A Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Friends Historic Event In Washington DC to Bring Our Federal Government Up For Treason on May 14, 2013

A Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Friends Historic Event In Washington DC to Bring Our Federal Government Up For Treason on May 14, 2013

Allen Darman and his WordPress Collaborative Team would like to Deeply Thank a heroic American Patriot named Samantha Adams for Sponsoring the Abovementioned Freedom Event.

All of our Fellow Americans should Thank this Brave Woman as well.

Samantha, We all owe You! a Debt of Gratitude! for picking the Right Time!, the Right Place!, and the Right Reason! for Us Constitutional Freedom Lovers to Get Together! and for Your Initiating this Freedom Event happening via Facebook as you did!

Thanks again!

Allen Darman is **Firmly Committed** to attending your May 14th Freedom Rally in Washington DC, and he hopes that some or all of his WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Members Will Be Able to Attend This Event As Well.

We all Hope to See You There!

Allen Darman and his Patriotic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team


July4thRevolution.WordPress.com (This July4thRevolution WordPress Website was born in early April 2012. When it began the Primary Website of Nutrientscure.WordPress.com contained over one thousand blogs in which to draw on for material by simply using Cut & Paste. Many excellent and still quite germane WordPress Blogs useful to those that wish to justifiably and hopefully peacefully depose our Corrupt Corporate Controlled Government are contained in the April Archive of July4thRevolution.WordPress.com. It would behoove some persons to extract these early blogs and Share Them on the Internet and/or repost this material to their own website. Permission is granted in advance for any person or party to use any of our WordPress Collaborative Internet Teams’ Blogs without someone asking to do so.)
















And Numerous Other WordPress Team Websites Under Development As Well.


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