never given such a shot again.

Often my pediatrician prescribed various creams and ointments to put on my rash. Some of these creams and ointments had cortisone in them, I believe. However, these creams only provided temporary relief. I simply lived with “the rash and the itch” for the most part.

For years I was told that by my mother and my pediatrician that I had “hives”. Later a different word than “hives” was used… I was told that I had “eczema”.

Because the rashes I had were only prevalent in the spring and summer, it was assumed that I was allergic to plants of some sort. I was never tested as to which specific plants I was allergic to. When I asked my mother about this, she told me the doctor assumed the plants I was allergic to were so numerous that it “was pointless to test”. At least this was what I was told.

I was clearly a malabsorptive child. I only weighed about 50 lbs. at ten years old, 63 lbs. at 12 years old, and 83 lbs. at fourteen years old, when I when I was in ninth grade. These are weights that I remember.

I was the smallest boy in “the aggregate class” of almost 300 children in New Hartford, New York when this class came to graduate sixth grade in 1964. Our sixth grade class (from three different elementary schools) was lined up “smallest to tallest” at my sixth grade graduation. I was at the front of the line, paired with a girl that was about as small as I was. (I remember her name, but choose to leave it out here.)

One reason that I remember I was only 83 lbs. at fourteen years old is that I went out for wrestling when I was in ninth grade. In high school wrestling in the 1960’s, the lightest weight class was 95 lbs. Many kids on the wrestling team had to struggle “to make weight” for a wrestling match by either dieting or “sweating it off”. I never had to make weight for a wrestling match. I did not have to “make weight” because I was already twelve pounds underweight for the weight class I was in.

It is not like I did not eat as a child. At dinner I generally ate as much, and the same foods, that my brothers and sisters did, despite my small size. And at lunch in school I often had “doubles”.

My mother (Marion) was a great cook. She had “many dozens of cookbooks”, and she prepared almost every dinner from scratch. Marion did not use all of the artificial ingredients and convenience foods that are common today. Nor did we have a microwave. (Remember, this was the sixties. Microwave ovens were not invented yet.) Meat, fish, potatoes, and fresh fruits and vegetables were the norm in our house. And an apple pie made from actual fruit, flour, and shortening was not uncommon at all for dessert, nor were homemade cookies. Dinner was “a major event” almost every single night in our house. There were nine at the round table my father had designed, unless we had company, and then there were more. (I had three brothers and three sisters. Along with my mother and father that makes “nine”.)

One of my clearest memories as a child in the early 1960’s was how much difficulty I had when having a bowel movement. When I felt I had to poop, I often brought reading material into the bathroom. I brought reading material because I knew I was going to be there for some time. I also knew that I was going to strain a lot to go. It often took me over a half an hour to poop out a few small pieces of poop, despite straining a great deal. (I used to call my poops “rabbit poops”, for they looked like such. None of my brothers and sisters seemed to have this problem going to the bathroom, only me. Often someone would call to me “Allen, where are you?”, and I would yell “I am still going to the bathroom”. Thankfully, there were three bathrooms in our house, or my taking so long would have posed a problem for the others.

I had no clue that my being severely constipated as a child meant that I had little to no “good gut biology”. And I had no clue that my being severely constipated as a child suggested that I was eating allergic foods as well. Nor did any one ever mention such concepts to me.

My problems with constipation followed me for most of my adult life. However, these problems were generally not as severe for me as they regularly were when I was about age eleven to age fourteen or so. During this entire time, I had great difficulty going to the bathroom.

My onset of significant bipolar symptoms, which occurred in 1963, occurred at about the same time that I remember I first had so much trouble going to the bathroom. In my opinion, this coincidence is no accident. A lack of “good gut biology” and bipolar disorder are definitely related.

Incidentally, my son Willy, was diagnosed with ADHD, but was also clearly “third generation bipolar” (my mother, I, and then he, until he cured himself of this). Willy had problems for years with severe constipation as a child. More than once his pediatrician would have to use her gloved finger to dig the poop out of him. (Never was the issue of poor gut biology in Willy mentioned by the medical profession that treated him. This occurred despite it being the 1990’s, when such should clearly have been known.)

