A Google+ and Facebook Share Remark When Sharing What Our WordPress Internet Collaborative Team Stands For (2-25-2013)

Tweetable Link of this WordPress Blog: http://wp.me/pxy4W-3oZ

Allen Darman recently shared the WordPress Blog of his WordPress Collaborative Internet Team titled What Our WordPress Internet Collaborative Team Stands For (2-25-2013) on his allendarman98@gmail.com Google+ account. When he did so he inserted the following remark:

I am proud to be the leader of such a competent and heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team. We are Standing Up to our Corrupt Corporate and NWO Controlled Federal Government at the risk of losing our lives. This particular WordPress Blog represents “What Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Stands For”.

The Federal Government either has to kill us to stop us from toppling them, or it will Fall Anyway due to the Fact it made an Internet Martyr out of one or more of us. Great Positive Change is coming to America! It is only a Matter of Time! However, It Would Be Extremely Wise for All Americans to Become Survivalist Preppers ASAP, for doing such may be necessary to Save Your Very Lives. We are on the VERGE of Justifiable Civil War in America, and such could begin within one or two months.

The WordPress Blog that Allen shared can be found at: http://checkmatethefedsaredone.wordpress.com/2013/02/25/what-our-wordpress-internet-collaborative-team-stands-for-2-25-2013/


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