It Deeply Concerns Allen Darman That The Two People In Austin Texas That Should Have Picked Up On Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Plight Continue To Say Nothing On Our Behalf On The Internet. These Two Persons Are Mike Adams of and Alex Jones of (1-26-2013)

The Title represents two upgraded lines from the Prior Post I made on

I felt that these two lines deserved to be a Nutrientscure Blog Title.

I repeatedly tried to contact both Alex Jones and Mike Adams when it was I alone in 2010 – 2012 that was repeatedly trying to be killed by the Mafia for threatening Big Pharma’s and their own fiscal interest. I received no response to my prior contacts from theses two persons. Perhaps they did not get my emails to them, or perhaps “they did not believe me as a single individual”.

Now that three of us are involved in regard to the Mafia trying to repeatedly kill us, I am wondering if these two persons will do the right thing and alert both America and the World to our WordPress Collaborative Internet Teams’ Dire Plight.

Allen Darman

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