Either The Mafia Or The Feds Continue To Use A Directed Energy Weapon Against Allen Darman (2-22-2013)

***Prefacing Note: Please note that this WordPress Blog is dated 2/22/2013. It was moved forward to assist persons in understanding the recent Directed Energy Attack on Allen Darman on 2/24/2013 @9:30 am.***


This Directed Energy Weapon bothers you and it stresses you out. It does not immediately kill you. However, there may be, and very likely is, some sort of negative health effect. (Long term exposure to a Directed Energy Weapon may be deadly.)

Another Directed Energy Weapon was repeated used against Allen in the fall and winter of 2011/2012. The same applied… this Energy Weapon really bothered him and stressed him out as well.

Allen Darman has been repeatedly exposed to poison gas injected into his living space in the past two years. There have been three separate instances of this, and all three of these instances involved multiple poison gas attacks. Two of Allen’s WordPress Team members were exposed to DOZENS OF POISON GAS ATTACKS since early December 2012. (It is a miracle that they are still alive.) This poison gas will absolutely kill someone if they breathe too much of it.

Telling the Truth against Big Pharma or the Federal Government will often get someone dead. We are still alive, but we live week to week and month to month at this point.

All we can hope for is that the WordPress blogs that we have written will make a real difference someday.

There sorely needs to be a place of refuge set up for persons such as Allen Darman and those that are helping him on the Internet with WordPress from afar.

We are trying to help both America and the World, and we are under attack via poison gas, directed energy weapons, and Federal Government and Mafia hackers/censors. We are also under attack via other means as well. (The Powers That Be want us both Internet Silenced And Dead.)

If someone wants to learn more in regard to the above, we suggest that you Google both “targeted individuals” and “directed energy weapons” without the quote marks.

Incidentally, the most well known Targeted Individual (also called a T.I.) that we are aware of is the actor Randy Quaid, the brother of actor Dennis Quaid.

Allen Darman and his WordPress Collaborative Internet Team


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