Allen Got Another Poison Gas Attack Report Out Of San Francisco While He Was Asleep Last Night (1-22-2013)

Tweetable Link to this Nutrientscure Blog:

The Mafia is determined to kill the heroic persons (most probably lesbian or gay 420submissive persons) in San Francisco that are helping me! Or so it seems.

Whenever I write a WordPress blog for any other Team Website other than these persons put three Share Buttons on it. One is for Facebook Sharing, one is for Twitter Sharing, and one is to Share back to WordPress itself.

These persons that have been helping me also provided the top pictures on a number of the Websites that compose the Sixteen Websites referred to at

These anonymous (thus far) persons have also helped me in regard to Organizing the Top Blogs on numerous Websites of Our WordPress Collaborative Team for quite some time. This “blog organizing” actually began on in November 2011, long before these persons began preparing Professional Looking WordPress blogs for me.

These anonymous persons and I have also collaborated from time to time in Intuitive Fashion in creating copy, and they have often edited me.

I do not know who these people really are. All that I do know is that they have been heroically helping me since on or about April 10th 2012, and I DO BELIEVE THEM WHEN THEY REPORT THAT THEY HAVE UNDERGONE AND/OR ARE UNDERGOING A POISON GAS ATTACK.

Unfortunately, last night was “another one of those times”.

To fully develop Sixteen WordPress Websites that Justify Revolution in America, and get their message out widely in America, as well as to get an Internet Freedom Event off the ground such that it actually occurs in San Francisco this summer, is going to take “a Team”. One person cannot do this alone. And the Mafia is continually trying to murder my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Members that I have reason to believe live in San Francisco. (Sadly, our own Federal Government is Witnessing these Attempted Murders via the Internet and does nothing, just as it did nothing while Internet Witnessing the Mafia repeatedly try to murder me multiple times since January 6th, 2010.)

How the Above is going to play out in the coming weeks and months is “anyone’s guess” at this point.

I have repeatedly told my San Francisco Team Members to call me on the telephone so that we can talk about things. No call yet. I have also repeatedly told my San Francisco Team members to take the Amtrak train to Albany NY to join up with me would be a Smart Move on Our Team’s Part, yet no one has shown up yet. (Last May I took the Amtrak train to San Francisco to try to join up with these people that have been helping me, but no one showed up to pick me up. I ended up in Iowa and Omaha Nebraska and there were repeated Mafia attempts to kill me there. I am very lucky to still be alive.)

I sincerely hope that if either myself or any of my WordPress Team Members “go silent on the Internet for any length of time” that my Fellow Americans will realize that we are most probably dead, and then take Appropriate Action.

In my mind, the Most Appropriate Action in regard to the Above would be for All Champions for Internet Freedom to hold an Internet Freedom Woodstock-like Event in Memorial to Us.

Don’t let our deaths (should they occur) be for nothing. Please don’t let our Collective Internet Martyrdom (should it occur) Go To Waste.

Allen Darman


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