My enemies must realize that they are going to have a Real Dilemma if they make an Internet Martyr out of me for many people will rise up and take action when I am Publicly Executed via the Means of the Internet. (The most appropriate action to take is that my death precipitate an Internet/Computer/Computer Software/Large Screen TV Industry jointly promoted Internet Woodstock.)

Is one of my two enemies going to think that they can kidnap me and kill me figuring that America will not realize it “Was They that Did It”, but “It Was the Other Party?”. (In saying “two enemies”, I sincerely hope that the Mafia realizes that despite all of the times they tried to kill me, I completely forgive them, and I think a Good Deal can be made between their Organization and the American Public. The Federal Government will always be my enemy, for they are destroying America due to Stupidity and Greed.)

The best answer that I have for America is to Convict >>>Both<<< the Mafia and Our Federal Government if I do not make it to Emeryville both On Schedule and Alive.

I have booked my Ticket. The details are below. (There is no sense in hiding this stuff, for the bad guys are heavily monitoring me and will know my plans anyway.)

Soon I am simply going to Be Brave, Accept Whatever Destiny God has in store for me, and Get On That Train.

Again, to you folks working for Google that are helping me… I wish to Deeply Thank You whomever you are.


The material below originally written on April 2, 2013 will be Upgraded Fairly Soon.

Photo on 3-15-13 at 5.58 PM #2

I do not know you folks personallybut I want to say Thank You for what you are doing and have done for me.

In the days prior to the birth and the growth of the Internetpeople like me were simply killed, and no one knew the wiser. Whatever contribution we were trying to make to the World was simply lost and forgotten.  (Gary Vesperman’s material on Energy Invention Suppression contains a number of people whose lives were lost, and nothing came of their discoveries.)

Today, things are different.  At least those of us under threat of death, if we live long enough, can create an Adequate Presence on the Internet such that “We Did Not Die For Nothing” (if we are killed in an attempt to Suppress…

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