When I was about sixteen years of age, I sensed that eating potatoes might be a problem for me. I noticed that if I ate rice for a starch source at dinnertime a few days in a row, I felt OK afterward. However, if I ate potatoes as a starch source for a few days in a row at dinnertime, I did not feel as good as I did if I ate rice. Over time I became sure of this problem with potatoes. This problem with potatoes vs. rice puzzled me, but I had no explanation for it. And it was hard for me to stop eating potatoes… especially in light of the facts that they were served so often and my mother’s various gravies were all absolutely delicious.

I did not solidly pick up on the fact I am “nightshade allergic” until I first went on an elimination diet in February 1999. Neither did two food allergic tests (via RBC) in the late 1990’s from two different esteemed alternative medical labs pick up on the fact that I am “nightshade allergic” as well. (For those not familiar with the nightshade family of foods, it consists of potato, tomato, eggplant, and bell pepper.)

For reasons that I am unsure of, between the age of fourteen and the age of sixteen I began to grow and finally gain some weight. I only weighed 83 lbs. in the fall and winter of ninth grade. Two years later, in the fall of eleventh grade I weighed 135 lbs. I had gained 52 lbs. in two years, almost none of it fat. (I had chiseled abdominal muscles and a physique like a weightlifter when I was in eleventh grade.) I remember this 135 lb. weight because it was my weight for “football”. (I made the junior varsity football team in my junior year. I was a 135 lb. guard, considered very light for this position.)

Some of my substantial growth in height and weight from ninth grade to eleventh grade may have stemmed from “going through puberty”. (I was a little late this way.) Some of this growth may have stemmed from the fact that I was often in the fields and woods behind our house as a teen. A habit I had picked up was to regularly chew on hay that was growing, or chew on or eat some of the other plant life that I found there. And some of my substantial growth during this time may have stemmed from the fact that during the summer months, I was often either playing sports in the dirt, or doing gardening tasks for my mother or father. (A fellow named Jordan Rubin, who owns the Garden Of Life Company, knows, and has taught the world, “the probiotic value of eating a little dirt”.)

One problem that I had in high school is that I was often five or ten minutes late to school. I simply could not get up and get going in the morning, like my brothers and sisters could. Often I would miss the bus, and have to walk or run a mile to get to school. And I often missed breakfast as well, as I simply did not get up in time to eat it, or I was not hungry in the morning. My often missing breakfast as a teen “may have been good for me”. This is because my mother often served eggs for breakfast, and I am seriously allergic to eggs. (In my opinion, egg is my most crippling allergy, just as it is my son Willy’s.)

There was another problem that I had in high school as well. I would often fall asleep after lunch. I could not help this. Lunch was like a “strong sleeping pill” for me. It knocked me out about a half hour or so after I ate it. Despite great effort not to, I would fall asleep in the middle of the class after lunch. I was sent numerous times to the school psychologist for this. She would ask me what was wrong with me such that I fell asleep after lunch day after day (for months on end). And I would tell her the same thing every time… “I have no idea”.

I now realize that eating allergic foods can, and does, often put me to sleep. I also realize that milk products (milk, cheese, etc.) and eggs are especially problematic in this regard. Often I was having “doubles” of the school lunch main course. I also was often having a few small paper cups of chocolate ice cream too. (By the time lunch came around, I was often starving, from having skipped breakfast because I had gotten up late.)

I had bipolar symptoms all through high school. I was often hypomanic in high school, especially in the spring and fall. During the winter months I was also often depressed. My bipolar symptoms in high school were so serious that at one point in the fall of my senior year, the school disciplinarian called me to his office for a talk. For almost half an hour he repeatedly accused me of both using and selling drugs. (His particular concern was marijuana, but he suspected I might be doing, and selling, other drugs as well.) Up until this point, I had NEVER done any illegal drugs WHATSOEVER in my life, and I had never drank alcohol in school. I was simply hypomanic or manic in high school, or I was depressed.

