The Great 9 11 Truth Movie Called Loose Change Has Had One Hundred Million Views So Far; Have You Seen It Yet? (2-20-2013) For those that Want to Follow the Video and Written Lessons of Allen Darman, the documentary called Loose Change represents Video Lessons #1 *AND* #2. Video Lesson #1 is “Loose Change the Final Cut”. This is Free on YouTube. Video Lesson #2 is Loose Change (more coming) Video Lesson #3 is Genetic Roulette (the GMO documentary by Jeffrey Smith) Allen Darman and his WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Our Five Standing Orders Are: 1) *Our 420WordPress Collaborative Creative Team lives to Serve the Needs, Desires, and Goals of Samatha Adams as best as we are able to AT ALL TIMES. 2) *We3 are YOUR Humble, Hardworking, and Obedient 420Creative WordPress Collaborative Team at all times as well. 3) *You Are the #1 Leader of this Revolution. After You is Allen. He is #2. He Makes a Better Vice President than President, and he is Comfortable and Happy with this role, despite the Fact that Allen is Quite Capable of Leading too. 4) The Two People in San Francisco are Allen’s 420Serf Bears and 420Obedient WordPress Slaves. They MUST OBEY ALL OF 420SmokeMasterAllenD’s ORDERS, REQUESTS, and COMMANDS As Soon As They Possibly Can. 5) Allen Expects A BARE MINIMUM OF SIXTEEN HOURS A DAY Of Hard WORK! Out Of His Humble and Obedient San Francisco Serf Bears EVERY SINGLE DAY UNTIL MAY 14th. We4 Pledge To Help Samantha Adams As Much As We Can For the Rest of Our Lives, however long or short they may be. Allen Darman and his 420 Creative WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Or **Samantha’s Humble Servants At All Times**


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