Google Search Return On 3/7/2013 For (3-7-2013)

Eventually someone was going to find the causative factors underlying Bipolar Disorder, and learn how to correct them. In doing so, that person was going to find “the Cure” for this rather devastating and still commonly considered “Incurable” illness. I, Allen Darman, am that man. For this Contribution to the Human Race, over the past three years I have gone through about twelve episodes of the Mafia trying to kill me on behalf of both Big Pharma and Itself. Many of these episodes were multiple in nature, I should have been dead at least thirty times since January 6, 2010 (the first attempt by the Mafia to kill me). Apparently, the Mafia and Big Pharma are in bed together, and in finding the cure to bipolar disorder I threaten the fiscal interests of both. Sadly, our Federal Government has “Internet Witnessed” the Mafia trying to repeatedly kill me, and yet does nothing. (A witness to an attempted murder that does nothing is an attempted murderer as well.) I am now only one member of a four person WordPress Collaborative Internet Team that is trying to get the Truth Out in regard to Multiple Instances of United States Federal Government Suppression of Truth on a number of fronts. Two of my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Members in San Francisco have gone through Dozens of Attacks involving the use of poison gas injected into their living space since December 10th 2012. It is amazing that they are still alive, just as it is amazing that I am still alive as well. And all four of our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team have witnessed Multiple Instances of Hacker Induced WordPress Blog Removal from a Number of Our Websites, as well as Multiple Instances of WordPress Blog Corruption on a Number of Our Websites, since December 17th 2012. (Internet Freedom in the United States of America Died on This Day! No longer can Truths that Greatly Threaten Our Federal Government be put on the Internet without them being “Under the Threat of Hacker Removal” by the very same.) The Bottom Line of the Above is that Our United States Federal Government has got to go! It is Supporting the Suppression of a Number of Alternative Medical Discoveries, not only my own. It is also Supporting the Suppression of a Number of Free Energy Discoveries such as the “Water Powered Car”, “High Mileage Carburetors”, “Free Electricity” made without using any fossil, nuclear, wind, or solar fuel, and “Free Heat” cold fusion breakthroughs as well.


No voting is going to fix the Enormous Federal Government Problem that We Americans Have! We Need To Rise Up! We Need to Tell Our Federal Politicians that The Hoax of Democracy In America Has Been Exposed! And We Need To Tell Them that It Is NOW Time For You To Go!

via Google Search Return On 3/7/2013 For (3-7-2013)

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