[Excerpt] If you run a website, you can even get sent to jail for having links from your users which link to copyrighted material, which is insane. That’s synonymous with group punishment for something you didn’t take part in. The scariest part of ACTA in comparison to SOPA is that this has been in discussion with 39 other countries, and that the United States is already signed onto it. While SOPA was a success, ACTA poses as a real threat to the world and everything the internet has stood for since its inception. Freedom of expression of information and opinions.

Butter Yo Bread!

ACTA is the new SOPA

Wednesday January 18, 2012 marked a special day in the Internet’s history for being the world’s largest protest in internet history, in opposition to SOPA.  Google, who is a chief opponent in the Stop Online Piracy Act and the PROTECT IP act had a petition on their website which gained over 4.5 million signatures.  Also many of us spread the word of the wrongs of SOPA on to our social networks, and some went as far as writing representatives in Congress.  I wrote 4 of them.

Well, victory was short lived.  A couple days after rejoicing about SOPA being repealed, I noticed a new video on my Facebook news feed this morning, explaining what ACTA is.  The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement is a global approach to what the United States was looking to draft with SOPA.  Practically this is the same thing as SOPA, it talks…

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