That’s All 4 Tonight!

Most of what I will be doing on the Internet between now and when I go is straightening out what we have already got, as well as tagging… which I am so far behind on it’s not funny. I am not going to stop in Reno, I am going all the way to Emeryville no matter what… and then take it from there depending on whether anybody shows up. I am scared, I won’t lie. But I will be getting on the train on April 9th FOR SURE… NO MATTER WHAT. My life means nothing in contrast to All of America. I will not ever act in a manner that puts my life before that of my country and the world. I would never be able to forgive myself morally if I did. If the Feds or the Mafia get to me, so be it.AllenD

via That’s All 4 Tonight!.


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