Laser Printer Costs

Not including the Capital Cost of buying the printer itself, *Anyone Can Print At Home* for about one and a half cents per page Single Sided, and about one penny per page when printing Double Sided. These costs are inclusive of the paper needed, the toner use per page, and the drum use per page.

[If one does the math in regard to these costs, a page printed Single Sided actually costs 1.374 cents, or about 1.4 cents. A page printed Double Sided costs .966 cents, or just under one cent. Double sided printing is cheaper because it cuts one’s paper cost in half. I admittedly did not include the freight costs for toner and drum cartridges in the mathematical workup that I did. However, these freight costs are rather small. They do not affect the total cost per printed page that much.]

via Laser Printer Costs.


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