America Is On The Verge Of Justified Civil War It Seems (2-23-2013)

In any war that one may be forced to fight, it is Wise to Consider Making Alliances, especially if the forces arrayed against you are strong.

Although it is only apparent to a rare few people at this time, an Alliance that the American Resistance Movement should Strongly Consider is one between them and the American Mafia. This unusual stance will be fully explained in detail in the material that follows.

Conversely, the American Mafia is going to have to consider “Whose Side It Is On” in this coming Civil War. Is the Mafia Going To Back Big Pharma, Big Oil, the Federal Government, the Bankers and other Wealthy Elite (the NWO Agenda People), and other Powers That Be? Is it Going To Ally Itself With The People? Or is it Going to Try to Remain Neutral? And See Who Wins this Inevitable Civil War without intervening one way or the other.

***Important Note: It should be noted here that the Mafia killing or *Taking Any Further Action* against Allen Darman or ANY Member of his Patriotic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team means that the Mafia has chosen to back the Feds, the Corporations, and the NWO agenda rather than to back “We the People”.***


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