Allen Darman Has Just Come Under Heavy Attack By A Directed Energy Weapon (2-24-2013)

It was 9:30 am when the following was written. (It is now almost 11:00 am and this Directed Energy Attack has stopped for now.)

The Directed Energy Weapon attacking me is silent. It makes the bed I am laying on vibrate. I moved to the floor, but I can still feel the vibration. I can feel this weapon in my legs and my midsection as well.

I was fine ten minutes ago. This attack has just begun, and it appears to be much stronger in intensity than the dozens of others I have had over the past five weeks or so.

If I happen to die of a heart attack today, this Directed Energy Weapon killed me.

This is Black Ops, CIA, NSA Level Stuff.

The Federal Government is sure trying to kill me and soon, I would guess. (The Mafia is Currently Suspect #2 to the Feds in regard to this stuff.)

Incidentally, for about three years the Mafia had been the #1 Suspect in regard to “Who Was Most Trying To Kill Me?” between the Mafia and the Feds. The word “Suspect” does not do the Truth Justice here, as I KNOW it was the Mafia that was trying to REPEATEDLY KILL ME from January 6, 2010 until quite recently. The Federal Government became my #1 Suspect in regard to “Who Is Most Trying to Kill Me?” only a few months ago, and the Mafia became Suspect #2.

This Change Reflected in the above is due to the Fact that >>>My WordPress Collaborative Internet Team’s BLOGGING IS FAR MORE OF A THREAT TO the United States Federal Government THAN IT IS A THREAT TO the Mafia AT THIS POINT IN TIME.

IF I, Allen Darman, OR ANY MEMBER OF MY WordPress COLLABORATIVE INTERNET TEAM DIES IN THE NEAR FUTURE ***For Any Reason***, the American Public should know that “We were some of President Obama’s FIRST VICTIMS under the NDAA.”

Allen Darman and his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team

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