Two Escorts 4 Me On The Train Should Be Strongly Considered!


This blog was written in the spirit of helping you folks that are helping me to “Avoid Paying the Price” for the rest of your lives thinking “We Should Have Done Things Different”.

I am worth more to the Revolution Alive than Dead, and my many enemies know it.

Regardless of knowing my likely fate unescorted, the little piece of God in me tells me to “Get On that Train”… and I am going to Willingly and Gladly Obey and Do What I Am Told By My Conscience (that little piece of God) no matter what happens.

I am greatly looking forward! to getting on the train! on Tuesday at 7:00 pm or so… even if I am completely unescorted.

I am the Happiest Man Alive! that’s No Lie!

God apparently gave me a Special Destiny. (I keep telling God that “he gave this Destiny to the wrong guy because Fame don’t mean beans to me!”… lol)

I sincerely hope that I last for another three to four months until iROCK4FREEDOM! actually happens! such that I can experience it without being six feet under… lol

If not, I feel deeply honored to be “the Man that Woke America Up to (1) the need for an Internet Woodstock Event such as iROCK4FREEDOM!, (2) the Need 4 Justifiable Revolution!, (3) the Fact that the Mafia is in bed with Big Pharma, and (4) the Fact that the Mafia holds Heavy Sway over our Federal Government, especially the FDA, but Obama and a number of Senators and Congresspersons as well.

via Two Escorts 4 Me On The Train Should Be Strongly Considered!.


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