The Only Course of Action To Save Two Lesbian 420sub WordPress Internet Freedom Heroes From Certain Death Quite Soon (1-11-2013)

I continue to be greatly concerned about the welfare of the anonymous persons that have been heroically helping me since April 2012.

These persons were repeatedly exposed to poison gas by Mafia killers since about December 10th.

I myself was repeatedly exposed to poison gas from Mafia killers both in Phoenix AZ and Utica NY in April 2011, and again in Utica NY February 2012. However, I never went through the duration and the frequency of exposure to poison gas that these two heroes have gone through in the past 40 days or so.

What kind of country (and world) do I live in where things like the above happen, and there is no solid and substantial help to be found by the person (or persons) that is (or are) undergoing repeated Mafia murder attempts?

I should note that there are three exceptions to the paragraph above. Google, Jim Humble, the discoverer of MMS, and a Well Connected WordPress Blogger Named Lesley Carter of have been helping the two heroes in San Francisco that have been undergoing a longstanding attack from the Mafia. They have been helping them via Actions that They Have Taken On the Internet.

However, surely there are more persons and parties than Google, Jim Humble and Lesley Carter that could help these two heroic persons in San Francisco in regard to their dire plight.

If you are one of these Persons or Parties, please stand up and be counted. Don’t walk away from these two persons, or walk away any of the Four of Us that compose My Heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team.

It is Morally Wrong For You, Once You Become Aware of Us, To Turn Your Back On Us and Ignore Our Plight.

It Is Morally Wrong For You To Abandon Us.

Allen Darman


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