ADOGG Is Homeless In San Francisco Temporarily (12-12-2013)

The best way to meet me, is to simply find me in person downstairs at the Main Branch of the SF Public Library during its Open Hours before 4 pm or so. After this time, I am either on my way to a homeless shelter, or to find a free meal somewhere.  If anyone does put me up until the 1st, or any portion of this time, I PROMISE TO NOT SMOKE CIGS INSIDE, AND NOT AT ALL IF NEED BE. I CAN CHEW THE TOBACCO I HAVE INSTEAD. It works! I did it on the train all the way across America only a matter of days ago!  My Phone @541-324-2198 is a smart phone that is listened to by both the Mafia the Feds. There is No Need 2 Worry Too Much though, because the Google Company, the Facebook Company, and the Company underlying WordPress called Automattic are all Good Friends of Mine! (Other Silicon Valley Companies such as Apple and Twitter may be Good Friends of Mine as well.) Neither the Mafia or the Feds can touch me without hell to pay—> until AFTER Martial Law is declared in America—> and that that point “we are all in deep shit, not just me”. In the case of the American Mafia, the possibility exists, or is even highly likely, that “they are no longer after me”. Due to my WordPress blogging and WordPress Website Development Work, the American Mafia may actually hope that I succeed in toppling the Federal Government, because they know for a fact that I would try to cut a mutually beneficial deal afterwards with their organization.

via ADOGG Is Homeless In San Francisco Temporarily (12-12-2013).


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