One Of The Best Ways To Become Familiar With Is To Review A Google Search of The Links Shown By Searching For It (1-30-2013)

According to Allen…

“Thank God the American Public still has the guns that it has. Such may not save me personally nor may it save my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team (as we are all marked for death by the Mafia and our Fellow Americans may not act soon enough to save us). However, the fact that the American Public has the guns that it has is most certainly saving many of my Fellow Americans.”

“If the Federal Government succeeds in stripping the American Public of its Right To Bear Arms, it is likely that (a) the Internet will be Fully and Federally controlled at some point in the foreseeable future, (b) FEMA camps will be activated soon afterwards, and (c) imprisonment and extermination of thousands of those that realize Important Social Truths that are a threat to our Federal Government will begin.”

“My Fellow Americans need to Wake Up, and Wake Up Soon. If they do not, a replay similar to what happened in Nazi Germany will most certainly occur, as those in Power clamp down on the Masses, and kill all that oppose them or that they classify as undesirable for whatever reason. Only this time it will not be just the Jews and the “defectives” that will be exterminated, it will be the best and the bravest amongst us.”

SmokeMasterAllenD and his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team!

WordPress Management by Allen D (aka ADOGG)

Simply put into a blank Google Search block.

In reviewing the Search Results of this massive WordPress Website of over 2,400 blogs Google has clearly researched what Allen Darman is saying, and has been saying on the Internet for years.

Google lists some of the key Internet Freedom and Freedom In General Blogs that Allen Darman wrote in 2011 right at the top of the above Google Search.

Allen has had tremendous difficulty with hackers since June 2006, when his first put his son Willy’s Original ADHD/Bipolar Recovery Story on the Internet. In essence, Allen lost his freedom to be on the Internet without hacker interference at this time.

Due to Allen’s loss of Internet Freedom at such an early date, he sees clearly and “sees ahead of his time” the intent of his Federal Government to restrict the Internet Freedom and the Freedom In General of All of…

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