Bob Beck

A Tribute to Bob Beck; A World Class Healer (5-21-2010)

The Copy Below was Originally Posted on on May 21, 2010 Tweetable Link>>>

The Power of the Internet unburied the incredible story of a genius named Robert (Bob) Beck, and his finding an inexpensive at-home cure for Aids and cancer (amongst other things).

For the past two nights I have watched on Youtube the entire thirteen video series of a lecture given in 1996 at Ventura College, CA by a man named Robert (Bob) Beck.  The first of these videos can be found at  Or they all can be found by simply searching YouTube for “Bob Beck”.

This is amazing video material that EVERY human being on this planet should see.  (It should be translated into every language and widely disseminated in the Internet such that this can occur.)

Bob Beck was an inventor, an engineer, and a physicist, amongst other things he had done in his life. He had found that three simple and amazingly inexpensive measures could render ineffective virtually ALL viruses, problematic bacteria, yeasts, molds, fungi, and parasites in the blood, lymph, and tissues of a human being… and/or reduce the counts of such things to so low a number that either (1) they no longer negatively impacted on human health, or (2) one’s own immune system could deal with the rest.What a brilliant, honest, moral, and brave man Bob Beck was!

He had found a way to cure HIV, cancer, lupus, herpes, and so many other illnesses by using inexpensive electric or magnetic devices that one could make at home.

Mr. Beck  sought nothing for his discoveries.  He freely shared these discoveries as best as he could with the world.  And he had to battle every step of the way to do so, as the powers that be clearly wanted him silenced, locked up, or dead… due to the fact his discoveries threatened the collapse of drug oriented medicine in a very big way.  (I personally am in the same boat as this man, and for similar reasons.)

via Bob Beck.


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