Some Notable Quotes Worth Noting (3-27-2013)

Notable Quotes

Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you. Marsha Norman

I dream of going to Sam Francisco and working with some of the Smartest People in the World to see what we can do about the mess America and the World has gotten itself into. I dream of my Italian brethren seeing the light, and making a mutually beneficial deal with us to try to Salvage both America and the World. I dream of the Smart People in the World finally gaining the Reins of Power, assisted by the Mafia. I dream of all of the rats with their ill gotten gains being stripped of these gains by the Mafia and Others for the benefit of the General Public. I dream of a water powered car becoming reality soon, as well as Freely Generated Electricity. I dream of Andrea Rossi’s Cold Fusion Invention heating almost every home in the U.S. I dream of nutrients and other natural measures being used to cure illnesses, instead of using toxic symptom masking medication. I dream of pot being legal to grow and to use if one is over 18, it’s way past the time that this should have happened. I dream of an Open and Fair System of Internet Based Government that utilizes “the collective human mind” to solve both America’s and the World’s many problems. I dream of Far Less Pollution, Humane Population Control, and No More War! I dream of healthy children that are not sick and impaired. I dream of iROCK4FREEDOM being jointly put on this summer by Google, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Samsung, and Apple… and perhaps Microsoft should they so choose to join us. And lastly, I dream that Smart People such as Chris Hedges, whom wrote the brilliant article “Stand Still For the Apocalypse”, are no longer ignored. AllenD

I try to leave out the parts that people skip. Elmore Leonard

In regard to my Dream List I did miss one Important Thing. I dream of many of the Energy Inventors that Gary Vesperman wrote about having Support, Funding and Protection from the New Roundtable Internet Based Government in America. I hate to leave out this Important Thing, even if most of my readers might skip it because they are unfamiliar with the written body of work of investigative reporter Gary Vesperman. AllenD


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