Of special importance here is to Wake Up our Military Personnel from Sergeant Majors on Down, and to Wake Up Our State, City, and Town Police. They are getting Just As Screwed as We All Are.

Incidentally, People Could Make DVD’s of KEY iROCK4FREEDOM MOMENTS and hand them to their local police, or give them to those in Uniform. One can even do this on your own laptop, if it has a DVD burner, as many do. Or buying online a Four Hour DVD Professionally Prepared With Artwork and Printing And In a Plastic Caseis costs only a little over a buck in quantities of 100 or so! For a little over a dollar, and a few hours or so in front of a TV, some one can be “woken up”.

The Catch Is Doing this Before the Internet Is Federal Government Censored or Shut Down, that’s all.

on Suppression by Allen D


I love Truthful Words.  It’s the Lying Words that I can’t stand.

Photo on 3-15-13 at 5.58 PM #2

There are too many of these latter words around these days, Thanks to our Own United States Federal Government. I hope that I live to see the day that these Lying Words Are Exposed, and that the Truth Finally Prevails.

This is not up to me if the Truth Prevails however.  It is Up 2 Those In Power In the Internet Industry, the Computer Industry, the Computer Software Industry, and Aware and Awake Folks on the Internet to Join Together With Some “Freedom Song Musicians” And Simultaneously Tell the Truth.

A Multiple Location Event such as iROCK4FREEDOM would be a Good Place for You 2 Do This.

Heck, with even one Large Screen TV Showing iROCK4FREEDOM LIVE in a bar! or at home! one could feel like they were “Participating” somewhat. And those who…

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