If America Does Not Hear From AllenD On WordPress By April 15th Either The Mafia Or The Feds Took Him Out! On His Amtrak Train Ride West (April 10, 2013)

Give me a “Core Team of Four” under One Roof and Watch Us Fly! with WordPress. We would set the World Record for Insightful, Germane and Rather Immediately Useful Revolutionary WordPress Blogs and Web Pages Created in the least amount of time. That’s No Lie!

I am a huge threat to the Feds if I make it to San Francisco due to the Above Paragraph.

I am 100% certain that our own United States Government feels that “IT MUST ACT Against Me to Stop Me from reaching Emeryville CA because it simply “Does Not Have A Choice”. I am not giving them one either. I am going to make Emeryville by train leaving today, or I am Going to Die (probably in Chicago, a big Mob town) in the attempt. Fuck ‘em. Excuse my French.

The Feds are Greatly Hoping that the Mafia Does the Job for Them, so that they cannot get caught because “They did not do it, the Mafia did” (captured me and then killed me in a secretive location just like what happened to Jimmy Hoffa many years ago). However, if the Mafia fails to get me in Chicago, our Federal Government has Most Certainly put a plan in place to Stop Me Just In Case (in case the Mafia fails to do so).


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