[Incidentally, I was a gifted child learning-wise. I got straight A’s or A+’s in most of my elementary grades. I was reading entire children’s encyclopedias as young as age eight. (I had read two of these children’s encyclopedias in their entirely as a young child, one thicker and more advanced than the other. As a teen, I even tackled trying to read the entire Encyclopedia Brittanica, but much of it was too dry and not interesting to me.) I was a voracious reader as a child, often spending entire weekends in the winter reading books of one sort or another. I had read “The Collected Works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle” by age eleven or so, a 1200 page book containing all of Sherlock Holmes fictional adventures. I learned to play duplicate bridge at age fourteen, having been taught by my mother, and by the books she lent to me. (I often won, or came in second at this in Utica, NY, playing against adults with many years of experience. My mother was one of the best bridge players in the state, despite being only a high school educated housewife.) I was the best chess player in my high school, and “could almost play a decent game blindfolded”. I got an 800 Math SAT, and many high Regents exams marks in high school, despite putting forth no effort outside of class. (I almost never “took home a schoolbook” for I had whizzed through my homework in study hall.) Out of almost 300 students in my class, three were very bright, and could be termed “genius” to at least some degree. I was one of the three. But I was a problem child for most of my teachers in high school. (For some “I asked far too many questions in class”. For others, I did not pay attention at all, rebelling at the irrelevance of the course material.) I did not fit in with my peers because I was “so different”. And I was “at war” with the entire school administration during most my high school years, especially after a National Merit Scholarship was unfairly denied me. (I “aced” this test, probably scoring the highest in the entire school, as I remember being hypomanic the day I took it, and when I was hypomanic I knew that “I aced tests”. I remember watching while dozens of kids got this award, while I was unfairly denied.) I got in a physical altercation with the swim teacher in my junior year. (This was his fault, not mine. He attacked me.) And I was kicked out of gym class in my senior year. (This was probably my fault.) I nearly did not graduate high school, due to various troubles that I had. After high school I lasted three weeks in college, essentially saying to myself “I am not going to volunteer be tortured like I was in high school. High school was mandatory; college is not. I can learn faster on my own than I am being taught. And I can learn what I am interested in as well.”]

Going back to by “gut story”…

At age nineteen, after hitchhiking to Denver, Colorado, I had my first episode of hemorrhoids. And it was a rather severe one, involving bleeding and a good deal of pain. It is no surprise to me that I had hemorrhoids at such a young age, as for a good many years I had strained so hard to poop. (My severe constipation at age eleven through fourteen had resolved somewhat by my late teens, but I was still constipated, and often had to strain a good deal to poop.)

Lots of Preparation H, a number of warm baths, a good deal of rest, eating non-constipating foods, and learning not to strain when pooping resolved this first serious bout of hemorrhoids without any surgery. However, every few years for the next sixteen I had another bout of hemorrhoids again. (Finally in 1987, I had an operation due to them. The details of this are told later.)

After hanging around Denver for a bit, and going to California as well, about six months later I ended up back in Denver. I did not quite know what to do with my life. In an attempt to fit in with the human race, I decided to join the U.S. Army. (This was admittedly a big mistake.)

In zero week of basic training, I found that Army food was very constipating to me. I bought an over-the-counter laxative called ExLax. I then took way too much of it… going from constipation to diarrhea in short order. (Soon after this, and partly as a result of being kept up until 3 a.m. and then woken for training at 5 a.m. due to us recruits receiving “a bad batch of vaccine”, I went AWOL. I hitchhiked from Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri to Utica, NY in 36 hours, after crawling off the fort in the woods in my fatigues.)

The Army diet is a Standard American one. Eggs are often served for breakfast, and meat and milk with every meal. Potatoes and other foods I am allergic too are all common to the Standard American Diet as well.

