A Google Search For SuppressionByAllenD.WordPress.com Returned 197,000 Search Results On April 9, 2013

Important Note: If America Does Not Hear From AllenD On WordPress Any Day In April 2013 Either The Mafia Or The Feds Took Him Out!

AllenD says…

Beware of the Feds…

My WordPress Collaborative Team’s Work and My Own Personal Goals Are Not A Threat To The Mafia At All If They Are Willing To Work With Me and the Smart Folks in the Internet/Computer/Computer Software Industries In Order To Try To Salvage America from impending economic and social collapse.

However, to the Federal Government my WordPress Team and I will always represent an enormous threat. Unlike the Mafia, there is simply No Compromise To Be Had Between Us And The United States Government.

The Fact that the Mafia has tried to repeatedly kill me in the past (and probably has done the same in regard to the 2 San Francisco members of my WordPress team) does not necessarily mean that the Mafia is our greatest threat at present.

Things may have recently changed in the above regards.

I simply do not know one way or the other… but I sincerely hope that the Mafia finally realizes that I mean it when I say “I want to be your Friend and be of benefit to you, as long as Freedom is retained in America, and the American Public benefits greatly from whatever we may do”.

AllenD with help from his heroic and dearly beloved WordPress Collaborative Internet Team

CheckMate!!! The Feds Are Done at the 1st Internet Woodstock!

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Important Note: If America Does Not Hear From AllenD On WordPress By April 15th Either The Mafia Or The Feds Took Him Out! On His Amtrak Train Ride West (April 10, 2013)

Google Contest Artwork

Logo Title: Womens Day 2013 *Just Think of What Is Going To Happen* in the future When All the Women of the World Become Connected Over the Internet!

Womens Day 2013
We Men have clearly brought this World to the Brink of Extinction.
I postulate that Women Could Do A Much Better Job than We Men Did
With the Resources that Were Available to Us.

Google – a Large Corporation with Heroic Integrity!

Search Results 2 personal results. 197,000 other results.



    Mar 30, 2013 – Just another WordPress.com site (by SmokeMasterAllenD)



    Apr 1, 2013 – Posts about suppressionbyallend.wordpress.com written by SmokeMasterAllenD.

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