Evelyn, so much has changed for me in these past four or five months. I can’t believe I am still alive!… but I made it through the fire with the help of Google! WordPress! Facebook, Twitter and my heroic WordPress Collaborative Team!

Please allow me to Introduce my Team to You…

Mark Jaquith of CoveredWebServices.com is one member. He is one of the Best in the Country, if not the World, in regard to “Developing the Code underlying the Open Source Software called WordPress”. Two (or more who knows?) anonymous heroic WordPress Website Development Specialists out of San Francisco are Two More Members of my Team. With me as a Copy Generator and WordPress amateur (but learning quickly), it makes us “a WordPress Collaborative Internet Team of 4″.

Amazingly, for about four or five months or so our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team is now getting help from the likes of Google!!!, WordPress!!, Facebook!!, and Twitter!!

Apparently, the Upper Echelon of the Internet and Computer Software Industry took notice of the Dire Plight of my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team of four… and they are watching over us and helping us! (especially Google! and WordPress!)

Things are going to get interesting from here on out, to say the very least.

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