In looking back over my life, every time I have been exposed to and regularly eaten the Standard American Diet, I have had great trouble with my bowel movements, and with my moods as well. I have also commonly had a great deal of back trouble when eating such a diet as well. (The three specific times in my life I have eaten the Standard American Diet for long periods of time are (1) when I was a child living at home, as my mother cooked such, (2) for the fourteen months I lasted in the Army before opting for an Undesirable Discharge in lieu of court martial for disobedience (for a second time), and (3) during the three years I spent actually “on the water” as a seaman in the Gulf Of Mexico and on the East Coast between 1976 and 1982.)

When I was in the process of getting out of the Army for refusing to serve any more in 1972, I was sent to an Army psychiatrist. This was an understanding man who did not argue with the firm decision that I had made to leave the service (or be sent to the stockade again if they would not let me out). As a psychiatrist, this man was a doctor as well. I will always remember his physical examination of me. He had me lay down on a table while I was in my underwear, and he physically examined me. He was puzzled by my very bloated abdomen. Here was a man twenty years old in very good physical condition, but with stomach that was protruded and “under a lot of pressure”. I remember him repeatedly poking my gut with his finger, saying he was puzzled by why my stomach protruded and “was under pressure” so much. (I had no idea why my stomach sometimes stuck way out, and why sometimes it didn’t, other than the fact that sometimes I was very constipated.)

After my tenure in the Army ended, I had “athlete’s foot” for thirteen years straight. No matter what I did to try to get rid of it, my feet itched. They itched to the point that they often were so cracked they bled. I used powder and creams for athlete’s feet for years on a daily basis. These might “knock it down” for a bit, but they never quite got rid of my case of athlete’s feet.

I now know that longstanding athlete’s feet, such as I had, comes from the gut. It is candida (and/or other yeasts, molds, and fungi) that migrates from one’s anus to one’s feet when a person is in the shower. This “bad biology” from the gut then sets up housekeeping between the toes, as it is moist and warm there.

Incidentally, my mother had a toe/foot fungus problem and ingrown toenails throughout much of her adult life. This toe/foot fungus problem came from her gut as well. Her gut had “bad biology” that had migrated to her feet in the shower as well. (There is no doubt about this in my opinion.)

I finally was able to conquer my athlete’s foot problem for the first time in the mid 1980’s with a strong antifungal preparation called Lotramin AF. However, every so often this problem would still come back.

From about age sixteen to about age thirty I instinctually turned to one measure to help my often dysfunctional gut. I walked. And I walked. And I walked. It was not uncommon for me to walk ten miles a day, day after day. I would often walk four or five miles to work, even in the winter months. And then I would walk home. I would also go for four or five hour long walks on weekends. There would be a point hours into some of the walk that I took that I would get a feeling of relief, and a feeling of peace. And I would walk until this feeling occurred. I did not understand what was happening here… I only knew that “walking helped me to feel good”.

At age thirty (in August 1983), I bought a small, and failing, manufacturing company from my father. For the first few years most of my job was still physical in nature. Then as the company grew “it became more of a desk job”. My walking for long periods of time became very infrequent at this point. And at this point my gut problems started to become a lot worse.

In 1987, I finally underwent an operation for my recurrent hemorrhoid problem, which had become regularly recurrent over the years.

The middle-aged (almost 50 year old) doctor who operated on my hemorrhoids in 1987 told me after the operation that “he almost had to fix my hemorrhoids in two operations rather than one”, and that they were “the worst he had ever seen”.

After my operation for hemorrhoids, I was unable to go to the bathroom. In nine days, I gained seventeen pounds, all of it poop (or food residue in my intestines).

I repeatedly called the doctor that operated on me. He said “Don’t worry, you will go to the bathroom eventually”.

As I simply could not poop, on the ninth day I decided to go to the emergency room. The doctor there had me drink something and then took an X-ray of my gut. Then I could hear him across the hall yelling at the doctor that operated on me on the phone. The emergency room doctor knew that I had nearly died from poor patient aftercare in regard to the operation that I had.

