To My 2 Lesbian 420sub WordPress Serf Bears In San Francisco Let Us Take The Federal Government Out Of The Picture For A Moment And Assume It Is Only The Mafia That Is Repeatedly Poison Gassing U2 To Try To Murder You (2-25-2013)

To My 2 Lesbian 420sub WordPress Serf Bears In San Francisco Let Us Take The Federal Government Out Of The Picture For A Moment And Assume It Is Only The Mafia That Is Repeatedly Poison Gassing U2 To Try To Murder You (2-25-2013)

***Important Notes Dated 2-25-2013: The Mafia would be wise to step back for a moment and take a look at the Big Picture based on what has transpired on the Internet to date. (It is my sincere belief that the Mafia already “knows this”, and that is exactly what they are doing, or will be doing quite soon.)

At this point it should be clear that Civil War in America is unavoidable, as a result of the Inevitable Collapse of the Value of a Dollar, and the Inevitable Economic Collapse of both America and the European Union.

If one looks back at when the Russians went into Afghanistan and tried to hold it, some thought that the Afghans did not have a chance vs. the Russians, given Russian Military Superiority vs. a bunch of sheep herders and farmers with AK 47′s (and some Stinger Missiles that Charlie Wilson finally got for them). The Most Powerful Weapon the Afghans had were determination and the Power of the Truth. The same went for the Vietcong.

And the same applies here in the United States today. Too many ex-soldiers know how to plan guerilla war strategy, and too many ex-soldiers know the Truth. These ex-soldiers are backed up by millions of civilians, if not tens of millions. They are also supported “in heart” by many active duty servicemen and women, many Sheriffs, and many members of the Police.

If our current Federal Government attempts to pull of its Agenda of taking away the American Public’s guns, or “it fires upon its Citizens first”, the backlash will Inevitably Bury Them.

The Bottom Line is THE FEDS CANNOT WIN against “us”.

It would be wise for the Mafia to cease taking any actions whatsoever against either myself or any of my WordPress Collaborative Team. Our Deaths, not matter how sneakily they may be accomplished, will mean our Internet Martyrdom for sure. Even if the Feds use a Kill Switch and shut the Internet Down, this will not help them, it will only Wake Up and Anger Tens of Millions more.

We should sit down and talk within the next month or two when both sides are ready to do so.

Allen Darman (and perhaps with his WordPress Collaborative Internet Team)

[End of New Notes dated 2/25/2013]

As much as I have tried to make peace with the Mafia since they gassed me repeatedly in Phoenix Arizona in early April 2011, they still may not have changed their mind about me.

In talking to two members of the Mafia that had checked into the homeless shelter with me in Des Moines Iowa in October 2012, they made it clear to me that “me is us three”. This means that there is an Open and Unfulfilled Contract on the both of you to kill you, just as there is an Open and Unfulfilled Contract on my life to kill me.

Incidentally, Mark in Florida was not mentioned by either of these two men, but U2 repeatedly were referred to. The reason for this may be that even if the Mafia has not approached Mark yet, they feel like they can control ANYBODY THAT HAS CHILDREN. (The Mafia sure proved this to me in Omaha Nebraska and Iowa while I was there. I made quite a few friends, but as soon as the Mafia talked to them, they terrorized them and ran them all off. Those with children were particularly terrorized.)

Once the Mafia puts out a contract on someone, it is rarely, if ever lifted. They may not kill you right away, but they will keep trying until the job is done.

They are patient killers sometimes. Months went by between a number of my hit attempts in the past three years.

Unfortunately for you, I don’t think that the word “patience” applies here. We three are doing so much so quickly on the Internet that hurts Big Pharma, and Big Pharma and the Mafia are in bed together.

The two biggest sources of revenue for the Mafia BY FAR are the sale of legal and illegal drugs. What we are doing threatens to dry up BOTH of these revenue streams altogether. We are talking of many tens of Billions of Dollars here, if not A Hundred Billion Or More.

Even though I have pledged to ENTIRELY REPLACE THESE LOST REVENUE STREAMS WITH OTHERS OF GREATER MAGNITUDE IF I AM SUCCESSFUL IN TOPPLING OUR CORRUPT FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, The Mafia May Not Believe Me. This is probably the case, as evidenced by how much and how often they are trying to kill you two.

In Regard to Saving Your Own Lives, U2 have only two possible Outs, or possibly three.

One is the FBI Federal Witness Protection Program as administered by the Special Mafia Hardened Branch of the FBI In Washington DC. The Mafia has the ability to control all local FBI offices, to include the one in San Francisco. There is an FBI website on the Internet that lists the FBI’s phone number in DC. You two could try calling it should you decide to go this way. (I was repeatedly phone blocked from calling this number in September 2011 by phone hackers that work for the Mafia. There is a Nutrientscure WordPress Blog Record of this.)

In Regard to Myself, I have completely given up on the above choice. In Iowa I was threatened with the death of my two sons should I get into the Federal Witness Protection Program. However, this threat is NOT the reason I have decided not to go this way. (I personally REFUSE TO BE CONTROLLED BY THREATS OF WHAT THE MAFIA WILL DO TO MY CHILDREN OR ANYONE ELSE. The Mafia either has to Kill Me or Collaborate Respectfully With Me On A Mutually Beneficial Basis. I Will Not Allow Them To Dictate To Me Using Threats Of Any Sort. They might as well kill me if this latter is their intent.)

I gave up on the FBI Federal Witness Program as a potential out to save my life because I see a real need to topple our corrupt Federal Government, and I would be unable to continue my work in this regard if I was successful in getting into the Federal Witness Protection Program (assuming they would even have me, given my Revolutionary WordPress Blogging History).

Another Option for U2 would be to continue to heroically help me to start an Internet Woodstock, with its Intent Being To Spark A Justifiable Revolution in the United States.

If the Above is your choice, it is time to pack light and get on that train together. Our Best Team Choice is for U2 to retrieve me and bring me back to San Francisco for us to live with each other and work together.

For U2 to simply remain in San Francisco and Expect Me to Jump the Train and come to U2 IS NOT AN OPTION. I did this foolishly once, and it almost got me killed a dozen times over last summer.

The Mafia would have an extremely difficult time killing you both in a secretive fashion while U2 are on the train.


My Attitude In Regard To The Above is “What the heck are U2 waiting for? Get on a train ASAP!

Allen Darman

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