Allen Darman Has Just Come Under Heavy Attack By A Directed Energy Weapon (2-24-2013)

IF I, Allen Darman, OR ANY MEMBER OF MY WordPress COLLABORATIVE INTERNET TEAM DIES IN THE NEAR FUTURE ***For Any Reason***, the American Public should know that “We were some of President Obama’s FIRST VICTIMS under the NDAA.”

via Allen Darman Has Just Come Under Heavy Attack By A Directed Energy Weapon (2-24-2013).

***Important Additional Notes*** added at 3:15 pm. on 2/24/2013: The use of a Directed Weapon against me today ceased at about 11 am. and then returned at a little after noon and went on for well over two hours. This has been one of my worst days yet, as far as these attacks go. I am not going to keep posting the particulars of all of  these Directed Energy Weapon Attacks to as it would waste too much space and time.  However, I wanted my Team Members to know the gist of what was going on in this regard. I sure hope that none of you are taking as much heat on your end as I have been taking on mine for the past month or so. The American Resistance Movement at allowed me to post an **honest short  assessment** of my and our situation there within the past 48 hours. This American Resistance Movement might be **an Invaluable Resource** for any and all of my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Members if I am soon murdered by secretive means by Black Ops Forces working for our Federal Government. **I Strongly Suggest** that all Team Members find my Introduction to Myself on the NYS Forum on this Website, and use the  American Resistance Movement heavily and regularly as a personal resource for yourselves.


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