First I had one enema in the emergency room. Nothing. Then I had another. As a result of this second enema, I had an enormous bowel movement, as well as bled from my anus being so stretched (when having it). This bowel movement looked exactly like “the picture of a colon in a book”. I had been so full of poop that I nearly died from bowel rupture, just as the X-ray that was taken had shown.

For a full ten years after this hemorrhoid operation in 1987, my anus did not close tight enough for it to not leak somewhat. My underwear would always have a smear of poop on them at the end of the day. If I walked too much, I leaked even more. My ability to take long walks (like I often used to) ended due to this problem. I used to often have to change my underwear in the middle of the day, regardless of whether I had walked a good deal or not. (This leaking anus problem did not clear up until after I had a series of colonics in the fall of 1997. My anus hasn’t leaked since.)

My diet in the 1980’s and for most of the 1990’s often meant “eggs in the morning”. I did not know I was allergic to milk, eggs, wheat, or corn until the fall of 1997. It took me another year and a half after this to learn I had a number of other hidden food allergies as well.

In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s I would often be extremely bloated in my abdomen. I was thin or of average size arms, legs, and chest-wise, but I had this enormous gut. I would often say to my wife Pamela (now ex-wife), while holding my protruding gut, “I am a medical anomaly”, or “I’m pregnant”, for I certainly looked like such. Sometimes this bloating was less than at other times, but often “my stomach was way too big” in relation to the rest of my body. And I had no clue as to why (until I educated myself in regard to what alternative medicine has to say on this).

It was not uncommon for me to have an itchy anus during the 1970’s through the mid 1990’s. And it was an itch that scratching did not help. I now know this was candida. I may have finally resolved my longstanding case of athlete’s feet in the mid 1980’s, but I had not resolved the candida in my gut.

In the late 1980’s, I also often began to have heartburn after I ate. This was new to me, as for years I often bragged that I had “a cast iron stomach”… for nothing seemed to bother me heartburn-wise or food-wise before then. (I had not connected my problem with sometimes being inordinately sleepy after I ate with the ingestion of food allergens. Up until I was almost forty five years of age, I thought that I had no food allergies at all.)

To correct my common problem with heartburn that began in the late 1980’s, I began to carry around, and often take, the over the counter antacids of either Rolaids or Tums. (Little did I know my real problem at this time was that I made far too little stomach acid, not too much as I had supposed. Again, I had to find alternative medicine to discover the truth in this regard.)

In the early 1990’s I had two serious episodes involving gallstones becoming temporarily stuck in my gall bladder. Thankfully, both of these gallstone problems resolved on their own without my seeing a doctor. What follows are the details of this:

***To be filled in***

In July 1996, I had my second near-death-experience due to my gut almost bursting. (The first one was in 1987 as I described previously. It was a result of my not being able to poop for nine days after a hemorrhoid operation.)

This second near-death-experience due to my gut almost bursting occurred during a voluntary hospitalization for depression as a result of three medications that I was given. It involved my small intestine more than it did my colon (or large intestine, as it is sometimes called). This second near-death-experience was “a real close call”, just like the first one was. I am very lucky I did not end up dead due to it (or so I strongly believe). What follows are the details of this.

***To be continued***

The Connection Between Gut Biology And Mental Illness (2010)

Posted on October 1, 2010


“Gut biology” refers to the various yeasts, molds, fungi, “good bacteria”, “bad bacteria, and/or parasites that are found there. It may include viruses as well.

The “gut” refers to everything from your mouth to your anus. It includes the esophagus, the stomach, the small intestine, and the colon (or the large intestine, as the colon is sometimes called).

The gut is a very active biological place. It is the most active biological place in your body by far. This is true ALWAYS (for every human being).

Every human being has many hundreds of billions of “individual units” of biological life in their gut. Yes… You! Are host to all of these “individual units” of biological life. You carry them around with you in your gut. You carry around “at least ten times” more “individual units” of biological life in the gut than the number of cells that are in your entire body.

