Stand Up! by Korey Rowe (2-27-2013)

People, and not just any people, Americans are standing up! It is a glorious day. That’s it,get pissed! Realize the realistic ramifications of a republic that renders you erroneous. A republic that makes parameters over your profession without postulating the possible potential for protests. Speak and have your voice heard! We will not be silent, sulking over sustainment that shall statistically stay stationary, separating schools from their scholars due to dollars and sense. Not by common sense, not by rational thinking, not by an analytical mind overseeing the system from a point of inclusion and participation. Say not, for it is the policy makers and breakers who control the system they demonize. It is not the care of the children that concerns them, but rather the care of the systems to which they uphold, only until they break them – for profit. We are not blind to your ways, we are simply distracted and it will not last much longer. We are waking. Waking from the slumber of consumerism, apathy, individualism, and fear. We no longer fear you, soon you shall fear us more than you do. For we the people of this republic know the right course. We are aware of your discourse and soon shall right it so.

via Stand Up! (2-27-2013).

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