Put Yourself In My Shoes And Imagine


It has been over 46 months since the Mafia first tried to kill meand they tried to kill me over and over and over and over and over again.

Even though I have miraculously escaped death thus far… who would want to be friends or associate with me?

Only those persons that became aware of my plight from afar via WordPress are able to believe “what has actually happened to me”.

Put yourself in my shoes.

It’s not easy.

I hope that time will give me my strength back.  But sometimes I wonder… how strong am I expected to be?

Am I going to have to live and work for the rest of my life alone?  This is the real tough question for me.

Yes, I admittedly live in a house with two other people, my sister and her son.  I could not be more thankful that I am here vs. my other housing options this winter.

However, just like last year this environment is a very lonely one, and one that is not supportive of the work that I do.

Life without true friendship or love is not easy.  It is even harder when the hope of my finding such seems impossible to me.

Hours hurt.  Even minutes hurt sometimes.  My reality is very painful.  Although I adamantly refuse to take my own life… there are admittedly times I wish things were over.

Although the Mafia has not yet killed me, they have stripped my life of any love, friendship and normality.

How tough am I?  And how tough do I have to be?

Won’t anyone help me face to face, despite knowing that the Mafia still wants to kill me?

“Not me” and “No Way that I am going to get involved in this situation” are the thoughts of everyone that has just read the above, or so it seems.

Such is the Mafia’s power. Once they come after you, no one wants to become personally involved with you. (My WordPress Collaborative Internet Team are all true heroes for having had anything to do with me.)

I need all the love, friendship, support and help that I can get from whomever I can get it from.  I say this knowing that in saying it… in all likelihood nothing will come of this.

Psychologically I can only last so far at my sister’s house.  This is going to be one very tough winter for me.

Writing the above has helped me.  Without being honest about how I feel sometimes, the anger and disappointment that I feel gets turned inward, and it both stifles and depresses me.

Allen D


Notable Quotes by Allen D

A house for WordPress activists needs to be established. Otherwise, those of us fighting for a Justifiable Revolution are either going to be killed, or we are going to run out of fight, sooner or later.

If I cannot motivate Silicon Valley to solidly help me, how the heck am I going to motivate a few hundred million Americans to stand up to their corrupt federal government and take it down?

Far too few Americans are aware of the Real Truth in regard to the Suppression of Alternative Medicine and the Suppression of Energy Invention by the federal government in the United States. No one man or woman is going to be enough to make a real difference here. It is going to take a concerted effort by at least four to six smart people to wake America up on these two topics. I cannot do this alone.

If and/or when America loses me to Mafia killers, it is going to lose the deepest insight in existence in regard to Alternative Medical Suppression in the United States. It would be extremely wise for some wealthy, powerful and/or well connected persons in Silicon Valley to both Protect and Support me if They Ever Want To See Real Positive Change in America.

The Truth about Energy Invention Suppression has been on the Internet from a variety of sources for a number of years. It has yet to come even close to causing a justifiable revolution in America. Energy Invention Suppression Truth needs to be coupled with the Truth in regard to the fact that our government is allowing various companies and conventional medicine to sicken our children with GMO’s, sweeteners such as Splenda, unhealthy food additives, vaccines, antibiotics, etc.—> and then not allowing them to get well by forcing the use of toxic symptom masking medication in which to treat them, while denying any and all alternative medical knowledge and discovery at the same time.

The Truth about 9/11 is not enough to cause a Justifiable Revolution in America. It also needs to be coupled with other significant federal government transgressions in order to spark a justifiable Revolution in America.  The two most significant transgressions that it would be the most effective with are (1) Energy Invention Suppression, and (2) Alternative Medical Suppression. 

Obamacare foists the hoax of pharmaceutical medicine on an unaware and uneducated public. In doing so, if not successfully opposed, it dooms the future of America.

Conventional medicine will >>>Not Ever Change<<< unless the federal government is overthrown in America. Big Pharma, their Mafia partners (the ones that kept trying to kill me), and those who practice conventional medicine are all making far too much money from things being the way that they are—> enough money to corrupt every single branch of the federal government in the United States forever.

Please don’t try to email me anything supportive. Hackers go through my email inbox before I get to it, and delete any email that would really help me. All you are doing in emailing me is “identifying yourself as an enemy”. You are making yourself a target, that’s all.

The only real support that anyone can give me is going to have to start by quite literally “showing up at my door in Albany NY”. I can be packed and gone within an hour, if someone ever really decides to help me, and I believe them after five minutes of chatting with them.

Google is clearly aware of and has been very supportive of my WordPress Collaborative Team’s Internet work. Someone should take advantage of this fact, as it has reduced the risk of helping me enormously. Even the Mafia does not want to mess with “the Power of Google, Facebook and the Internet”. It is this fact that is keeping me alive at the moment. However, it won’t keep me alive for a long enough time to solidly contribute to starting a justifiable revolution, unless I get some real help.

If I die in the next year or two, don’t doubt who did it, no matter how it looks—> it was the Mafia, the same folks that tried to kill me so many times before.


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