Zoosk Intro


Posted on April 6, 2013


Zoosk Intro

Posted on April 6, 2013 by 

Dear (unnamed):

Thank You so much! for the prompt reply and the Encouraging Words! (((I like you a lot 2! Let’s Get 2 Know Each Other Better over the Net!… or over Coffee Somewhere next weekend in San Francisco!… or both! which is even better!)))

Hi! How Are You Today?

Please Allow Me 2 Introduce Myself…

Photo on 3-15-13 at 5.58 PM #2

My name is Allen Darman.

I am an Old Hippie that Went to the Original Woodstock in ’69…


I am a Truth Soldier for God.

I am also the Leader of a Revolutionary WordPress Collaborative Internet Team that is pumping out Websites, Web Pages, and WordPress Blogs as fast as we can in an effort to help the brewing Justifiable Revolution here in the United States (and Worldwide as well!). My other names on the Internet are Nutrientscure, AllenD, SmokeMasterAllenD, AllenDee, and SmokemasterAllenDee… lol

I am coming to San Francisco by train to live forever on April 12th.  (I should be in Emeryville Amtrak station at about 4 pm on Friday.)

If You Google me in quotes (“allen darman” or SmokeMasterAllenD) I am an Open Book. I am all over the Internet… As Far as WordPress Blogs can go!… lol

I am the Lead Author for a heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team (of four people, two of which are in San Francisco, and maybe even more).

Essentially, I am an Old Hippie trying to Change the World with Some Heroic WordPress Folks in San Francisco. “We As A WordPress Team” Are Succeeding At This!!! with some heroic help from Google, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and a lot of people all over the world supporting and watching over us.

However, there is admittedly a Very Substantial Degree of Personal Risk involved in my work. (Unfortunately, I may very well end up Dead Soon because “I know too much that hurts the Powers that Be”.)

In essence, I am going to be Famous or Dead Soon… lol.  Fame Don’t Mean Beans To Me but Life sure does! lol

I should perhaps mention that I like to smoke pot daily (it Helps me a Great Deal with my Creative WordPress Writing!).

The following 3 WordPress Blogs tell a lot about me and my heroic WordPress Collaborative Team and what we are doing…

1) Our Revolutionary WordPress Collaborative Internet Team’s Facebook-Twitter-Google+ Introduction

Posted on April 4, 2013 by 


2) A WordPress Song Blog; AllenD’s Five Dreams (3-18-2013)

Posted on March 18, 2013by 


3) Why I Feel Comfortable Stating The Need For Revolution (4-2-2013)

Posted on April 3, 2013 by 


I love 420 at about 4:20 pm daily… lol, WordPress Blogging nightly (this is my Work), Sleeping til Noon (I can adjust this… lol), Chatting, Coffee, Laughing, Intelligent Conversation, 420 and other Snuggling, the Great Outdoors, the Moon and Stars, the Ocean, Scuba Diving, and lots other kinds of fun!

I’m Open Minded… What Do You Like?

I am a hard worker on the Internet and an honest man (because I am a Man of God).

I have a Self Supporting SSD income of $1,600 a month.

I am a Good Masseuse Sometimes! especially when I’m real stoned… lol and I am a Good Dishwasher when not too toasted… lol.

I like the looks of you! (Do our brains meet, that is the $64,000 question.)

If You are still interested in me after looking at me on the Above Blogs (and you are willing to Accept Their Many Significant Ramifications), I would Love to chat with You! and get to know You! a lot better!

Puff puff pass if you still do!

I’d love to hear back from You! telling me a little or a lot about You! I am listening…

aka SmokeMasterAllenD! lol


SuppressionByAllenD Zoosk Intro Web Address>>>Zoosk Intro (April 6, 2013)
Tweetable>>> http://wp.me/p2ohpp-cV

SweetSixteenWebsites Zoosk Intro Web Address>>>http://sweetsixteenwebsites.wordpress.com/2013/04/06/zoosk-intro/ http://wp.me/p33G2Z-sE

Nutrientscure Zoosk Intro Web Address>>>https://nutrientscure.wordpress.com/2013/04/06/zoosk-intro/

Nutrientscure WordPress blog Zoosk Intro Tweetable>>> http://wp.me/pxy4W-3L5

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