Some “wonder” if there is a connection in regard to “gut biology” and mental illness.

Well, there is no need to “wonder” any more.

This question has been answered for once and for all.

The Connection Between Gut Biology And Mental Illness

Many hundreds of alternative doctors and many thousands of persons have contributed to answering the question of “Is there a connection in regard to “gut biology” and mental illness?”

Yes! There IS most definitely a connection in the above regard.

I personally am one of the above mentioned contributors in regard to providing an answer to the question “Is there a connection between “gut biology” and mental illness?”

In the late 1990’s I personally answered the question “Is there a connection between “gut biology” and bipolar disorder?”

YES, there is.

Incidentally, a strong argument can be made that the person that could first solidly answer the above question would have to be a person with a bipolar diagnosis. (I fully qualified in this regard, having had hundreds of severe mood episodes over the thirty four years that I was heavily symptomatic of this illness.)

In August 1999, as the result of original discovery I also answered the question of “Is there a connection between “gut biology” and a state of depression?”

YES, there is. And it is a strong one.

I knowingly risked my life in August 1999 to find the above answer. (This story will soon be told in another blog that I am working on.)

In regard to schizophrenia, I personally did not generate the answer to “Is there a connection between “gut biology” and schizophrenia?” (I could not personally answer this question. I am not schizophrenic.)

However, during the course of my travels to find better answers to mental illness, about nine years ago in Kentucky I did run into a rather profound anecdotal story in regard to gut biology and schizophrenia. In my mind, this anecdotal story did end the search for an answer to the question of “Is there a connection between “gut biology” and schizophrenia?” YES, there is. (This story will be told in another blog.)

In regard to autism, I also did not generate the answer to “Is there a connection between “gut biology” and autism?” However, I did read about a double blind study in 1996 in the U.K. that did make the connection between “gut biology” and autism. (This study was done by Glenn Gibson in 2006.)

Gut Biology, Antibiotics, and Candida

In truth virtually all cases of mental illness have a solid connection to numerous problems in the gut. Some of these numerous “gut problems” are “gut biology problems” in nature.

Antibiotic medications are a major causative factor in regard to the “gut biology” problems that underlie mental illness. This fact is commonly known in alternative medicine. It is also a fact the conventional medicine steadfastly continues to ignore.

Antibiotics use is not the only causative factor of the “gut biology” problems that underlie mental illness. However, antibiotics use is definitely the most common one. Who today has not taken a single course of antibiotics in their life? If you have taken a single course of antibiotics, you are a likely candidate in regard to having “gut biology” problems since.

Taking antibiotics orally can have a lasting negative effect on the biological terrain in the gut. A single course of antibiotics can “mess up” your “gut biology” for decades. It can mess up your “gut biology” until effective corrective action is taken.

Incidentally, no conventionally trained doctor knows anything about “effective corrective action” of “gut biology”. Even many alternative doctors do not quite yet “have things right” in this regard. Ignorance of how to achieve and maintain “good gut biology” is rampant in America amongst both doctors and patients alike. (Thankfully, this knowledge is growing. The Internet is a big reason for this.)

Once one’s population of “good gut bacteria” is lost, it is often not that easy to get it back. Just taking probiotics supplements such acidophilus or bifidus bacteria is not normally “enough to get the job done” in regard to changing one’s gut biology from “really bad” to “really good”.

Good bacteria such as acidophilus or bifidus bacteria cannot, and do not, always “win the war” against the “bad gut biology” that they face when they reach the gut. Often too many of the bacteria in probiotic supplements are killed off before they do “enough good”.

However, even if such probiotics supplementation really seems to help a person to feel better… doing so is still not enough to reach “optimal gut biological health”. Reaching “optimal gut biological health” requires that a number of actions be taken. It never requires just one.

The use of antibiotics often leads to a yeast condition called candidiasis (also called “candida” or “candida overgrowth”). The aforementioned may be true the great majority of the time.

