Allen Survived His First Lifetime Suicide Attempt (5-28-2013)

According to Allen…

“I just don’t know what to do next.  Without a supportive and safe working environment in which I am no longer blogging while being alone I am done blogging for a while.  I dumped both my IMac and two smart phones in early May because I do no expect to find what I need support-wise for quite a while… if ever.”

“My first suicide attempt (swallowing what I thought was a strong poison) woke me up and taught me quite a few things.  One is to not fear death.  Another is “I had no guilt from the attempt”, as I have already given America and the world 30 lives or so in the past 40 months that the Mafia has been repeatedly trying to kill me again and again and again and again.”

“All I want to do is stay alive at this point and enjoy the summer months hanging out in the Medford/Ashland Oregon area… until I know what the right course of action to take is other than this”.

“The Psychiatrist and Social Worker that I met in a recent psych hospitalization I went through were extraordinarily supportive, as was a psychiatric nurse I saw yesterday.  And I have made a number of friends in the Gospel Mission here.  I am planting roots and making connections as fast as I can around this neck of the woods in an attempt to forestall or delay any future attacks on me.”

“I believe that the Mafia ought to hire some people and start a think tank of some sort.  They have the power to ALWAYS make the money they wish to make, even if they switch sides and work for the betterment of the American People, rather than the betterment of Big Pharma, etc.”

“It would be wise for the Mafia to take a long term view of our fragile mother earth, and consider a course of action that will solve both America’s and the world’s huge problems while they remain in control and at least equally profitable at the same time.”

“Climate change is going to be the deciding factor in species survival.  Of the Air, the Water, and the Land than composes our living space, the air is the most fragile.  Carl Sagan once said the atmosphere of the earth is Only As Thick As The Varnish On A High School Globe Of The Earth.  And the Air Is Far Less Dense.  There are probably billions of times less total molecules in the atmosphere vs. the world’s ocean.  The atmosphere is going to suffer the most damage (and therefore climate change) first.

“Chris Hedges article titled “Stand Still For The Apocalypse” should be Wake Up Call for every human being on this planet.  If you have not read and reread this Must Read Article yet, Google Search its Title”.

“I am not anti-Mafia, and I would love to work for my fellow countryman.  I am 1/4 Sicilian and 1/4 Maltese… and after my first suicide attempt I am not afraid of my own death or torture at the hands of the Mafia at all.” (My second suicide attempt, should it occur because the Mafia continues to try to kill me and my fellow Americans will not give me adequate protection and support, will be successful.)

“If I continue to be under attack by the Mafia, I may take my own life.  Then again, I may fight to the bitter end. It depends…”

“God put me on this earth to try to save the world from self-destruction by humanity itself.  This is how I continue to interpret my life.  It will remain thus until the end, whenever and however that end may be.”

“I cannot express enough appreciation to those helping me with WordPress from afar.  It will always remain thus, even tho they “won’t pick me up in Emeryville” for whatever reason, one that may have validity.  I trust my help and their judgement in this regard.”


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