***Important Additional Notes*** added at 3:15 pm and 7:00 pm on 2/24/2013

The use of a Directed Weapon against me today ceased at about 11 am and then returned at a little after noon and went on for well over two hours.

This has been one of my worst days yet, as far as these attacks go.

I am not going to keep posting the particulars of all of these Directed Energy Weapon Attacks to Nutrientscure.WordPress.com as it would waste too much space and too much valuable Smart Phone blogging time. (At least 90 percent of what I have written on WordPress blogging-wise for the past four months was written on one Smart Phone on another. My laptop online access has been very limited for months.)

However, I wanted my Team Members to know the gist of what was going on in this regard.

I sure hope that none of you are taking as much heat on your end as I have been taking on mine for the past month or so.

On another front, the American Resistance Movement at AmericanMilitiaMovement.com allowed me to post an **honest short assessment** of my and our situation there within the past 48 hours.

This American Resistance Movement might be **an Invaluable Resource** for any and all of my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Members if I am soon murdered by secretive means by Black Ops Forces working for our Federal Government.

(Incidentally, I am going to be traveling to Utica NY by bus next weekend, and spending two or three days there. This is a trip that needs to be made for numerous reasons, and it exposes me to all kinds of risks. My last trip to Utica in December was a horror show, and I am lucky I made it back to Albany alive. Please place a Close Watch Over Me when this trip occurs.)

**I Strongly Suggest** that all of my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Members find my Introduction to Myself (my screen name is nutrientscure) in the **New York Room** (NOT the other post I made in the **Patriot Welcome Room**) on this Patriotic Website, and use the American Resistance Movement heavily and regularly as a personal resource for yourselves.

Contacting the OathKeepers Organization might be useful and wise as well.

In addition to this, Always Remember that Jim Humble (the Discoverer of MMS, and a Very Good Man) is Our Friend.

And last but not least, I am Dead Certain that Google is Fully Aware of our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team’s Plight, and that they are helping us as much as they can.

If the Bad Guys get me, and are able to make me soon vanish or become dead, You Three Are Not Without Friends.

Use these Friends wisely (and any other Friends and People Resources that you may have), and perhaps you will be OK.

Allen Darman and his WordPress Collaborative Internet Team


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