Candida overgrowth as a result of orally taking antibiotic medication is a situation that applies to many hundreds of millions of people worldwide. If you have chronic depression, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia it is EXTREMELY likely (if not a certainty) that this issue of candida overgrowth applies to you.

Antibiotic medication causes candida overgrowth in a manner that the person taking such medication almost always “has no idea that it led to such”.

I do not intend to tell the whole story here. To do so I would have to literally write a book.

I cannot recommend that readers of this blog begin to educate themselves on the gut and on “gut biology” issues. I recommend this because problematic gut and “gut biology” issues underlie almost every type and every case of mental illness.

The book “No More Heartburn” by Dr. Sherry Rogers is a great place! to start in the above regard. Books written by Bernard Jensen, Alyce Sorokie, Dr. Jonathan Wright, Jordan Rubin, Elizabeth Lipski, and other authors are good places to become self-educated as well. And many egroups and websites on the Internet are great places to learn about the gut and “gut biology” issues in addition to reading books.

Big Pharma Knows Exactly What It Is Doing

How could it be that conventional doctors are making millions of people sick?

Well, this is how…

Medical school curriculum is heavily influenced and controlled by Big Pharma.

Persons that attend medical schools to become doctors are intentionally being mis-educated by Big Pharma.

Conventional medical doctors are not being taught in medical school that after prescribing antibiotics to a patient, this same patient MUST undergo a full course of “gut biology” correction.

What the above means is that conventional medical doctors are unwittingly either (1) causing, or (2) greatly contributing to “gut biology” problems.

These doctor-caused “gut biology” problems underlie the vast majority of cases of mental illness.

Big Pharma’s goal at all times is to increase industry profits as much as is practical or possible to do so.

The best way to do the above (and achieve the best fiscal results, of course) is to have the doctors attending medical school trained to be “their unwitting stooges” to “make us all at least a little sick”.

The “biggest tools” in Big Pharma’s arsenal in the above regard are vaccines and antibiotics. (Of course, the use of both is heavily promoted.)

Big Pharma knows what is going on in regard to “gut biology”.

Big Pharma is aware that antibiotics seriously mess up “gut biology”.

Big Pharma is also aware that a course of antibiotics virtually decimates practically the entire population that you may have of any “good bacteria” in your gut. (Big Pharma should know this. It is both scientific and biological fact.)

Biology in the gut competes for food, water, oxygen (sometimes), and space.

Big Pharma is aware that when antibiotics decimate the “good bacteria” in your gut, various “bad bacteria”, yeasts, molds, fungi, and/or parasites “take over”.

The population of “bad biology” in your gut increases after a course of antibiotics you have taken is completed. And when the population of this “bad biology” in your gut increases, it “crowd outs” the “good stuff”.

A high population of “bad biology” in the gut of a person makes it nearly impossible for a small number of “good bacteria” to repopulate to an adequate level of “good gut biology” on their own.

Big Pharma is completely aware that “good gut biology” is ESSENTIAL to optimal digestive, mental, and physical health.

Big Pharma’s Hidden Agenda

Big Pharma simply does not care about people becoming healthier. They do not care about “gut biology” issues at all. All that they care about is the money they make, and the more the better. And to do this, they are willing to do anything, including intentionally making people sick (as long as they think that they can get away with this).

Big Pharma is not simply promoting antibiotics just for the money made selling these particular medications.

Big Pharma has another far more insidious hidden fiscal agenda here as well. It is one that involves them making far more money than simply from selling antibiotic medications.

Big Pharma knows that if a person has “bad gut biology” it ALWAYS means that he or she also has a high toxic load. Bad gut biology releases a myriad of toxins on a daily basis.

Some of this toxic release from bad gut biology gets “absorbed into us”. It results in a person having “a high toxic load”.

This high toxic load burdens the liver, the brain, and the body as a whole… as these poisons are circulated throughout every organ and cell in your body.

A high toxic load also burdens one’s “functional nutrient status” as well.

Toxins need to be dealt with adequately on a daily basis (or you will become sick or even die). They either (1) need to be “locked up” such that their harm to you is minimized, or (2) they need to be mobilized and excreted out of the body.

Doing either of the above processes is a “nutrient dependent equation”. Dealing with toxins takes certain nutrients. And these nutrients are “used up” in the process of doing so.

All detoxification pathways in the body are “nutrient dependent”. One author I respect (Sidney MacDonald Baker, M.D.) that I read on detoxification stated that about 70% of one’s metabolic intake (food and water) is often used, and USED UP, in the process of “sanitation” (cleaning up waste products and toxins on a daily basis).

Besides this issue of high toxic load, Big Pharma also knows that if a person has “bad gut biology” it ALWAYS means that he or she has a significant degree of malabsorption (of essential nutrition) as well.

Big Pharma is “licking its lips” as a result of the malabsorption that they are causing with antibiotics. They have been “licking their lips” for decades in this regard.

Big Pharma knows that “malabsorption” is VERY good for their bottom line. This is because malabsorption means that people will be undernourished, regardless of whether they eat enough good food or not.

Big Pharma knows that over a span of years (or decades) a high toxic load and a lack of essential nutrition in the body… can cause or contribute to virtually every mental or degenerative illness under the sun.

The over-prescription of antibiotics, while ignoring the fact that these medications have a very detrimental effect on gut biological health, is making millions of people “sick” with a myriad of different mental, physical, and degenerative illnesses in a very sneaky way.

The American Public Is Waking Up

The connection between antibiotics use, bad gut biology, and mental illness has been made by hundreds of alternative doctors and tens of thousands of persons over the past few decades.

Some gut and “gut biology” issues are “almost common knowledge” today, especially in communities and areas of the United States that are a bit more progressive than others.

Evidence in regard to “good gut biology” being ESSENTIAL to optimal digestive, mental, and physical health exists in dozens of books going back for a few decades at least.

Evidence in the above regard also exists in hundreds, if not thousands, of websites on the Internet.

In addition to the above, evidence in the above regard also exists in tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of anecdotal cases that have been generated over the past few decades as well.

My own anecdotal “gut story” regarding “bad gut biology” absolutely cements the connection between “bad gut biology” and bipolar disorder, and “bad gut biology” and a state of depression.

The Perfect Crime (Almost)

Antibiotics are making people sick in a manner that Big Pharma thinks that it “won’t get caught”. (Big Pharma apparently assumes that the American public is either too stupid, too lazy, or too brainwashed on TV to do so.)

The “perfect crime” is being committed here. It is a crime that has led to the rapid decline in health in America ever since the regular prescription of antibiotics became “the norm” in medicine. And it is a crime that has made Big Pharma trillions of dollars over the years.


Well, Big Pharma… I have some bad news for you. Your “perfect crime” was not so perfect after all.

You finally got caught.

Antibiotic medication IS a major causative factor in “bad gut biology”. There is no doubt about this. The anecdotal evidence is absolutely overwhelming in this regard. (And it has been absolutely overwhelming for many years.)

“Bad gut biology” IS a major causative factor in depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and autism… if not every mental illness “under the sun”.

I wonder what Americans are going to think of drug oriented medicine when they realize what I and a number of other people now know.

What do we know?

We know for certain that the explosion of mental illness over the past four decades or so WAS NOT simply due to the erosion of the quality of our national food supply, or the fact that hidden food allergies are rampantly “undiagnosed”.

The explosion of mental illness over the past four decades or so WAS NOT simply due to the myriad of toxins that have seeped into our water, our food, and the air.

The explosion of mental illness in America over the past forty years or so had a sneaky “hidden cause”… and one with intent behind it (at least for the past few decades or so).

This “hidden cause” for explosion of mental illness in America since the 70′s WAS the damage antibiotics cause to “good biology” in the gut.

Allen Darman


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